Pellegrini: The case against


Two long weeks ahead when the sniping, abuse and foul language will no doubt to rise to a crescendo!

No we’re not talking about Brexit but West Ham United where the manager and team are now accused of being useless, losing the plot and not knowing their backsides from their elbows.

Other teams are of course in a similar state – Everton, Spuds, Man United, Wolves re all trundling along on the back of results which are causing huge grief to their fans.

It’s a pretty bad situation at West Ham right now with a goal keeper who can’t keep goal, an out of form midfielder who could have been expected to return to form at any time now long term injured and a captain on whom we await the worst as far as a new injury is concerned.

But in the blog below CandH follower Zahama makes some points that are worth taking on board before we all decide to cut our throats!

By CandH follower Zahama

Matthew Hayden would have been a decent signing

Reluctantly I feel that if Pelle is not fired we will be relegated. He does not seem to know how to fight a relegation battle.

Most were agreed over the summer in saying that we needed a defensive midfielder with legs (e.g. Isaac Hayden) – probably much more than a Fornals type and now  Noble is injured we are really in trouble.

I know what Pelle said but unless we buy a DM in Jan we will have to call Josh Cullen back. Unless we change the way we play and battle to get some points we are doomed and I don’t think that Pelle is prepared to play that way.

I am not sure who we could get but we need a Moyes-type appointment and the the international break is a good time to change managers – so that the new manager can assess what is available to him

Our odds of being relegated continue to plummet from I think 18/1 at the beginning of the season to 4/1 now

One thing I do strongly feel about is that insulting each other on forums will not solve the problem as definitely it is not the posters who cost us the last two matches

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  • Sir Trev says:

    The number one reason we are in this mess is the loss of Fabianski! Period! Before he got injured we didn’t lose a game in 5. No wins in 6 since. We need a new stand in keeper, one with premier league experience. Roberto is not good enough. Sacking Pellegrini will not help as long as he is in goal!

    • AD says:

      Who brought him in as the number two, and seemingly wanted him as number one? Without a doubt Fabianski makes a major difference and Roberto looks poor, but to put it ALL down to that is very shortsighted. The keeper cant do all the defending, win all the balls in midfield and score all the goals.

    • Neily says:

      When we started the season, we were flying. But something has happened recently and we are no longer looking like a team that is together. Anderson hasn’t played a decent game since, in my opinion the Norwich game. He doesnt seem to like the cold weather. We have no pace in midfield and Haller is completely isolated. Fornalls looks an expensive flop, Diop isnt having the best time and Balbuena looks half the player he was last season. It seems to me that I may have misjudged Pelle as he doesnt seem to know his best 11 or is willing to give Haller support up front. I know he didnt have much money to spend but we all could see we needed a CH and DM. Why we didn’t go for Cahill is a mystery. Free transfer, dependable, experienced. We have issues in all areas now, and as for Roberto. My god, I dont think I’ve seen a worse keeper. I wasn’t a fan of Adrian but he is far superior a keeper than Roberto ever will be.

  • Artran says:

    Sent in a few lines two weeks ago where I questioned Pellets reasons for dropping regulars from the team in favour of players who had previously been considered not good enough for a first team start. Not only has this had an adverse effect on performances for the team as a whole but has also had a negative effect on the players who lost the place. These tactics seem to have shattered team spirit and also upset any chance of players getting used to working together on a regular basis.

  • AD says:

    Moyes type appointment? Do me a favour…. We need a modern younger manager and the board need to back him. This game has changed so much in the last few years – Eddie Howe all day long !!

    On another note, Liverpool should be the style model we try to replicate. At the moment we seem to be trying to copy City with possession and we just don’t have the quality, our build up and transition is so painfully slow.

    Liverpool is more copiable – 3 up top, 3 battling midfielders and 2 fullbacks bombing on. While Liverpool offer lots of quality up top, their midfield over the past couple of seasons has hardly been filled with the highest technical quality, Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum, Fabinho etc.

    They hit the ball long a lot, but not ‘in hope’ like the old long ball days. They know their front three will be playing the line, unlike us who isolate Haller.

    I’m not saying we can be Liverpool, we can’t, but this style would be bring us more success than trying to be City.

  • AspiEd says:

    How insulting to suggest, again, that the only value of a British coach is to fire-fight.

    BFS, Moyes etc are good to get sides out of the mire but, then, clubs must get any old import to land them straight back in!

    Delusion in the extreme, from spiv owners whose illusions of grandeur think they can mix it with multi-national franchises and states.

    Why not provide an assessment of what the above-mentioned clubs have in common and, apart from money and professionalism, what each of the current top sides have in common.

  • Kenny Irons says:

    There is something very wrong at this club from the very top.
    Pellegrini doesn’t care – he’s on another very lucrative meal ticket after his China exploits and every defeat is met with a shrug of the shoulders and a standard “we must improve” comment – but we never do, and won’t under him.
    The man is like a Rabbit in headlights – and the other blog about him wanting Roberto as no. 1 says it all for me. But, it isn’t just Roberto is it ? we are hopeless all over the park.
    Defenders who can’t defend, midfielders who can’t run, pass or tackle and a lone striker who can’t play as one and the nearest support is so far away the only contact is to wave to him !
    A good manager would have seen that last season our keeper was overworked and he needed more protection. So, the priority would have been a top class CB and defensive midfielder with legs !! Also, not to sell every single striker at the club without suitable replacements.
    Pellegrini does not know how to stop the slide, and I fear will be too late before something is done.
    However, still think with Sully and Gold running this club we are on the road to nowhere.

  • the problem started with the sulking Austrian he got he’s own way & I think some of not all looked at him & are now thinking they want out as well from Goalkeeper Defence Midfield & Strikers are not interested playing for this dinosaur as for the owners please sell up to the highest bidder for our great club as I can see only downwards with the whole set up & if we are relegated can’t see us getting back to the premier League any time soon

  • Lanzini says:

    Hayden would of not been the answer,he’s hardly a regular for Newcastle.
    It’s Pellegrini failure to promote that is one of the problems.
    He’s tried the old hands and they don’t work. Now he won’t for sure use the youngsters who promise a lot.
    Sanchez is bought and doesn’t get in the match day squad. Must be pretty terrible to not even be included.

  • zahama says:

    AD I agree that LIverpool’s 4-3-3 style is an excellent model – but that is where the imbalance in the squad shows through. Listening to the pundits on the big match yesterday they pointed out that the reason that Alexander-Arnold and Robertson could bomb forward was due to the running and energy of the midfield three – even if we count Snoddy as a potential (and I think he wouldn’t let us down) we have Rice, Noble, Snoddy, Sanchez and perhaps Zaba – short on options and short on energy

    I would also like Eddie Howe but cant see why the now longest serving Prem manager would want to leave for a job that in recent years has become a revolving door

    Klopp would be good too but would not come

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