PL Deal Sheet steals time for late deals


As we all know by now the 2023 summer transfer window will close today.

We have until 11pm to register any new players  and get all their paperwork complete, otherwise we miss out until next January.

According to the Premier League website we can also steal a bit more time by using a deal sheet.

Basically, a deal sheet is a form that allows a club to confirm that a deal has been reached in order to allow additional time to submit the rest of the paperwork.

So, if the Irons want to submit a deal sheet, it must be submitted in full between 9pm and 11pm this evening or the deal will fall through.

What it really means is that we get an additional two hours to get everything signed off before being submitted to the authorities..

That means that for an 11pm deadline, we have until 1am to submit the paperwork in full.

The above only concerns domestic players, if we manage to sign one of our overseas targets, we have more paperwork to contend with, this time the FIFA Transfer Matching System which has to be completed by midnight.

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