Paying the mobile price for a SOLD OUT message!

Football FA Cup 1964. Cup final tickets are sold to West Ham fans.

Football FA Cup 1964. Cup final tickets are sold to West Ham fans.

Forgive me for a few minutes – age has its downsides but that Manchester United replay tickets are officially sold out with all the problems many have experienced along the way got me thinking.

Like many others out there I recall the days vividly when I queued up around the Boleyn for tickets – there were occasions when I was there, with most others, for a very long time but at least you knew where you were if and when they were all gone.

allticketsoldI read this morning on social media that people had been queuing digitally for their United tickets only to be told after an hour on the phone that it was SOLD OUT!

How much did people pay on their mobiles to learn what we used to discover for free on occasions…that we’d HAD IT!

Now you can scoff at my old time memories as much as you like but I preferred it back then when at least you knew where you were and there were no hidden payments involved for the privilege of being told.

The phone bills and ¬£1.50 booking fees to get hold of a ticket show that progress has much to answer for and that maybe the old ways weren’t so bad after all.

We can’t turn back the clocks but the ticket problems are far from the ¬†panacea of perfection many would have you believe.


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6 comments on “Paying the mobile price for a SOLD OUT message!

  1. Totally agree with you No need for booking fees or 0845 numbers Just taking the Mick Can well remember coming down from St Albans to queue up for ticket on Sunday morning in 1975 -no internet or mobiles Happy days !!

  2. Why blame progress???

    Let’s be clear the Club could use a number which does not attract such high charges from mobile operators, but has simply chosen not to do so.

    Just like the Club could have an online and telephone Box Office capable of dealing in a timely manner with the many thousands of supporters who wish to purchase tickets. Such technology has existed for many years, the Club has simply chosen not to utilise such technology to date.

    But it’s all going to be much better when we get to the Olympic Stadium… Or so we’re promised!

  3. Why would we need to turn back the clocks? There is still a perfectly functioning ticket office at the Stadium where you can get your tickets in seconds if you don’t like calling up? I agree the wait times are ridiculous, but if you prefer going to the ground then why don’t you do that?!

    • I think you may have taken this a little too seriously. It was more of a muse than anything else – the central point being that to be on the phone an hour to be told tickets are gone seems somewhat wrong. Thus the headline.

  4. Hugh,
    How is that different to putting 4 gallons of petrol in your car, driving to the ground only to find that as you approach the front of the queue, all tickets have gone?
    Principal is the same, only times have changed as sadly we need to move with them

  5. I remember queuing from 5am for cup tickets in the 70’s. Freezing cold, people knicking wooden gates to burn for warmth. Endless cups of tea and bovril to keep warm then trying somewhere to pee. Sod that…. digital queuing wins easily on all aspects. Season ticket holders automatic cup scheme is even better – absolutely noting to do apart from turn up on the day.

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