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Pelle has three games to tell us what we need to know

Manuel Pellegrini claims  he is under no less pressure right now than  when he starting managing West Ham.

On Saturday he has to prove himself and show he has brought the team together in a big way otherwise the pressure will get far far worse.

Personally I and no doubt many others believe he has everything the Hammers needs but it’s time to show  he can meet those expectations and more.

He could hardly have two bigger games in front of him to do so – the Spuds at home and Chelsea away. In reality he has the perfect opportunity to show he remains the man.

After Chelsea, it’s Wolves away – far from easy. The time is here and the time is now for him to convince us  he’s the manager we believed him to be for most of last season and the opening games of this one.

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Much needs fixing at back front and middle for me but for now he needs to work but that has to wait until January and he needs to work the oracle with what he’s got.

If we manage to remain unbeaten over the next three games that will be sufficient proof for me.

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8 comments on “Pelle has three games to tell us what we need to know

  1. Remain unbeaten I reckon we be lucky to get a lucky point away to Wolves…..
    After that game I hope these words are rammed back down my throat ….. but I doubt it .

  2. Can’t see us getting much out of this run of games . Judging by our form and lack luster performances of late we’ll be lucky to be still out of the bottom three . I don’t Think that’s being pessimistic , but the most probable outcome . For that not to happen it would take a extremely radical change of mentality not only from the team but also from the manager .

  3. You’re having a laugh, we are shocking all over the park and might be the slowest team in Premier League history !
    If things don’t change soon, we will get a total spanking from someone five or six nil – pray God Pellegrini still not here in January or we’ve had it, period.

    • Would you like to suggest a realistic option to Pellegrini – one that would actually come to the club in the CURRENT circumstances rather than those you would prefer to see Kenny and I am not trying to be confrontational. Just interested given your regular opposition to MP.

  4. I saw a ‘league table’ for 2019 the other day. We were (I think) 17th with 38 points. That is what tells you how successful Mr P has been. Three games might help decide his fate but you need a longer run to even out injuries, decisions etc. That 30 games is surely long enough to judge any manager properly -especially as he had six months before that to spend money & establish himself. What is he going to do differently in the next six months?
    The evidence is staring us in the face I am afraid. We can keep cheering the side on but we need to face realty.

    • Where is the next point coming from? I just cannot see us beating anybody with this lot of lazy players and a manager who has lost the plot.we will be bottom soon and with no fight,no passion,we will not survive I have never seen a team that does not try in my sixty years of being a supporter

  5. We have to go back to basics, and that means RUN from minute 1. It means trying to win the game within the first 30 minutes by being first to every ball and sprinting everywhere. I’d be radical. Put Snoddy or Lanzini up front with Haller (who needs a strike partner), Noble and Dec in the middle flanked by Anderson (who needs a good game) and Yarmo, with Oggie, Diop, Cressie and Fredericks at the back. I’d stick with Roberto.

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