Poll: Who should be skipper in Noble absences

Mark Noble is unlikely to be a regular starter next season given the wealth of talent in the Hammers midfield.

The arrival of Pablo Fornals makes the competition for places intense but a Noble absence would leave the job open to one of the other guys.

Today’s poll asks the question “Who should get the armband when Noble isn’t in the team?”


8 comments on “Poll: Who should be skipper in Noble absences

  1. declan “moore” Rice,,, born to be Hammers skipper ! Bring him on

  2. Why isn’t Zab mentioned ?

      • Zaba though is the managers choice when Nobes doesn’t play so imho he should have been named above all the others, I selected other because he is head and shoulders the most natural captain in the team. Balbuena and Rice though are two good picks.

  3. Leave it out for gods sake. You write Nobes off every year. We are in June for gods sake. You can’t just play a load of attacking midfielders. What we need are strikers.

    • No let’s leave it in – he won’t play every game. The point is there are no defensive midfielders apart from Rice and Sanchez

      • We’ve signed a player who doesn’t even play in Nobes position and then you’re running a poll on when noble doesn’t play. You do write him off, I remember you saying he wouldn’t play every game last season and he finished the season as the most in form player. I’m not silly he can’t go on forever, I’m well aware of that. However this signing won’t determine that in my book. Yes sell obiang and then we buy another replacement in midfield, but we need strikers. Take Annie out of it and who have we got?

  4. Definitely Rice or Balbuena. I’d give it to Rice so he has an added reason to commit to us in the short to medium term.

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