Poll: Summer transfer striker

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30 comments on “Poll: Summer transfer striker

  1. Luluka ( in the words of Bubs) took my vote, but I don’t see Connor Wickham or Dame N’Doye on the list… They would have been Sam’s first choices, or maybe CC again… loool ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Luluka,lol ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ahaha.. My favourite one of Bubs is Emankini instead of Emenike… lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Yeah that is funny.I never know whether bubs means something or his predictive text has gone mad ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ahaha… Don’t know (not the player on the list lol)…

          • My favourite with The General was last year when he kept on calling Burke a completely different name being with B.No one had a fยฎcking clue who he was on about for months then someone eventually asked him.So funny.

    • CC in preference to lookatloo but
      Batshui as a first choice he’s played alongside Payet
      has a proven record over a few years and I’m not sure Lukaku isnt looking to move to Spain anyway.

  2. Huge NO to Benteke.

    Romelu Lukaku would be great, but he will be able to have his pick of clubs should he leave Everton and would cost ยฃ40 million+

  3. Lukaku would be my choice (plus it would mean we take 6 points off Everton next season) but as a young proven premiership goal scorer he is likely to be 50-60 million

  4. Yeah Lukaku got my vote.No brainer for me.Just a dream though,ain’t never going to happen.
    Would take Lacazette from the best of the rest followed by Batman ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Anyone pushes the ‘Don’t Know’ button better take up knitting or flower pressing if they can’t choose from that list,haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Well I’ve pressed it P45 thought it was that young lad from Portugal!

  7. Wetpants think Don’t Know is a Young American talent… lol

  8. Lukaku is the Stand out surely.Not a cat in Hell’s chance of getting him though.Of the others then Bats would be my preference.Never seen the lad Don’t Know play,is he any good GW? Lol

  9. There doing a full write up and stats for him on Wetpants Tone it will be in between the articles on terrorism, sleepovers and how old Emenike is!!

  10. I have heared of the Italian striker with a similar name Dontello Knowio.Matte probably knows him,lol

  11. Ty someone over on the other site will be frantically scouring Wikipedia right now to find out stats on good old Dontello Knowio!

    • You should try out Wikipedia for the meaning of the word **** GW,not that you have one of course

      • Hahaha Hahaha,pmsl.Not only do we get floppysac but then within minutes we get Liddys Lonely Hearts.F#ck me will we get this f#cking Jill sort as well in a minute.Give it a rest tw#t.Ain’t big,ain’t clever using that lady’s name.Coward,pure & simple.Actually you are a Cowardly C**t

        • What a clever boy aren’t we HT? All those rude words your mummy told you not to use and you still use them. Still what can one expect from someone still being breastfeed and regularly throwing out there dummy. And GW,is that your real name sweetie,thought not? Ooh,you know a few rude words too! Such intelligent macho men on here,all boys together and no ladies allowed. You must just love playing all those lovely male games together that don’t involve ladies. Hope your wrists are up to it

      • Or alternatively find a word for spineless **** who hides behind a woman’s name eh? What’s up no balls to use your own name??

        • Proper he-man eh?? Calls himself Liddy knowing it will cause **** on both sites.Can’t be much more yellow belly than that.Sad man.

        • Mind you if any of us went to Wetpants to act the same we would be blocked.I suppose this moron can rant without that fear here.Let him crack on.

  12. ahaha… Ty, I haven’t got a clue… I only know Donatello, the Ninja Turtle… lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Lmao,that’s just what we need on here Matt,a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles expert,lol

  14. What’s predicktive Text HT
    Matte I thought Donatello was a form of pasta but BFS nearly signed him once so he can’t be very good,
    Getting confused now what site my iPad is left on,
    Never mind it’s always better reading this when you have had a few,
    Where the good old days when every had nice simple names Vez Te or Sehrimingham

  15. Wonder how many injured player Manure will have back now they have made the relayed later and later,
    But at least Tomo will be back at right back and Ginge should be about,
    But I expect most will want that talented JOB around why I still can’t work out,
    The player I want are not on the list either
    Wilson ( Bournemouth)
    Gray ( Burnley )
    About ยฃ16 Million would get one but we could get both to replace Moses and Emineke

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