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Payet’s pleas set to fall on deaf Irons ears

payet2Dimi Payet is this morning being reported as having made a desperate plea to West Ham to allow him to leave for Marseilles this January.

We understand he has cited family reasons but the Hammers remain unmoved until the bidding hits their absolute minimum of £30 million.

Payet is allegedly insisting he wants to go to France for the sake of his marriage and also because he wants his three kids to grow up in France.

However, the Hammers have made up their minds they won’t let him leave until the money is right and if that’s not this month… so be it.

The club simply won’t be held to ransom or be swayed by Payet’s emotional pleas as they are aware that the player is worth at least £30m – £35m in the current market place.

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They have also asked him to apologise to the club and fans and are still waiting for a response.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Payet’s pleas set to fall on deaf Irons ears

  1. Poor old Dimi life’s so hard! Why don’t we just let you go for free and maybe buy your Mrs a nice spa weekend as a goodbye present? Instead of pleading with the club how about telling Marseille to pay up eh 🙂

  2. It doesnt look like there are many fans falling for this family reasons rubbish.He seems to be getting little sympathy elsewhere either judging by some of our ex players reaction in the media.If his family problems where so great im sure sympathy would be shown from these guys who would get the whispers inside the game.
    Much the same as i am sure Nobes & Bilic would have sympathy not anger for him.
    Well he has made his bed he can lay in it & stew.

  3. I cannot see anyone having sympathy for him in any way shape or form.
    And as for the “I’m prepared to take a pay cut of 30% to move because it’s not about the money” as reported on other websites, wasn’t he signed on £65,000 per week when he first arrived?.
    Minus 30% of £125,000 per week is £87,500 per week, doesn’t take a genius to work the math out it’s still £20,000 per week MORE. A WIN WIN outcome for the Turncoat Scumbag!

  4. He got caught playing away but not in Irons shirt and now wife has said come back to France or we are finished
    If he came out and was honest I would have more sympathy but press and all the rest have made a farce of it all
    He unfortunately has to stay until we get the right fee
    Why do we suffer because of his dick
    Or so I hear anyway maybe just another rumour

  5. I’ve said it before, let him do what Zarate did to join us, pay up his contract or top up Marseilles bid to our estimation and pay back the “loyalty” bonus. If he is that desperate for Marseille then Im sure he can find a few mil to make it happen.

  6. That probably would be less than $ 20m

  7. Let him rot. Treacherous scumbag.

  8. I may be alone in this, but I would have sympathy with him on this if it is genuine. Football is his job, and your family is your life- you work to live, not live to work etc. But he seems to have handled it badly. We don’t know all the fact of course. I would hope the club might have listened if he had gone to them with the problem and said can we work something out? I thought there was some sort of understanding that he could go at the end of the season? That is only four months away.

    So I am trying to see it from his viewpoint, but not really managing to feel much better about him.

    • I to believe in the Work to Live, Not Live to Work theory but he decided to become a Pro Footballer and I’m sure his Wife knew what he did for a living when they got together including the financial rewards that goes with the profession if you “Make” it (Probably helped sway her decision to Marry him, in my opinion). Also the other DOWNSIDE of earning all this money is you are shipped off to pastures new when a bigger club come calling with their open cheque books. Oh to earn £100,000 + per week and not every 3-4 years, life’s a *****!

  9. Noble Bilic & others have not got the real p1ss with him about something to do with family life.I read he hasnt even talked to the other players for about three weeks.This family reasons is rubbish.The geez has been tapped up to be Marseilles new owners statement signing.Interestingly i read a piece from Emanuelle Petit who said there are many Marseilles fans who will never be welcoming on his return & some who would rather punch him.

  10. Sean Hugh is there any truth in Ant getting a new 5 year double your money deal???
    Now that is a fella who deserves rewarding…

  11. I hope we sling this mug in the development squad and let him rot…he’s contemptuous and has really tried to mug us off since he went to the euros …let’s hold him to his contract and only sell when we get top wonga….let him think about his actions as We adoring fans are…..
    We shouldn’t waste too much time on him any longer …just let him rot!! Cheeky ****er…

  12. Payet was saying how much fun he could have in Arsenal’s team just before Christmas. Has he only felt homesick in 2017?

    Hugh – has he submitted a written transfer request?

  13. Let’s not forget all the signs are it is him who hijacked our season… ****ing off the other players etc – £30m or no deal but please do not re introduce him to the first team set up.

  14. Off topic from Payet there is an article trending on Sky about who is the best shot stopper in the PL it is actually our own Adrian, when going by percentages. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11662/10731973/chelsea-tottenham-liverpool-man-city-man-utd-arsenal-keepers-ranked

  15. I don’t want an apology, all I want is West Ham to get the money he is worth,then he can jog.Ironic really because since he’s been at West Ham,he has played his best in his career. There’s no going back he’s ruined his career.COYI

  16. I’m a genius. I have the solution!! We loan him to OS for the rest of the season for a £5M fee and they cover whatever wages they agree between them. We shift him out, no cost to us, he gets to sort his marriage out and in the summer he gets his sorry arse back to London where a solution is found. By then Mrs P will have chucked him out and taken him for all he’s worth and China will have great appeal.

    Your welcome

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