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Poll: Do you want Arnautovic back?

Marko Arnautovic has said he will return to West Ham if we want him. Do you want him back?


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5 comments on “Poll: Do you want Arnautovic back?

  1. Wouldn’t say I want arnautovic back but I’d take him back on a cut price deal.

  2. A Massive………. NO!

  3. It is like asking us if we want coronavirus back !

    • Shows how some supporters are accused of being total braindead ********s, how can a sane person(alleged) compare the acceptance of a footballer, whatever he may or may not have done to a virus that has effectively changed the world at the moment, unbelievable!

  4. West Ham can’t afford to sign him back or what message would it send to other players who want to do what Arnautovic did? Nobody is bigger than the shirt, jog on mate.

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