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Poll: Should the Premier League season be cancelled?

With other Leagues deciding – or coming very close to cancelling their seasons – the Premier League is continuing to hold on before making that decision.

They may be right, with some medical experts reported to be believing things will come to their peak in London over the next week to ten days and other major cities thought to be about two weeks beyond that.

However, the big question remains and we want your views via this poll. Should the Premier League season be cancelled NOW or should we wait a bit?

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One comment on “Poll: Should the Premier League season be cancelled?

  1. Everybody is making sacrifices due to Coronavirus. People are making losses everywhere in every way. The difference in football is that they make such huge amounts of money that it won’t take them as long to recover their losses afterwards as it will most. If they decided to put a cap on transfer fees alone for a period they could probably cover their corona losses. So for once it’s time for them to get over their wallets. Cancel the season and do us all a favour.

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