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Pelle ponders defensive issue – is this the answer?

Manuel Pellegrini’s left back issue against Manchester United may not cause him as many concerns as some of us may have imagined!

The absence of Arthur Masuaku because of suspension has caused a few creased brows but given that the not so quick Mata is United’s usual right sided player, we may well get away with it for this game.

It could easily be that the boss shove Zaba into the job as it doesn’t look likely the Spaniard will be racing beyond even our 34 year old defender.

There is of course the worry that Marcus Rashford has been drifting wide to the right this season but not to the extent that needs necessarily to cause GREAT concern.

And it won’t be rocket science to the United manager that if there is a weakness in our defensive set up  it’s over on that side of the back four.

Aaron Cresswell will of course have everything crossed that he will get the gig for a game where his defensive abilities don’t get tested to the limits but Zaba looks the possible answer.

And of course as a former Man City man he likes nothing more than to put it across the Reds who at the moment probably aren’t entirely sure of their ideal line up.

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This may also be a game for Pablo Fornals to step up for  Andriy Yarmolenko who didn’t look at his best at Aston Villa on Monday evening.

Beyond that isn’t it nice to see the team virtually picking itself?

Give us your teams here https://www.claretandhugh.info/select-your-starting-west-ham-x1-against-man-utd/

CndH line up: Fabianski; Fredericks, Diop, Ogbonna, Zaba; Rice, Noble, Fornals; Anderson, Lanzini, Haller

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Pelle ponders defensive issue – is this the answer?

  1. Given your view that May has slowed down somewhat I would have thought Ben Johnson who kept Majrez I his place last season should be given a chance

  2. Are for for real Hugh ?
    Monday night he didn’t have much choice to put Zab there. Although he played well judging him at his age to play there for a full 90 minutes is ludicrous and will play straight into tgeir hands.
    You have heard of Wan Bassaka ?, the fastest full back in the legue will have a field day over lapping down the line.On the counter we will be over stretched.
    Johnson is by far our best bet and could nail his place in the team once and for all.

    • Interesting observation but I often find that when a player pops up from nowhere on the official website talking about game play it is a hint. I asked a question didn’t make a statement and like you I would prefer Johnson but these are marginal decisions Lanzini given the problems on that side. And yes I have heard of the Manchester United team members. However, Pelle appears to want to attack and subscribes to the philosophy that is the best means of defence. We will see. I’ll do u the courtesy of not reacting to the opening line as I have no desire to go there again. Please try to restrain the personal stuff. Thanks

  3. Johnson has the makings of a great player but he was one weakness. He is far too slow when defending and needs to lose some weight.

  4. Does the boy James also play on their right? He is rapid also.. gotta be Johnson for me with Zabba on the bench if needed
    .but both of them prefer the right side of our set up. .the one position IMHO that is not fully covered ..Cressie just blows hot and cold and colder now..

  5. Your right to point out that Rashford is not averse to working the flanks and he has a turn of pace that Zaba or Cresswell would not get close to. Ben Johnson has surely got to be the solution.
    But whoever MP decides to select at LB, the onus will be on Lanzini & especially Anderson to put a proper shift in to help with the defensive duties.

  6. Cresswell if fit will start, we require experience down the left not right backs playing out of position. He hasn’t been as bad as some have made out.

    • If the team is picking itself then its up to those fighting for position to step up, MP will be watching training and I am sure those like Zaba, Cresswell, Wilshere, Fornals, Balbuena and Ajeti are pushing hard, the only safe places are Fabianski and Rice the others have to keep pushing for a start.

  7. It’s a fair article Hugh,but why are you so sensitive lately,describing bloody as a swear word and then saying lanzini’s words were a personal attack? they’ll be no one left on this site soon,can have it all to yourself.😆

    • I have no objection to people giving their views. I do object to the manner in which they are put on occasions and I see no reason for swearing anyway. If people wish to leave because they don;t like the style that’s entirely their choice. I try to be respectful to everybody but if people choose to be abusive and describe me in terms which I believe reflect that ( “Hugh’s 10 year old approach – written as though I am not present) then I will react and defend myself particularly if the contents of the criticism thereafter are entirely wrong and their misconception of journalistic practice need correcting. I take a lot of flak at times and I have come to a point where I really don’t care but Lanzini got bang under my skin and it’s been regular as again today. Each can do as he wishes. And trust me I won’t be talking to myself.

      • Hugh, the site is great and all you guys do a fantastic job of maintaining its appeal, its an absolute shame that due to a very small minority of people who released content on it such as porn links etc that we can’t post in real time, that affects I imagine the site activity and ability to continue debates as happens on WHTID from reading your convo’s with Lanzini am not sure he is in the same category as some others but you will know best how you viewed it, as a neutral observer it seemed just like someone voicing their opinion which as information in the public domain seems fair as a neutral perhaps that is what Scott means ? Anyway keep up the good work mate COYI !!! apologies also if I missed something that wasn’t reasonable, I follow most posts only so far.

        • I don’t want to labour it 32. I don’t mind disagreement at all. I am not an echo chamber but to be told I am have a ten year;s approach to perfectly sensible headline writing when words are in quotes from elsewhere is offensive. Criticise as much as you like on on footie matters but like all others this is a totally free service and deliberate attempts to offend at a personal levels will not go unanswered nor should they in my view. We’re all adults. We have put extra spam security in to cut the porn rubbish to zero. Let me know if you see it. Thanks for the good wishes – encouragement is cheap and it’s nice to hear. Thank you

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