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Pellegrini the problem as Hammers get worse and worse


By Hugh Southon


Burnley 3 West Ham 0

What follows excludes Robert Snodgrass and Aaron Cresswell!

Seven games in all competitions without a win … the results getting successively worse and the performances as bad as any most will be able to remember.

So what next? My knee jerk reaction is to say – after all the praise I have poured on Pellegrini – please quit mate, that’s the decent thing to do.

And to the board: If you are considering spending around £20 million in the window, pay off the present managerial team because it’s becoming as plain as the nose on our faces, they have no answers.

Many are gonna blame Roberto for this horrible defeat . He even managed to somehow punch a corner into his own net  but we need to remember he also made a cluster of top range saves which would have seen us lose by seven or eight.

When you find yourself thinking: “For God’s sake let this end so I can watch a movie” you know this is a football club in the most serious bother.

Personally I can’t remember a time when I have felt more disheartened about the present or the future – we are a shocking team.

We went behind from a set piece again, Balbuena produced a real howler for the second and Roberto pawed the ball into the net for a third.

On top of probably the worst performance of the season – we seem to be saying that every week – Manuel Lanzini was stretchered off with a horrible looking shoulder problem after Mark Noble had been replaced early on after suffering an ankle problem.

Who knows where this is going to end but it really is starting to look very serious indeed and one way or another an answer has to be found to the big problem.

And that right now appears to be Mr Pellegrini.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

40 comments on “Pellegrini the problem as Hammers get worse and worse

  1. unfortunately i have to agree with you even though after singing palle i was rejoicing he appears to have lost the dressing room, our team go out week in week out with no idea, it,s now time to stop the talk and back it up with actions

  2. I have no idea what our style or plan is the only 2 stats that are high are a true reflection of our boring useless football ..possession is high because we pass sideways and backwards as if we are in control when really in possession the opposition are not fussed about and passing is another high stat because we pass sideways and backwards..Shots and shots on target are so low it’s surprising we ever score at all!

  3. I’ve been saying ever since he brought Watford to Upton Park years ago I’d like Sean Dyche as our manager. Just the character we need right now, but we’ll have no chance of attracting him after today’s display. Players are clearly not playing for the manager. He has to go, and soon!!

    • Won’t get your ‘sexy’ football with Dyche. Every bit as pragmatic as Allardyce and Moyes. Supporters need to make their minds up, hating managers has become the norm

  4. Absolutely shocking,Roberto a joke,Haller not trying an inch,Fornals not up to it,Balbuena a disgrace and Anderson flatters to deceive,Pellegrini looks like he’s lost the dressing room. Something needs to give…….

  5. Ok so I haven’t seen the game, but it sounds like the goalie cost us AGAIN. He made some saves? Too late, he did the same last week, kept the score down when he cost us. I’ll be in the minority for still backing the manager, but I won’t be if Martin isn’t starting next week.

    • Martin is a 33 year old lower league journeyman, don’t really imagine they had any intention of putting him in the PL. The last time I saw him he let a cross through his hands in FA Cup playing for the ‘wall

  6. He needs to do the decent thing and quit . We will go down if he doesn’t . This team is hopeless from back to front . No steel , no effort , no pace , no flair and no goals . We need a new broom . Stabilise the league and hope for mid table and hopefully attack the fa cup . We could do a lot worse than look at the manager who’s destroyed us today or someone like him.

  7. Absolutely right, Hugh. Pellegrini has to go or we will be in the Championship next season. Get Benitez or if he is not available, bring back Moyes

  8. Already said it Hugh.Been following the Hammers since 1974 and i cannot remember a team that looks so totally stripped of ideas and fight and confidence.Even the sides we had that were relegated gave something more than this lot. its a downward spiral with no end in sight.The same promises will come from the manager and players on how we must improve but the fans have had enough and surely something has to give after todays debacle.Its not just one area either .Its every thing as a whole.Desperately dodgy goalie,wobbly defence,midfield with no forward drive and a threadbare strikeforce.Massive rebuild needed and Pellegrini looks totally at a loss as to how to fix it.

  9. Completely agree pity the Cowley brothers have gone to Huddersfield, they would sort our champagne Charlie’s

  10. 3 of my family ripped there season tickets up and one other is taking it a bit further..not my thing but who can blame them …he has to be sacked end of and if anybody says any different then you need your head testing…and Hugh it’s like you like giving people the hump Roberto 4 do me a fu???? favour,, it’s hard to believe he is even a professional footballer…and that old man said he had confidence in him ..the anger around the fans is going to blow up in to more disappointing thing’s as I said earlier it’s ironic it was Burnley today …

