Pressure building on ‘Untouchable’ Nolan


Kevin-NolanKevin Nolan’s role in the West Ham United team is coming under more and more pressure from inside the club.

Big questions are being asked by powerful insiders as to why the highly skilled Mauro Zarate was deployed as a lone front man Sunday.

And they are convinced he will be given little chance of competing for the Nolan position – which looks his natural role..

The manager is facing a backlash should he ignore the Argentine with ClaretandHugh sources saying: “He and the other players were brought in to put the pressure on places.

“Nolan appears to have become a Sam Allardyce ‘Untouchable.Zarate is a natural replacement for Nolan and that’s what should happen.

“In the Schalke game Nolan’s biggest contribution was talking to the referee. “Everybody felt so sorry for Mauro being used as a lone striker.

“It’s  so hard for a player who does what he does to play in that position if we hump the ball.

“Given the opportunity, Mauro can become a real star and pressure is building to ensure that he gets his chances in the Nolan role.

The captain has to be treated in exactly the same way as every other player – if he is off form he should be dropped. Simple”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Born to be a Hammer says:

    I think Both Zaurate and Valencia are going to get thrown to the Wolves this year by Allardyce as an I told you so the board.

    It’s already clear there is no plan in action for 2 up front, Zaurate is never going to be played in his correct position the same as Miaga was, and to be faiir I still have a lot of sympathy for Maiga as he was a lot more useful before we signed him and another thing I think to recognise is that Allardyce does have a habit of turning reasonable players into poor ones. I still fail to believe Diarra can be as pony as what he showed and I still think Maiga could get goals if he was played in Nolans role the same as Zarate could.

    Valencia on the other hand may score more as I think he is going to be a bit better of creating chances for himself, I hope this is the case as lets face it there is absolutely no creativity in the team whatsoever. The NZ and the Schalke tournament I think is the worst football I’ve ever seen us play, no effort, commitment, creativity or clue and I seriously believe that if Allardyce is still in charge by Christmas and we’re in the bottom half we’er gone. And if that’s what it takes to get rid of Allardyce at this point I’d take it. With the squad we’ve got we should bounce straight back providing we can keep hold of our squad and that’s where the difficulty would be, I should imagine if we did go down there would be a bit of an exodus and that is a danger for the new stadium so my opinion is if they are going to sack hm then it has to be done quick. Lets hope this 10 game rumour is true.

    As for Morrison, god only knows lol, COYI

  • leeIrons says:

    The only chance zarate is going to get is when that donkey Nolan gets himself sent off again.

  • sparrow says:

    It’s not going to happen while Sam has the final say.

  • alanrnicholls says:

    Hi guys….just tuning in from Australia…
    Sam absolutely has to go NOW.
    Nothing personal….he has shown us how he does his job…and we no longer want his product. Sam’s methods are one dimensional…and lacks any kind of creativity..meanwhile we collect the players to do better but are hood-winked and naive in believing that it will happen.
    Mr S & Mr G have to move him on. If we get relegated under somebody else so be it. What we have at the moment is making us sick.
    Its not easy for the Board. Who do we get in…? I David Moyes really interested? If he is we have to snap him up cos he is good at, first..get solid, second gel a team without major major resources and third establish improvement without serious threat of relegation…he had 11 years at Everton. There’s not one middle table club that didn’t swap their manager every 5 minutes during that time yet craving the stabilisation that Everton created…and relative success.

    We should never have got rid of Zola & Clarke…that was a bad knee jerk too early into the Mr Sullivan reign. Sam’s demise is no kneejerk but needs a similar decisive move from S or G or better still both. DO it now.

    Its gonna get ugly…one bad hapless performance against Spurs and there’s no escape.

    Please for the good of all…including Sam, Do it now!


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