Planning application gives away OS naming partner


MStadiumPlanning permission documentation published this week for the alternative wrap on the former Olympic Stadium has given away the name of the new naming rights partner. Although the stadium has recently been renamed the London Stadium this appears to be short lived.

Planning application confirms “The Stadium Partner has not been announced, although the application drawings accurately reflect the colour, size and number of letters proposed”

mahindra-logo-squareThis statement confirms the mystery naming partner has a red logo with eight letters just like Indian firm Mahindra.

S P O N S O R S    S T A D I U M

M A H I N D R A  S T A D I U M

The LLDC are understood to have concluded mahindra-e2o-nepala £6m a year deal with the Mahindra Group, an Indian technology giant and car maker. The Hammers will be entitled to a percentage of any stadium naming rights deal and would receive around £1m annually from the Mahindra deal.

While not a major player in the UK the Mumbai-based Mahindra generates annual sales of £11bn and operates businesses spanning energy, defence and farm equipment. The company’s profile is expected to rise in the UK where in recently launched its new electric car.

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  • bubs says:

    Just roles off the tongue,
    So our main athletes stadium has become a beacon of our New England for England future,
    So we could not entice one of our great English names like Mr Dyson who so much wanted our independence
    Sooner have Ann Summers as our sponsors

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      They (Ann Summers) could make the inflatables for our supporters Bubs ?

  • aykay says:

    Mahindra doesnt exactly sound very glamorous but i wouldnt mind if we were making more money off of the deal, we take half of any naming right deals after 4m pounds so a measly one million is terrible deal imho ……doesnt have the ring of an emirates or an etihad …#disapointed

  • Stan The Madeira Cake Man says:

    I aint bothered what the stadium is called,what is on the pitch is all that matters to me.Winning team & they can call the stadium what they want lol

  • Boleyn Boy says:

    I suspect I will be referring to it as “the new place” for quite a while

  • Bob says:

    Sorry guys but the name of the stadium really doesn’t interest me.Whatever its name is doesn’t bother me one iota.Lets get a team on the pitch to compete with the best first & foremost.Stadium name?? Call it anything,its unimportant IMO.
    I’m sure it will be the end of the world for some though & a reason to moan 🙂

  • Ironworker says:

    Upton Park Vs Mahindra Kingdom —– Hmmmmm !

  • hammersfan01 says:

    Mahindra are missing a trick by not entering into a deal to purchase Olympic Airways. Then the place could legitimately be called what everyone will call it anyway!! 😛

  • Stinger says:

    Some fans are now already calling the stadium “The Curry House”. Which sadly is very likely to stick.

    Even sadder is that actually sounds better than the Mahindra stadium imho.

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