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Poll: Where should players cuts go – charity or clubs

West Ham and every other club has asked the players to take a 30 pc pay cut to help ease their finanical difficulties.

Some players argue they want to put it into charity but no other worker gets that choice in their firms as it’s aimed at saving jobs.

Do you believe the players should let the clubs keep the cash and pay back later or be allowed to give it to charity?

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3 comments on “Poll: Where should players cuts go – charity or clubs

  1. I thought the idea was to save jobs. I’m sure the charities do allright. Don’t the player’s give them money and time anyway. I’m not being harsh but they will survive how many jobs will.

  2. Surely the cuts are to help the club out during a very trying financial time. If then the money is going elsewhere, this would not be helping the club. The players would be asking why their wages are being cut and being used as political scape goats.

    • Money must go to club as no gate income, cutback on tv income, less on shop sales and delayed season ticket monies leaves £80 million gap! Owners are buying increased shares of £30 million so gap is £50 million. Wages for players and blood sucker agents fees are around 75%of turnover. It doesn’t need a financial expert to work out what should happen!!

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