Premier League owners who charge no interest

money_in_footballWhile the news that West Ham owners have reduced the interest they charge on shareholder loans from 6% to 4% has been welcomed by some supporters others have pointed to other Premier League club owners who charge no interest on money loaned to their clubs.

These include:

Bournemouth  Amount loaned £53m  Owner: Maxim Demin  Interest: 0%

Chelsea  Amount loaned £1.14bn  Owner: Roman Abramovich  Interest: 0%

Everton  Amount loaned £80m  Owner: Fahad Moshiri  Interest: 0%

Newcastle  Amount loaned £129m  Owner: Mike Ashley  Interest: 0%

Stoke City Amount loaned £59m  Owner: Peter Coates  Interest: 0%


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4 comments on “Premier League owners who charge no interest

  1. And yet Sullivan said they weren’t allowed to do it!

    And Gold defended his decision for such high rates back in August.

    The reduction is too little, too late as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I would like to see the debt paid off completely which it could be over 3 or 4 seasons, we should be debt free except the fluid capital fund, as for the loan by the chairmen, I have no issue with them charging interest or even their opinion that they could earn more by investing it in their other businesses the problem I have is that it is being kept and not paid down with television money and or other revenues, it makes more sense to pay off debt sooner, if that is not the intention of the owners then they should inform us why they are not paying off the debt whilst receiving record turnover figures, the sooner the debt is paid the more money to invest back into the club and the less ill feeling towards them.

  3. To do that 32 they would have no excuses to fall back on ! Bottom line its a business , run like a business. And businesses make profits ! Football success comes second ! As do the supporters ! They have no intentions of pumping money into the club ! Only enough to keep them ticking over if a hiccup appears ! Get used to it mate ! They don’t give two Bob about you or anyone else except the brand ? I can’t see them lasting if they keep on the present course ! They fool no one with their deceptive ways , they make me cringe , 😎

    • One word for them Laz, parasites!

      And still no sign of a poll on here regarding them.
      Perhaps Goldies legendary 86% approval rating is in danger👍👍

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