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Pellegrini welcomes international break (Sigh)

The manager reckons he will sort things out with the players over the next 14 days!

The guff that comes out at post match pressers is often frightening and once again Manuel Pellegrini has demonstrated an amazing ability to demonstrate precisely that!

After another horrendous display yesterday which prompted Declan Rice to say the players can even pass accurately over 4 or 5 yards, the manager had his own take on things.

Rather than address those very obvious worries he instead decided to declare that the international break has come at the right time.

Our view? It’s never the right time to have an international break. We’ve had two already and they are the boredom from hell periods of the Premier League season!

However, he appears to believe that ” we need to work very hard and review this situation ” – words  very similar to those we have heard far, far too many times before!

Quite whether we are expected to believe that so many wrongs will be put right in a fortnight is debatable. Anyway – here’s what he had to say:

“I think it’s a good time for a break. We need to work very hard and review this situation. Maybe last season was different but we had less points than we have [at the same stage] this season, so I hope we are going to return to a normal level of performance as soon as possible and produce a good performance next time.

“Of course, we are in a very different moment [from the opening six games of the season, when we collected eleven points], but you need to perform as a team.

At this minute, a lot of players are not performing but we have 15 days and we will try to recover, not only in [terms of] the result but in the trust we are demonstrating in each other.

“It’s about more than confidence; it’s because we are conceding too many goals. If you look at the three goals we conceded against Newcastle, it was because we didn’t concentrate and the result in the Premier League is decided by one or two points that decide the game, so if you concede so many easy goals, it is very hard to win.”

It actually maes you wonder quite what the point of press conferences are!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “Pellegrini welcomes international break (Sigh)

  1. Here we go again Hugh..bull sh.. statementI think he has a degree “in the bloody obvious “..the same as the players when they make their own “we must .we know we will .hard needed” stupid statements ..as supporters we know that our patience is wearing very very very thin now with the inept tactics and team selections not to mention the baffling substitutions made and a pityful sentence in the “managers “post match interview ” I don’t analyse individuals ” MP perhaps is the time to do so because OUR TEAM is a bunch of underperforming individuals 😤😤

  2. Interestingly the best players are not there for the next 2 weeks , so wonder who he will work with ?
    Maybe Reid will get more game time away to get fit so that might help.
    Hopefully he can look at his tactics, or how to defend crosses. Then again if you pick 40k plus a week you would think you can defend a cross.
    Where does he start.

  3. It should give him two weeks to find another job then . It’s crazy imo how Moyes wasn’t given a contract extension . The International breaks are part and parcel for every club to handle .
    It’s just that West Ham don’t know how to ., and with Pelligrini it looks like we never will . I was backing MP to start with but it has turned out to be the New Broom scenario and nothing else . Same old stuff from Pelligrini and his stubbornness is proving to be our downfall . Relegation was never in our thoughts after that Man Utd game , so what the heck is going on. There are grass root problems in the dressing room and on the training ground . If the Captain comes out and says basically ; that the tactics are completely wrong then surely Pelligrini should take note and make changes , but no , let’s continue to make daft team selections and carry on playing one up front …. Crazy old man should be put in a taxi toot sweet . There are managers out there available and IMO very capable : ie , Moyes , Mourinho just to name two . Best to use the January budget to settle with Pelligrini and pay his taxi fare .

  4. Dave ..IMO the high line defending “tactic” and if it is sprung they are hoping for the lino’s flag is the main stay of our dire situation it is very plain and obvious along with one up front (and I feel.for Haller) in that roll just ain’t working and I question Ajeti’s abilities at this level when he is shoved on to partner SEB. The defence looked Sunday morning standard and has for many weeks now..yep 40k a week or more ..fuming with these shambolic “performances”..

  5. Newham Trading Standards should be made aware that West Ham are trading fraudulently when terms such as defence and tactics are being bandied about willy nilly.
    We have 7 games left this year and I believe, playing the way we are, we are unlikely to harvest more than 2 points from those games! We are in free fall and if the situation is not addressed during this break then Championship football awaits.
    MP should be given gardening leave until the NewYear and Dimitri Halajko put in charge of the first team for these next 7 games to turn things around.
    Because, contrary to what Sean alluded to yesterday, the players continue to demonstrate that they are not on board with MP and his vision of playing.

  6. Our season has imploded since Fabianski’s injury. It’s led to a haemorrhaging of confidence. Too many easily-identified chickens have come home to roost. Dodgy replacement keeper. Dodgy tactics. Powder-puff imbalanced squad. True grit my arse! ‘Hard work needed’. ‘Learning the lessons’. ‘Big Team’. Blah blah blah. All = Dodgy Manager. I said some time ago that it has all the hallmarks of the last days of Bilic. Ring Moyes, see if he’s free. But the Daves won’t do it … I won’t comment again until I see some fight in our team. So see you next season … hope I’m wrong. 5- 0 v Spurs. COYI

  7. I’m trying to be objective but before i do the players are playing as individuals , not as a team & there is little fight , energy or passion in the team which is unacceptable . However MP is right if you analyse the words & you don’t become a bad manager overnight . If something is wrong in the background the entire squad & MP owe it to each other to sit down like men & clear the air and then fight for each other . I truly believe they will be stronger together then apart , & will get out of this together . Let’s see the team spirit and passion return sort it lads . COYi⚒

  8. Different to last season when we had fewer points? Well I make it one point. If so that not really much difference at all is it. Except that last season at this point we were on the ‘up’ rather than ‘down’ trend. That makes it a bit different this year but not in a good way.

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