    • Have been saying since pre-season, the team and the manager were seriously underperforming.
      – I also said Roberto is not Premier League standard and that management had stuffed up in buying 2 useless players. The fact that Martin has not played 1 min of football at WH says that he is even worse.
      – Since last season Pelligrini has not been able to improve the defence, and has dropped in form Ogbonna and Fredericks for out of sorts Zab and Balbuena
      – Pelligrini has messed up up strikers. Just ask Arnie, Chicharitho, Hugill and now Haller.
      – He has bought injury prone Jack, useless Sanchez and Ajeti who won’t even make the und 18 squad. And holds onto Reid whose injury condemns him to stands for life . Yet the manager keeps him. Pelligrini refuses to bring in on fire Holland, and now says Diangana will finish his season at WBA. How idiotic.
      – No guts, no ambition, no wins and no intentions. Clueless, and yes Pelligrini is to blame.
      – With Pelligrini, come Christmas – we will be at the bottom of the tree. The board got to do something good asap.

    • Lost beluef in MP ability. Man City had him as an interim as they pursued Guardiola, he seems a nice genuine guy, but seems out of ideas and a bit past his best. Bring back moyes, he steadied the ship last time, just what we need right now.

  11. surely now mp can not defend this gk man he is useless he is too big to get down quickly to low balls and not confident enough to catch balls in the air hes not imposing his size
    he is absolutely awful we need to be together as a team and not lay blame on one player but the evidence is clearly lying at the feet of this man every week
    he reminds me a bit of joe corrigan very huge but full of mistakes
    do you think he can be worse than alan mcknight [mare ]
    also why cant we play with 2 up front we need to shoot to score or we can never win
    haller is no good on his own as a striker and we need to improve feeding the front men from midfield not to mention tightning up at the back hope we can stay up this season
    there was talk of top 6 was it cut short and should have read top 16 lol

  12. Forget the manager I put this firmly in the players , they are meant to be professionals . Therefore if they like the manager or not they have a job to do . They are showing no effort and it’s unacceptable no energy shambolic really really not acceptable . If there some disagreement with the manager & team they should all be professional enough to sit down & clear the air then work together .Jusr sort it cos that lack of anything is becoming tedious.

  13. Sadly, it’s impossible to argue with your conclusions Hugh. Pellegrini and Husillos have made so many bad decisions with signings and selections – people will blame the Board but they have provided funding and delegated/trusted decisions to the management team.

    We are getting worse every week and something has to change quickly as I can’t see a winnable fixture ahead at the moment.

    No point in listing all the issues here – but there are so many that a management change seems inevitable to me.

  14. Entirely predictable performance. And the shocking truth is the players on the bench are, by and large, significantly worse than the starting XI. We will do well to stay out out of the bottom 3. Was just saying only thing that hasn’t happened yet is a player getting seriously injured: just as Lanzini went down. Difficult to say though that his contributions will be missed.

    • Had enough. Wont be bothered going to spurs game. If things dont improve rapidly and consistently last year of season ticket. All are culpable from the manager down. Dont see any fight. Billy bonds could still do a better job. Had it.

  15. First game 1969 last ever game today I am rolling up my season ticket so it’s easier for the twins of evil to shove it up their collective arse
    At least we can look forward to playing the pikey’s next season and can someone please show Noble the way out

  16. Just listen to his excuses with the BBC reporter.It tells you everything you need to know ,about a man who is literally drowning under the weight of mediocrity.Its truly a man who has no solutions left on how to fix something that looks terminally ill.He can see all the problems but has no idea how to remedy them.

  17. This is the worst i have seen the irons play for a long time playing like this we will have no problem winning relegation Roberto is a complete joke and the management team is just as bad good and Sullivan need to get to grips with what’s going on instead of counting now much money they are making as for the out field players they don’t seem to have a clue what system they are suppose to be playing carry on like this and we will be a championship team next season and I fear it could get much worse things need to change now get rid of Roberto that would be a start and any out field player not pulling their weight of we are to lose at least make a fight of it what we saw today was players that are only interested in their pay check the fans are loyal to the club and that loyalty is being abused

  18. Just because he made a few saves to keep score down will not make up for the fact that he was at fault for 2 goals and contributed to to the other. The damage was done again and he has cost us in every game he has played..he and MP have to go .It’s a repeat of Bilic all over again .the fact he picked him again plus threw in fornals against Burnley away of all teams shows he has lost his marbles. He is a busted flush and clueless to stop the slide he started by messing around with the back 4 after palace game and sticking by it apart from the Fredricks change today .i thought it was an overeaction to sacking him after Oxford defeat but it’s clear after last few weeks HE HAS TO GO !!!! Who replaces him I don’t know but get it done .Just look at his comments after today’s shambles
    “We have to work hard “

  19. Just one big problem gold Sullivan won’t get rid money money M P has to go not a clue play some of the kids Holland etc Lampard played the youngest premier team ever today did you know we are bottom of premier ground covered I think he’s lost dressingroom

  20. One would expect a similar performance and result against spurs at home will be enough for the board to pull the trigger.

    I won’t count on it though.

