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Protests are fine…so is civility

Ok maybe the time has come for come straight talk rather than constant moaning and insults from people who don’t agree with somebody else’s position.

I was told on a forum the other day that the last protest against Burnley worked because it saw the club stump up a load of cash for Pellegrini and some marquee signings.

Well if that WORKED I ain’t sure I want to see failure but then of course the bleat goes up they appointed the wrong man and that it’s down to them.

Easy, soft, available targets from people who are frustrated and angry and who reckon another protest is the way forward even though it’s not entirely clear what they are protesting about.

I assume centrally it’s that they want the board out even though there hasn’t been a single offer for West Ham United in 10 years and no more than one investor.


Because the days of buying Premier League clubs at exorbitant prices are gone. Potential club buyers look into the Championship to buy clubs much more cheaply and build them into PL outfits.

Not exactly happening in the case of Villa and various others who sunk back into the Championship after a brief flirtation with the top level.

However, ironically there maybe hope for the protesters there as the bids may come in for West Ham should we go down with all the carnage that will bring.

We have been called board lovers and mouthpieces which is the kind of stuff we would expect from frustrated and angry people who seem to believe we, as fans, are enjoying the current situation.

We aren’t and never had but in the absence of another buyer/s we are asking one very simple question: Give us an answer to the situation or at the very least an explanation of what is wanted.

In the meantime ALL views will be published respectfully on the website and were we the mouthpiece many would like to believe us to be that wouldn’t be happening.

Thanks to all those who have put their views for or against – this is an open forum for all and we understand all sides of the discussion.

But some answers or explanations would be good!

To protest is fine – democratic right and all that – but so is civility.

Sadly, I can hear it now: “Did Sullivan ask you to write that.” SIGH!!!!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

94 comments on “Protests are fine…so is civility

  1. This season has been a step back from the incremental steps forward we have taken. We seem to have made the decision to write this season off. However, there is work to be done to resolve the situation of replacing the second string keeper, and the cover for rice/noble.

    Its far from the promises we were made, and many will get very upset in that post brexit name callign way. However we must now as west ham fans show more unity than the nation as a whole or a “step back” may become a blimmin disaster.

  2. I just don’t understand most of the reasons for the protest, and the abuse that people get online in twitter land who don’t agree with it.

  3. We dont own our own ground !
    We all miss Upton Park !
    The only reason we brought season tickets at the new **** was the promise of next level !
    We been begging for decent centre midfielders for the last 5 years !
    The new ground is **** & I hate it !
    I have been a season ticket holder since the age of 6 I am still a season ticket holder , but will not be going again !
    Im sure I am not the only one that feels like this !
    Until this regime moves I will not be able to forget what they have done to the club I love !
    Id honestly rather watch them with an owner that has the club & fans best interests at heart even if that means we are not aswell off !

    • Understand all that but there’s no answer to the problem in there

      • Fact of the matter is that there is no proper infrastructure at the club. If Sullivan and Gold cannot create one, then they should just go.

        All protest comes from a place of concern. The current board only ever paper over cracks. You spin everything they do positively, yet ignore the interest they cream, and the fact that everything is hand-to-mouth (loans to pay for transfers, etc).

        It is not for us to come up with the solutions. It is for those taking 4-5% in interest from loans to earn their money by running the club properly.

        We will go down under GSB. And I would take that if it got rid of them.

        • It’s a business. Don’t you understand that simple premise? Football is a business. I own a business and my priority first and foremost is to make profit. Not for any fans, friends or family but so that i can live a better life (although better is of course subjective). And that’s my right, as a business owner.

          The owners have every right to make a profit for themselves. I just can’t grasp what all of these ‘protesters’, these ‘haters’ think the owners should do. Maybe they should all pop around your houses and ask your opinions, cos after all, the fans are the true custodians of the club, right? WRONG. You choose to support, most fans from afar. That’s all of our choices, even those of us who are born into supporting West Ham. The board owe you, us, nothing. Yet, look at all the fantastic work the board have done for the local community, local businesses, charities, etc. It’s that that’s the most important thing in my opinion, not being in the Champions League or in Europe.

          All you haters, so-called ‘real West Ham’ fans, put yourselves in the shoes of Everton fans, Leicester fans, Arsenal fans. They have even more right to feel aggrieved than you do, they have more historical right to fight for Europe than we do, by simply having spent more than us in recent years (Leicester aside) and by being in Europe more recently than us.

          Get a grip for crying out loud. Upton Park has gone. Sometimes i miss an ex-girlfriend but i’m not rocking up to her house everyday, throwing coins at her and threatening to destroy her house cos i’m not with her anymore!

          It’s, childish, embarrassing and altogether boring to keep going on about the clubs past. Move on. And if that means not supporting the club by not attending games, that’s your choice, stay away. But the situation now is the situation for the foreseeable future. So let’s all stick together. We’re stronger together, ALL of us

  4. Hugh, you have posted a lot of thing lately that would lead people to believe you are totally pro-board. If you think our board are worthy and have done a good job, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that of course. A lot of sites are anti-board so it brings some balance, it just seems of late you’ve been over defensive of them for a mainly news site.

