Pearce, Irvine and McKinlay leave West Ham

West Ham have officially confirmed that backroom staff Alan Irvine, Stuart Pearce and Billy McKinlay have also departed with immediate effect following the departure of David Moyes.

Former Hammer Stuart Pearce will be sorely missed by many supporters who thought that Moyes had created one of the best West Ham backroom teams in living memory.

It normal practise for the backroom team to pay the price when the manager goes and their contracts often mirror the manager’s contract to limit any compensation paid out by the club.

Any incoming manager will usually what to bring in their own backroom team and David Sullivan has promised supporters a decision within ten days on who that might be.

Rumours have already started to circulate that Moyes could return to Everton following the sacking of Sam Allardyce this morning and if that is proved to be true, the backroom team could soon be relocating to Merseyside to rejoin their gaffer.

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14 comments on “Pearce, Irvine and McKinlay leave West Ham

  1. This could well be a case of “be careful what you wish for”. The sick heads have been spouting their vile abuse at Moyes in recent weeks and Sullivan has listened and acted accordingly.
    The fact is that Moyes came in when the club was terminally sick with an aging, underperforming, unbalanced squad of players. I do not know how much say he had in the January transfer window – I suspect not a lot. He appointed possibly the best back room staff the club has had in decades. He brought discipline, fitness and pride back to the team. And in the Leicester and Everton games we witnessed the benefit of everything he had done and we had for the first time this season spells of really good flowing football and some great goals.
    Given the chance to recruit in the summer, with him knowing what players needed offloading, those positions short of quality, etc, I suspect we would have had a decent top 8 side next season.
    But no. We are going to bring in a “high calibrate coach who will take us forward”. So who will this coach be? Fonesca has apparently already turned us down. Benitez will not come. To be honest I am not sure of my feelings on Pellegrini and Emerie. In any case, they have no knowledge of the present squad or where our weaknesses are. But I am sure Mr Sullivan will tell the new man what is required!!! That is of course if we can indeed find someone to take over the reins at WHU (are you free Mr Brooking?).
    Oh Mr Sullivan, what have you done?
    From me at least, thank you David Moyes and all the back room team for what you did for us this season past. I only hope you have not postponed the inevitable. COYI

    • kennycandb – you are dead right. Moyes did what he could with the squad he inherited. He instilled [some] discipline, a fitness regime, and showed he had man management skills as well, notably in regard to Marko. The owners have made yet another mistake letting Moyes go. There will be no ‘high calibre manager’ coming to work in this setup. There’s one of the owners saying he wanted to keep Moyes, the other owner interviewing candidates without respect to the guy who actually kept this lot up, and who had an experienced back up team. The football was as good as could be expected, and there were some decent players. Joao Mario will leave, juts as he was staring to look as though he could fit in. There will be offers for Lanzini and Arnautovic., and possibly others. In fact, the owners yet again have shown themselves as inable to run a PL club.

  2. Thanks David Sullivan you at least remembered what fans want from a West ham team supporters from decades ago like myself and have suffered from coaches like allardyce and moyes who’s only claim to any silverware was moyes at manure charity shield. A joke pair with allardyce known as the saviour of teams being relegated! Er at least Everton supporters have sussed him out after saving them. Moyes is a safety first guy done his six month save us please stint which let’s be honest if there wasn’t at least three worst teams than us we would have gone down. His only claim was playing arnie up front due to injurys we had all season and he kept us up. We need class players not evra or hugil or Snodgrass back and that’s what moyes would bring known as the ditherer in transfers every club. Leaving gold to be the judge once again Sullivan obviously remembered the last time he listened to him and golds pal avram grant joined. We all know what happened there! So for once thanks David Sullivan now get that quality coach in and back him with the cash please otherwise sell up asp

    • Razor.We have already allegedly been turned down by Fonesca. I do not think Benetez will leave Newcastle for us. Emery will probably listen and walk away. And Pellegrini who is earning megabucks in China – dont think so! So who do you think is this super high profile coach who is going to come and work for our board with a transfer kitty of maybe £M50-60 at best, with an aging unbalanced squad that contains at least 4 players who are not premiership class? And by the way, a new coach will know zilch about our squad anyway! And the appointment will be made within 10 days according to DS.
      As I said above, be careful what you wish for!

  3. We will go through the usual circus of big names before we end up with Chris Coleman.

  4. The last 3 comments to me show the hopes and dreams of past, and in reality the present, of what most west ham fans face in today’s game of football? The past = the west ham way gung ho football attack attack attack we played some teams and won 4-2 but played a few others and lost 3-1 and many of those team’s loved playing us, they would always have more wins in relation to us against them, there fans would always admire us ,although in most cases they would come away the winners?? But hey ho we were entertained.
    FA cup winners in the 60’s 70’s and in the 80’s . cup winners cup in Europe in the 60’s . (I’m not counting the ones we lost) Brian Clough quoted “no one remembers the runner-up ” I go with that =That’s the past yesterday’s game not that much money or tv ruling proceedings???
    The present = money, money, money if you have it, you buy a team and coach and play attractive gung ho football, example Man City they were in the 3rd division in the 90’s ! Chelzki before them I can remember them in the lower leagues too but alas that was the past and that is where some of our fans are still = in the past . To move on we must accept today’s games are about survival with West hams present level of owner’s and team’s performance?
    I still do love it when we beat spuds and team’s like chelzki and we have this season,, and we played attractive football doing it, but because of limited resources we, like many of the team’s around us are in the same position we can’t maintain it you need 27 top players ,the 8 top team’s have the money and the resources to do this = the present.
    The future??? = to provide entertaining gung ho football ???? = Mr or Mrs Money bags please buy out the present owner’s and shareholders and make us another Man City 😊😊😊

  5. Agree kennycandb I believe we are now in a very difficult situation. Handled right Moyes would of stayed and with the knowledge he has of the team bought in additions that hopefully would of benefited the team. We know we won’t get a top manager, one because of their wages and the transfer budget they would want, two they would be aware of what has happened with the fans this year. I just hope all those fans who wanted Moyes out are now satisfied. I think we have missed the chance to have a manager who moved us up a stage.

  6. hmm, have you ever tried positivity?

  7. i absolutely agree with what kennyandb said. this was the best most impressive backroom team we ever could have hoped for. they installed professionalism, discipline, steel and structure and were starting to add flair to our team. they and moyes would have comfortably had us top eight next season. im sick of hearing about how we need some bloke who is successful in a lower standard foreign league to take us to the proverbial next level. we had a whole team of people who know the premier league inside out and now they are gone.

    • think you’ll find GSB got rid of Moyes and no one else…. 5 managers in 8 years suggests they don’t know what they’re doing.

  8. DS seems to be stuck in a loop of trying to appease the vocal minority, the sooner he grows a pair or leaves the better.

    • ‘I’m really fearful over what is going to happen’ – Tony Cottee vocal minority.

  9. Allan Cummings is very quiet – happy to blame the supporters but totally silent when it comes to the owners behaviour.

  10. Truth will come out eventually. I reckon Moyes & co. refused to be used as dummies and walked.

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