  21. The big question for all us Hammers fans old and young is what football do we really want? Sexy football like Manchester city, or bulldog fight for everything football as Sheffield United are doing at the moment?? Getting it right as in times gone by seem to elude our owners one way or the other? We have had the Allardyce football and now the Pellegrini football? One thing about sexy football is you have to afford it ,to get the best team that can operate that way, our owners can’t!! Try as they can say how much they spend it doesn’t come near what the top teams pay. So yes Pellegrini was successful at Manchester city but look at the means at his disposal?? Big Sam and Moyes did their best on budget with our owners, but it’s hard to please everybody with how we play and our history??? There lies the problem our history?? Games were coached to play entertaining football the Greenwood and Lyall way, and we won a few cups along the way. Today money buys that? Most fans including myself would be happy with a manager like Howe or someone that’s in touch with the players and the times, as Lampard is doing at Chelski with their younger players?? Pellegrini has had he’s time, its time our owners move to face the facts WE NEED YOUNG AND INSPIRATIONAL MANAGEMENT TO FACE THE FUTURE AND WORK WITH A YOUNGER TEAM And that’s coming from me a 70 year old!!!!!

  22. The owners need to show some leadership asap . They have already leaked it that they are unimpressed with signings. Unfortunately I don’t think Sullivan and gold have any real vision of how to take club forward. A Moyes like appointment seems the most likely outcome

  23. Sorry Hugh but I thought the other day you were syaing Pellegrini would sort this out and we climb the table.
    Fickle as a feather in a hurricane.

  24. The team is disorganised and demoralised. It has been for a while now and doesn’t look likely to change, despite there being plenty of quality in the squad. The club management needs to build patiently with a plan instead of getting in a marquee signing or two every transfer window and then hiring older players for a song. Europe? Top 6? Last season the Irons finished 10 points above where we should have been because Fabianski was sensational. Hammer of the Year and then some! Also Moyes performed a miracle and was then shown the door. The 3 year contract for Wilshire was frankly insane. I know this was Pelle’s idea but he should not have been given his way. The problems start right at the top, not just with the jaded, ineffectual Pelle. He’s just one symptom, not the cause.

  25. It should be bye bye Pelligrini , but it probably won’t be . Worst West Ham side in living memory ., at least as my memory goes and I’m now 68 .

  26. What a load of rubbish it doesn’t matter who the manager is the problem is definitely the club stripping chairman one year a decent transfer budget the rest has been a total lack of investment in the squad the wage bill has been slashed yet a:25 million net spend says it all about them loans paid back with intrest the move has been a disaster the ground is not a:football stadium a world class stadium for a world class team Brady said you couldn’t make it up and to think most of us fell fo t the utter lies they have ripped the heart and soul out for our club until they sell and get richer nothing will ever change sadly

  27. My first game was the European Cup winners final against Munich1860 and I have been a West Ham fan ever since.Over the years I have seen many great and ordinary players grace the shirt but today not one of the players deserved to wear the shirt.!

    • I was at the Munich 1860 game,travelled with my mate from Southend,14 yrs old.
      Brilliant day.
      Can’t believe this is West Ham now……very sad.
      Pellegrinni is well past his use by date.
      Why would Declan Rice stay?
      Answer…he won’t

  28. I think maybe the players aren’t as good as we thought they were. Haller needs another striker to play alongside, and we haven’t got one. Need to get Holland on the wing, maybe try Masuaku in midfield. The opposing teams have got us sussed; give the youngsters a chance

  29. Hugh you say you have no idea where it will end ..I think the Championship is looking a likely place

  30. Should go for Roberto Martinez or Eddie Howe.

  31. Reluctantly I feel that if Pelle is not fired we will be relegated – he does not seem to know how to fight a relegation battle. Hugh was with most of us over the summer in saying that we needed a defensive midfielder with legs (e.g. Isaac Hayden) – probably much more than a Fornals type – now that Noble is injured we are really in trouble. I know what Pelle said but unless we buy a DM in Jan we will have to call Josh Cullen back. Unless we change the way we play and battle to get some points we are doomed – and I dont think that Pelle is prepared to play that way. I am not sure who we could get – but we need a Moyes-type appointment – the international break is a good time to change managers – so that the new manager can assess what is available to him

    Our odds of being relegated continue to plummet from I think 18/1 at the beginning of the season to 4/1 now

    One thing that i do strongly feel is that insulting each other on this or other forums will not solve the problem – and definitely it is not the posters who cost us the last two matches

  32. Why always blame the manager , every few years we play crap football then blame the manager. The only constant thing in all those managers going is the players . It’s not professional to not put up a fight and not even try . It weren’t so long ago the football looked better so what’s happened . The players need to look at themselves & if unhappy sit down with Pelle and clear the air . Your lack of effort is down to bad attitude and not even trying it’s disrespectful to the fans and club sort it you bunch of prima donnas act like men and fight !

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