Poll: Who is your first choice left back?

With the 19/20 season right around the corner, we ask who you think should start the season at Left Back if it’s a choice between Cresswell, Masuaka and Johnson.


6 comments on “Poll: Who is your first choice left back?

  1. i just cant believe 122 people voted for Masuaku!! hes not good enough for our defence ,perhaps he could play in front of Cressy!!

  2. Can ‘New Signing’ be an option?

  3. All three are not premership players we have needed one for two seasons the manager needs to get it sorted

  4. But we have had a leaky defense.Surely a new left and right needs to come in and there’s only 1 week left.Whats happening with the New York Bulls full back ?

    • Why right? We can’t have 4 players competing for an RB position where 3 needs to be registered in the squad….

  5. Oxford could have played LB

    What to soon?

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