Photographic evidence: Payet’s no diver LVG

diverManchester United boss Louis van Gaal made a serious point when claiming that Dimi Payet is a diver in his press conference after the match yesterday.

The Dutchman was at pains to point out: β€œPayet was more or less diving. He was maybe touched, but not enough to fall like that.”

That is a very big accusation indeed and amounts to calling our top man a cheat and that simply isn’t on from the manager of a top club.

I viewed the replay of Β the Marcus Rojo challenge on Dimi six times and even with claret and blue specs on, there’s no question on in my mind the Manchester United defender fouled him inside the box.

Now photographic evidence has appeared which appears to back that view and maybe van Gaal needs to take a look at it.

Having done so he may choose to retract his remarks and issue an apology to Payet.

Your views will be very welcome!



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21 comments on “Photographic evidence: Payet’s no diver LVG

  1. I am a West Ham fan and sorry to say I am not sure it was a penalty. Looking at the photo Rojo has not stuck out his leg and Dimi is already going down. Yes the motion of Rojo will make contact with Dimi’s front leg, which would be his standing leg if Dimi carried on his run instead of starting to go down. I think the reason the ref did not give a second card is probably because there could of been contact if Dimi did not drop so easily. Cannot give a penalty for a “probably would have made contact”. Still I fancy our chance at ours. COYI

  2. Yes lads he dived he was going down before the guy touched him, thank god he didn’t get a red.

  3. When i enlarge that photo, it looks to me that it is possible that there is contact. Therefore there is no proof beyond reasonable doubt that Payet is diving. If someone throws an object at you, do you wait until it hits you before you duck. At what point does Payet try to avoid being injured or lose his balance? Why does Rojo have his legs tucked back? Why is he making no attempt whatsoever to play at the ball? What is Rojos intent in the tackle? He is obviously late & as an experienced player must have known he had no chance of contact with the ball. Law 12 states that intent to trip is as serious as tripping itself & carries the same penalty. The key to the decision penalty or not is what was Rojos intent in the tackle & even from that photo i cannot see how it could have been to play the ball.

  4. for me, the contact is made by Payet (already on his way down) pushing his foot back to generate the contact. i was genuinely surprised that having not given the penalty, the referee decided it wasnt a dive. maybe he thought the ball had gone, payet did nudge it well forward.

  5. He is also tackling from behind and has deffo made no contact with the ball. Yet Payet’s a diver?

  6. I think you are all trying to be fair about this takle,I have looked at this and then gone over several from other games last week ,
    Let’s take our friend Kane No contact was made he left the ground by two feet because he was expecting the lunge
    On some views here if no contact was made its not a foul which would mean Kane’s was not a foul and no sending off,
    Since the World Cup 6 years ago takles from behind were made illegal was it ?
    From the photo it’s is from behind,
    Other views were on contact if that was the only reason did Randolf dive and should have been sent off or did he gat mugged no where near the ball,
    You views Mr Van Gaal
    I think many sum it up better,if that takle had been by a known thug on a Kane at any other ground would it have been given
    Van Gaal said last week look at the record of Mata
    I have with Rojo ,he is a choir boy butter would not melt in his mouth let’s give him the benifit of the doubt
    Van Gaal is delusional
    Hard one for the ref to call but their goal was a disgrace to leave standing
    My opinion not a pen sorry Hugh but still 0-1 with their goal dis allowed,

  7. Just explained the rules to Mrs B about tackling then looked back at the photo and now changed my mind,
    The rules also mention playing the ball first,
    There is no way Rojo could have made contact with the ball as by the time he did or did not collide with Dimitri the ball is 4 feet away
    It’s a foul it’s in the box it stops a goal ( possibly ) it’s from behind
    Official it’s a pen and a card
    Only official in Spain
    It’s off down the bar to watch the draw
    Bad day for my mates they lost to Lavante 1-0 which is like us loosing 10 -0 to the spuds

  8. Ahah… I Know bubs… What do you think about Neville? I imagine you love him… lol πŸ˜‰

  9. Look it is almost 24hrs after & still folk are in different corners when it comes to it.Penalty or no penalty it has happened.Finished.Over.We don’t want to start sounding like whining Chelski or Spuds fans do we??? πŸ˜›

  10. Never a penalty! The last thing I want to see at WHU is someone diving and thats what Dimi did. He was going down before any contact and I can’t convince there was any contact at all. Great freekick tho COYI

  11. Can’t mention his name in my bar and being English don’t help,
    They are ruining my life before the Nevilles arrived I was a football talisman now it’s like I am thei illegitimate brother of those 2
    But that’s the Spanish if they loose the first game in the World Cup they put away their flags run everyone down then when they get through the league the stuff comes back out and when they win it they denie ever putting them away,
    Allonso was a hero now he is a down beat looser
    Nadal was a hero no longer
    The Spanish Armarda never existed just figment of our imagination
    But that’s life

  12. Lol,nice one bubs.You have the Sam Miguel,Amstel,sun & figa though mate.If you can ignore the natives life is good πŸ™‚
    Forgotten about all this Payet,Randy stuff already.I did within about 1hr of leaving the ground.It’s history,can’t be changed,I’m already looking forward to the replay.Sod all the debates,won’t change nothing.Move on to the next match.Ain’t like we haven’t got away with a few possible pens against us this season.If you are going to be consistent let’s all whine that the ref never gave a pen against Antonio when he had his arm raised earlier in the season,haha.Only Dimitri knows the truth,leave it at that.F*ck me he could have been sent off then people really would be crying in their cornflakes πŸ™‚

  13. “I was a football talisman now it’s like I am thei illegitimate brother of those 2″… Looool I suggest you fake mustache and sunglasses bubs… Ahah πŸ˜€

    • Imagine looking like a cross between Gary & Phil Neville.You would want to wear more than a fake moustache.Plastic surgery could be the only solution,lol πŸ˜€

      • ahahahha… welcome-home Rads… you’re are our eyewitness, only you can help us solve this intricate puzzle… Did Payet dive or not??!! , Please, stop and think this through… the fate of mankind depends on you… looool πŸ˜€

        • Lol,I have done some really intense research on this matter Matte.Since getting on the train from Manchester right through today.My conclusion..I still ain’t got a clue & couldn’t care less,hahaha.History will show no penalty & that will do me.I will leave the analysis to the Wetties πŸ˜€

  14. Even if the officials missed Schwinehunds foul surely he must be off side in the middle of the goal and right on the line. No way can he not be interfering.

  15. Just got back no good hiding,the good thing with the Nevilles is they think I am good looking
    Their is an eye sight problem in this area ( to much home made vino )
    They don’t know Everton in this area because Bernitez has not got there yet
    So Everton to them a like Liverpoor reserve team which of course went at great lengths to explain Tramere were and that Everton was Manure youth team surplyer,
    Martinez is not that well known here but again I explained how Everton have an equal rights system so use mentally challenged people to manage when they knew that was Moyes came from I got lots of thumbs up that they understood,
    So we go all the way the hard way would we have it any other way

  16. There was contact, admittedly not a lot but enough that a penalty should have been given, these days any contact from behind not getting the ball if the player goes down a penalty should be awarded, it is not a dive if there is contact, when you look at the multitude of real divers in the league some of which where Man U shirts (Janusaj, Memphis, Shweinsteiger, Herrera etc) it should have been given but I think it may have been DiCanio who once said you can be machine gunned down in the box by your opponent at Old Trafford and it still will not be called a penalty !

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