Player exchange hinted to land striker

boleyninsiderThe club’s own ITK has all but confirmed the club’s interest in Javier Hernandez this afternoon despite Slaven Bilic being unwilling to be drawn into speculation.

The Boleyn Insider told the club website:

“My understanding is that the Club are looking to make a move for one of the top strikers at a big club in England and hope a move can be finalised in the near future.”

That top striker is believed to be Javier Hernandez and that big club is Manchester United.

He adds ‘There have also been stories suggesting the Club could be considering other options as they look to land another target. I have been told that the Club would be open to a possible player-exchange deal if they could get the striker they wanted.’

‘With six new arrivals already this summer, I believe the fans can look forward to more new signings before the new Premier League season gets underway”


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23 comments on “Player exchange hinted to land striker

  1. Still would like to see Charlie Austin, get it closed offer them both Nolan & Jarvis plus cash, for once lets get a deal completed and not try to wait for a bargain offer on deadline day.

  2. Player exchange one has to be Austin surely.Dough plus Nolan & Jarvis/Maiga would do nicely.Cant see Qpr taking Minga back again though.

  3. We were going to pay £9m for Hernandez, we’ve sold downing for £5m
    Put the two together that’s £14m add another 1 and we’ve bought Austin out right
    This striker predicament will drag and drag other wise and then we’ll sign someone like fuc*ing Adebayour in a panic

  4. Lastnight clearly,catergorically showed why we need a proper striker.Not some lame free agent the day after deadline day,but a proper quality striker.We are so short without Carroll,Sakho & to a lesser extent Valencia that it is embarressing.Time we got this sorted or for sure have plans to bring in a top player!

  5. The only player where exchange would make sense would be Austin,Man U would want Sakho or Valencia so there would be no point to the deal,
    OPR want Jarvis not sure about Nolan and can’t see them wanting Magia,
    But what a result if we could get them to take all 3 plus cash,

    • Weve been linked with 2 more centre-backs today: perhaps there asking for Read in exchange. Lets face it their CBs are crap.

  6. think i would prefer remy to austin and hernandez, or someone in the christian dailly mould

  7. Tbh I’d prefer to try and get hernandez and mirallas rather than Austin, hernandez is a proven striker still and we could do with a new winger

  8. The striker with the exchange could also be Remy, Chelsea wanted Valencia so who knows that may be another possibility to those already mentioned. If not we should try and get Austin he would play well with Sakho or Valencia and if fit would guarantee us 25+ goals as he is a clinical finisher.

  9. Anyone who wants Valencia in the top four must be crazy.He is lucky to get in our side 😀

  10. Here we go again, phoney numbers to make it look as if we have done wonders with transfers.
    First, Jenkinson was not a new signing, anymore than So ng will be if he comes. As for the rest, in terms of building strength in depth, we have signed three players who could do that. But we have let Downing go, so in terms of building strength in depth, we have so far made a net gain of two.
    The other signings are minor ones that have yet to prove themselves, so let’s stop this stage dressing of numbers.
    The striker problem is being made difficult because things are distorted at the moment by a chunk of our existing strikers being injured and one on a ban, which, I assume is why we are still seeing Maiga starting these Europa matches, although it’s hard to believe we couldn’t find someone better even with our limited number available

  11. So give the board 30m Canchaz & let them buy in more.Pretty sure they have spent a damn sight more than they have recieved in transfer fees back into the coffers.They havnt got a magic wand or a money tree believe it or not.

  12. the story about Andrea Ranocchia is getting louder. I still think one of our CBs could be going to Man U.
    It would only be Reid or Ogbonna.
    Stranger things have happened.

  13. Yep but if you read other articles about him he is also about to be swapped for a Wolfsburg winger.All media frenzies.

  14. Reid for Hernandez if we got another good centre half would not be a bad deal,
    With Tomo in good form and Ginge,Burke,Henry and Oxford to back up,
    Still no news on the young Argie I thought all the money issues were over just the medical
    To be done,

  15. Paperwork clearing i believe i read bubs.

  16. Lol,behave yourselves lads.Manure aint going to want any of our cbs.The original article from Italy this morning was that Ranocchia was going to Wolfsburg in exchange for one of their wingers.Now 9hrs later the same football site says he could be coming to us.As for as swap for Hernandez for one of our cbs.No chance.If that happens i will get a spuds tattoo on my forehead 😀

    • Well I hope it doesnt happen, but if it does, I’ll probably just get a body wax LOL

      • Hahaha,too much information thanks.What you do with wax & your body in your own time is your business.Its not for me to judge.Each to their own i guess,lol 😉

  17. Any truth in those Argentina dude rumours?

  18. Lanzini.I heard it was almost a done deal.Medical done just paperwork to go through is the last i saw on him if what read was accurate.

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