Poll: Hammers fans love Klopp

KloppMany Irons fans would love Jurgen Klopp to become the club’s next boss if they were given the choice of any boss in the world were they avaialble.

The charismatic German – who has announced he will leave Borussia Dortmund in the summer – was voted Β into top spot in an innovative poll produced by www.westhamworld.co.uk

The site asked readers to vote for as many candidates as they wished and graded them on the number of thumbs-up, thumbs-down basis.

Klopp, although a hugely unlikely contender for the Hammers job, was a clear winner.

To check out the top five in the poll go to www.westhamworld.co.uk.

ClaretandHugh’s poll – currently running – will close on Sunday at midnight.


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25 comments on “Poll: Hammers fans love Klopp

  1. I’ve always said he’s dream manager.


  2. *my

  3. Why was Klopp not in our poll although I would not have voted for him ,
    On bothering to go on the site but I bet BFS was not in the top 3,

  4. In my view our owners should really roll out the red carpet for Klopp, show him the plans for the OS, maybe show him some stuff from our history (Moore, Brooking, Devonshire, DiCanio) and really put the message across that we are perfect for him.
    Klopp has mentioned he was keen on managing a Premier League club.
    We are based in London.
    We are midtable, but surely a club on the up.
    We have a massive fanbase to tap into.
    We are not the finished article, Klopp could really build a team here and become a legend.
    Klopp with his down to earth approach, his personality and passion would be a massive fan favourite in my view.
    It’s the perfect storm really. We should at least try and make a good offer.

  5. I would love to see him come to The Irons,its a long shot though for sure.Maybe you can be the middle man,use your contacts in Germany to open up the dialogue between the two parties Hamburg.I have total faith in you to deliver the goods πŸ˜‰

  6. Sorry lads, I ain’t got Kloppo’s mobile number and I don’t have a direct link to Gold or Sullivan, that’s a job for Hugh Southon. I’ve read some bad German articles (on Eurosport for instance) where they are guessing around why Klopp wouldn’t suit basically any English club, even discussing if he can speak English or not.
    Of course none of those articles even mentions West Ham.
    Hopefully G&S have discussions with club under the radar and announce him as a total surprise to the global sporting press…how I would laugh!

  7. The bbc website had him mentioned as maybe being interested in us as a long term project,rather than going to one of the tops teams where he would have everything there on a plate for him.Everything in position for him,that he might find that boring & want something more challenging.I cant see it happening but its a nice dream.As for Eurosport,i steer well clear of that station when it comes to anything to do with football.They should stick to weightlifting & obscure boxing bouts πŸ˜€


  9. Nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking though Hugh,damn,we cant spend all our time being realists.Its too depressing at the moment πŸ˜‰

  10. Hugh Rafa won’t be coming either and Bilic has said he is not interested it’s just a guessing game but that’s not a problem because all that’s important is the polls have made it clear no one wants BFS,
    There could be a lot of new names before the season is over,
    All this is being caused by BFS

  11. When does the poll finish?

  12. One on the other site has finished Matte πŸ˜‰

  13. Is there another poll?? Thanks ty

  14. Where Matte? On another site?

  15. Yes, I didn’t noticed it…

  16. The poll on this article was from that westhamworld site that Hugh is talking about,it is closed now.Poll here finishes on sunday.Stop thinking about figa & concentrate Matte,lol πŸ˜€

  17. Ahahah… Sorry ty… Stats, poll, tactics, fi.a… I’m becoming crazy… I just want sam out, then I’m happy… Lol

  18. Hugh, if the owners don’t at least pick up the phone to sound out Klopp they are daft.
    Of course Klopp would be a bit pie in the sky, but I still hate it when people just say “Ain’t never gonna happen!”
    I’m sure a lot of people said that when the first rumours about Song coming to West Ham made the rounds. How about Tevez coming to Tevez ? (Even though that ended in disaster to be fair.)
    Crazier things have happened in football over the years than Klopp joining West Ham.
    It’s not very likely, but far from impossible.

  19. Haha,no one concentrates today.You are a figa addict.Bubs is banned from the stats cabinet,stingray has lost his stats cabinet.Everyone has figa issues,haha πŸ˜€

  20. Sorry Hamburg is was replying to Matte not you.We were just having an aimless chat about women.Too much football is not good for our tiny C&H brains πŸ˜‰

  21. Ahahahah… Looool… β€Žthank goodness there’s sam… Lol

  22. Devonshire is available…..

  23. Ahaha… For what sorry?

  24. Yeah he left Braintree didnt he.Thats it then,he is coming to manage us.Its obvious πŸ˜€

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