Pellegrini looks to be on a two match deadline

West Ham will stump up about £15 million for the compensation due on Manuel Pellegrini and  Mario Husilos’ contracts should they sack them with another million or two going to the backroom staff.

Pellgrini faced a torturous meeting on Monday morning following the 3-2 defeat by Spurs when he became aware that the club was on the brink of terminating his his contract unless he turned it around fast.

That could even come as soon as Saturday at Chelsea or next Wednesday night at Molineux – two of the toughest games on the calendar given his circumstances.

The timing – unless there are two top results – will depend  on whether a replacement has been lined up with David Moyes the most wanted and Chris Hughton and Sean Dyche still in the frame.

The club is hurrying to sort a suitable candidate as the sack looms for the 66 year old Chilean.

Dyche is likely to be rejected on the basis that it would cost another £10 million to compensate a contract which includes surivla bonuses on top of his basic wage.

There remains no huge appetite to sack Pellegrini but we were told last night by a well placed club insider on the phone that defeats at Chelsea and Wolves would have seen the club take just two points from a possible 27 which he said “is as near impossible to live with it as it gets.”


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31 comments on “Pellegrini looks to be on a two match deadline

  1. Would not want Dyche, his barbaric style of football will take us backwards not forwards. Another Allardyce. They would need to go all out for Eddie Howe!

  2. Can he turn it round?
    I sincerely hope so but, based on his intransigence to change tactics and make logical selection decisions, I fear not.
    Chelsea will rip us apart as will Wolves based on our last few “performances”.
    And that will be 2 less games in which to get sufficient points to avoid relegation.
    Stop procrastinating and put everybody out of their misery!

  3. The statement about Dyche tells you everything you need to know.

    To paraphrase, “Any candidate that would cost money will be rejected, as West Ham will only seek to appoint someone that no one else has seen fit to give a job to and who remains out of work. West Ham will also tear up the DoF model with the removal of Husillos and return to the proven unsuccessful model of Sullivan being in control of transfers and ‘strategic’ football direction”.

  4. Who says Moyes is the most wanted? By who the board? Also who said we want Houghton? Both very poor and desperate options IMHO. Time to get some new fresh manager, with motivation to prove themselves.
    I dont care how much they have to pay, they’ll lose more if we get relegated.
    It’s like they’ve gone the an old book of managers from 10 years ago, blown of the dust and cobwebs and said let’s see who’s still alive. No thought of new young inspiring managers.
    New managers = Gerrard, arteta, kovac, parker, maybe Cole, Ferdinand?

    • It’s not about paying. It’s about who is available. If you prefer Scottish Premier and Championship fine

      • As Paul Keenan says above we need a younger fresher manager someone who’s hungry to achieve plus someone who will dip into the under 23s otherwise whats the point of having them. UP THE HAMMERS

      • Hi Hugh if it’s not about paying then why not go for Howe got to be worth a try . That’s if MP can’t turn it around , I hope he can but we will see . Is it a coincidence that form dropped when Fabianski got injured plus the players need to step up in any case. Tough games coming up indeed but COYI

        • I guess if he won’t come he won’t at least they tried. I’m hoping that a lot of the issues are down to the keeper and things will improve but I am starting to worry . Got to give Martin a go can he be worse then Roberto

      • Would definatley rather someone who might be able to do a good job over proven failures.

  5. Why leave it for another two games because baring a miracle happening TWICE within a few days it’s a forgone conclusion that he will.get the tin tack act now Daves

  6. Lol – two match deadline.
    If we had Bishops Stortford and Kettering we probably wouldn’t win one of those !
    We are due a real battering as recent scorelines have flattered us massively.
    Chelsea ( especially) and Wolves could provide it.

  7. This is painful and leaves me with two comments

    1. Once a finite number of games is given to turn it around the manager is gone – would Slav have been given another game beyond Liverpool if we had kept the ball in the corner flag and held on for a 2-1 victory in the previous game vs Palace?

    2. Thos who claim how well Pelle did last season have selective memories – apart from the AFC Wimbledon game in the second half of the season there were dire performances at Cardiff (away) Wolves (away) and Everton at home. Perhaps he is more suited to the slower paced Spanish league. The final victory against Watford who had a player wrongly sent off and who had their attention on the FA cup final perhaps put an unrealistic gloss on our season

  8. Well why not. Ruling out these environments to pick managers from stops you getting the next big thing and limits you to guys who haven’t got a job. They’re not out of work because they choose to be…it’s because no one of stature wants them!

    I’d take Gerrard if he could be prised out of Rangers. Don’t forget Rodgers was ‘Scottish Championship’.

