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PROTEST is the name of the game now!

This disgusting move from the two north London clubs and those elsewhere is the only show in town today.

Why? Because it changes everything we have come to know and love about our game and unless you are an entirely dedicated moron with no care for football beyond it YOU SHOULD JOIN EVERY PROTEST GOING!

If you want to march then do so on behalf of the greatest game in the world – march in your thousands and millions.

I’ve spoken to a Spurs Manchester City and Chelsea fan this morning and all are  in the process of considering their future as fans with two claiming they are likely to go back to their clubs at the grass roots.

I understand it’s easy to take the moral high ground when your own club isn’t involved.

But this is far bigger than such considerations and I think I can honestly say that I and a number of other Irons I know would have turned our backs on the club if they were to have behaved in such a manner.

Protest whenever and wherever – but do it. PROTEST.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on “PROTEST is the name of the game now!

  1. Look at stock prices for United and Juve and the reasoning is explained in abundance. We all knew it, but in the numbers lies the facts. It is disgraceful

  2. Hugh. Will the players at the clubs have a say. Can they leave despite contracts to play for their country. Harry Kane for example.

  3. Whilst this Super League is money orientated, the players, agents , managers and owners have been milking football for years. They need to take some responsibility to drive it in this horrible direction.

  4. Although Most couldn’t see it……. it has been heading towards this point for years…..
    The Greed and the Commercialisation, have slowly left ordinary supporters stranded, disillusioned and unable to afford to watch their club that generations of working-class supporters have watched on a regular basis over the years.
    These days MOST supporters up and down the country have wished for a Billionaire to ride in with a magic wand, throwing money around without expecting anything back in return…….. Be very careful what you wish for… as it has ALL been revealed now.
    What were the owners thinking when they made this bold decision???…Well It wasn’t the supporters.

  5. It’s a power game , does money or the principle of the game win, supporters are a big part of that ! I am not sure it will happen with the sanctions European football association are threatening. Would they really give up the entertaining PL , the domestic cups , no chance of entering the European competitions & points deductions . The PL is competitive and gives every team a chance to compete at all levels including players playing for their country’s . I can’t see it , it’s a nothing league super league my a**e . Look at us this season , we have a chance to fight for our dream of CL , I’m proud because we & for that matter any PL team has that chance it’s fair . If the money is there , share it around the football federations including the PL , make it affordable for the working man , woman. Get the support & carry on improving . COYI ⚒ PS hope Liverpool & Chelsea loose , big six 😂

  6. I wish there was a like button. Well said Hugh.

  7. Protests need to happen not only on these shores but in all territories where breakaway clubs have legions of fans. If they too show contempt then the market diminishes as does any commercial viability.
    If a person overseas primarily follows a PL breakaway club because of past glory so be it, we all know somebody like that, but those clubs earned that title ( pre financial doping), purely on sporting merit, if that isn’t enough of a reason to show solidarity with the fans over here, then we will all have hell to pay for.
    The selfish nature of those so called “ big six “ is truly sickening to all who love competitive games with an element of jeopardy. Say no to franchised football.

  8. Never before has a selfish move by a few clubs to sling the rest overboard been reviled by their own players, ex players and fans, as well as the governing bodies and all other clubs affected. To form a closed shop that has no risk of dropout and no chance of others joiniing will set its own level of comfortable mediocrity. Tell them to stick it and exclude them from our league.

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