    Also I’d take Bielsa, although I doubt he and Sullivan would be compatible. Dean Smith and Chris Wilder were both ‘Championship’ last year and they’re both doing well. As was Lampard.

    Emery will also likely be available soon and whilst hasn’t had a good time of it at Arsenal, is far from being a terrible manager.

    The board lack insight and creativity. Their analysis is superficial. They want ‘proven’ but all this does is give them proven mediocrity, or expensive punts on guys on the way down who once upon a time were somebodies.

  9. According to ExWhu, from reliable sources of his, both Dyche and Howe have expressed interest were we to be making a change.

    He’s not one to put out clickbait messages, so there is no reason to think that information is bogus, so suggesting it’s not about money and all about who is available rings a little hollow.

    • Dyche is interested whch was ritten here and in the Guardian. Howe isn’t interested

      • I genuinely believe dyche is a good coach who would get the best out of our underachieving players, who’s to say it’s gonna be too direct what other options has he had at Burnley? There not going to be playing expansive football in the situation there club is in which is at the moment a lot better than ours with investment why couldn’t or wouldn’t he adapt

  10. Dyche, Houghton, Moyes, Wilder, will not take us forward to any new level.. the 2nd time in just over two seasons we need a firefighter to save us from ourselves.
    It’s the same with the news that we might sign Jordan Archer, a gk that can’t find a club since being released by Millwall in the summer.

    What the hell is happening at our club, are SuGo determined to get us relegated? Since they have taken over the club we have suffered with Grant, SA, Bilic, Moyes, Pelle & ????? Out of that we have had one season where we were celebrating at the end of the season. Unless you count finishing 7th with Bilic. How bad is that It was under SA that we had any success (promotion)

    Imho we need to turn to a younger manager, yesterday I kept reading that ExWHUemployee is saying Eddie Howe would be interested, now it’s no way he would come. Where do these conflicting reports come from?

  11. What is the point of given him 2 more games ?
    Will he pick Roberto AGAIN on Saturday ?
    Last 3 games we have been 3.0 down .mainly due to Roberto but also because MP can’t motivate or change his tatics he has done enough to warrant the sack now but our owners are so stupid they want to wait .they did that with grant and look how that turned out .We are yet again a laughing stock as mostly have been under their ownership .

  12. What about bring Carrick. He’s had a grounding as No2 at Man u under Fergie etc.

  13. Bring in Dyche
    Takes no nonsense and British.

  14. The Spaniard it’ll be cheaper in the long term….

    • Apparently he’s on a two match deadline, How many 66 year old gentlemen would respond positively to threats of the sack if they don’t buck up. They spend all that money on players and yet, for what it would cost to buy out both Mr Pellegrini and Mr Rafa from their current contracts “Peanuts”.. This would be recouped quite quickly, in not Europe this season certainly next..

  15. The £15m compensation will not be a lump sum paid up-front, it will be broken down into staged payments over a series of months/years (as all other clubs do when paying off managers). There will also be clauses that if he takes on a new job then our payments will stop. So, my point is the £15m figure is bounded around to make our supporters believe we have no money to hire a new boss.

  16. Why not give Martin a shot in goal?? He can’t do any worse than Roberto. If he has a half decent game then the defence will grow in confidence and maybe the team will start believing in winning again. Small steps to success

    • I agree with Tony. You have to wonder what Martin is thinking when he’s warming the bench and Roberto makes mistake after mistake… We don’t see them in training, of course, but could it get any worse?

      I suspect Liverpool fans groaned when Adrian took his place in goal following Allison’s injury, yet he did well for them…

  17. David Moyes! Absolute joke.

  18. 15 million quid would buy us another dud player. No comparison.

  19. God help me what is the point in waiting 2 games….as for who’s next for the poison chalice it’s football every man h as a price even Howe or poch
    Just plse not Houghton..I will give up if it is

  20. I’m going to give an alternative view : What if MP is making the right choices . Anderson off at half time b spurs and hooked in numerous other games. He’s done nothing to merit a place so drop him until he improves . Same for Yarmo he deserves to be dropped . The keeper well what choice did he have , it’s a mistake for sure but why was that’s because he was told you have 25 million net to spend.Belbuena was tried it didn’t work so he dropped him again. Masuaku / Cresswell neither are brilliant but Cresswell is doing a better job defensively again what choice does he have . Midfield not supporting Haller what can he do only drop those who aren’t performing and he might do that for Chelsea or change formation you never know . All i can say about links to other managers is be wary of what you wish for and I except we all have our own opinions . Ultimately though we all want to achieve the same , improved performances and results . COYI

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