    The Pellegrini thing cannot be blamed on the board as probably 80% of our fanbase were happy with the appointment. I was in the 20% personally, just because when you go to China, it is effectively retirement and there should be no way back, player or manager.

    There is no fix. The board are adamant they don’t want to sell, the majority of fans don’t want them. The price to buy, according to suggestions made by Brady would be somewhere in the 瞿800m+ mark. So add that to the price of buying the stadium, which a money owner would do and we’re talking 1 billion+. Just not going to happen for an underperforming club that flirts with relegation most seasons.

    You can speak about the lack of offers, which I don’t think you know for sure, but nobody will get past the money they would want for it, so there are better options out there for interested parties.

    They do run the club properly as a ‘Business’. But their standing, reputation and actions as individuals is poor, which adds to us being a laughed at club and nowadays a disliked club, which is not what we were. That hurts me the most personally.

    As much as Sean likes to present the stats in what seems a pro board way, when he says ‘they have invested’, this is actually they have used the clubs funds to invest, not them personally. They bought 85% for 瞿85 million and that 85% is realistically worth around 瞿400+ million. So their net worth has gone through the roof and increased by 瞿300-350m.

    While that’s not hard cash, its real worth! I would like to see them look of ways of putting some of this massive personal wealth they have made out of the club. back into it. Instead of playing the skint card. That would go a long way.

    • I’m addressing an issue to which I want an answer. I have no reason to be defensive. I’m a journo with contacts end of. I as a fan want an answer and I see none AD. I really don’t give a toss. The board don’t listen to me for God’s sake. I have a point of view and I want answers. None forthcoming. And yes I do know for sure. I say nothing unless I am sure.

      • Well I agree with you that it is stalemate, there is no obvious answer right now. I don’t see the protest making any difference either.

        Although as I said, when you’ve made a bucket load out of an investment then them putting some of that back in – just half maybe – would be a step towards getting fans on side, right now people think its all about greed. There are plenty of ways of financing that.

        • I honestly ain’t financial AD – words man me. I leave it to sean but do a blog if u want and I’ll publish it

          • A start would be appointing someone to run the football side of the business. Step back, set the budget and let someone else be responsible for running the footballing side of the business because history would show that this lot gave no idea how to run the footballing side of the club.

      • You make money by putting out planted stories and doing polls requested by the Club.

        You are part of the problem – no real dialogue with supporters but plants and a stooge OSB.

        Representatives should be independent and voted for by the attending fans.

  5. The worst thing that could have happened is that the move didn’t change anything other than removing our home. Something changed though, for the worse.

    Bluntly put, the stadium is not a football stadium and has added nothing to the club. The gates are up of course, but in this world that hardly matters as the money it generates is negligible. So, there are many fan’s that say we need to “get over” the move, but it’s not that simple. This isn’t West Ham anymore, its a weird plastic version that doesn’t hold up to the values that made our club special.

    The stadium is the tip of the iceberg, it doesn’t work as a football stadium and this will be used to beat the board until they go.

    The board consistently say silly things that make them look stupid and consistently make the club a laughing stock, Brady does it weekly.

    The 10 point plan, some will say promises, others will say ambition. Doesn’t really matter, each point can be pulled apart by most which will continue to make the board look like they have under achieved at best.

    Transfers – this is a difficult one, clearly some money has been spent, but it feels like its short term most of the time. Clearly the scouting is atrocious at the club as nothing ever gels.

    I’ll finish with this. West Ham runs through my family, I have supported them since I could talk. It gave me something to connect with my father that we could discuss and bond over. I feel like that has been eroded in the time this board have been custodians of the club. I just feel completely apathetic about how the club is run, I just don’t care. They took that away from me. I will never forgive them and any chance there is to vocalise how badly I feel they run the club, it will be taken.

  6. As previously mentioned my Brummie mate said at the time that they took control from the Icelandic disaster (and thanks for that Messrs Gold and Sullivan) .he said look at where you are in ten years time..you will be on the brink!! Looks like he was right..although I am by no means a board hater and I really like your post today Hugh if there is someone or body’s out there to stump.up for a club which is on the slide please make your self’s known
    .protests =bulls..t at this present moment.
    Get behind Moyes and the lads is the thing to do..COYI

  7. Hugh, you’re missing the point – there doesn’t need to be an answer or conclusion for people to protest? Fans are protesting because it’s the only way to get their voices heard and yes, you can argue what the point is, but the point is there doesn’t need to be one – it’s a way of voicing an opinion to our board who don’t listen to the fans.

    There are, however, a number of ‘answers’ but the board won’t do them/don’t want to do them but that shouldn’t stop us fans letting the owners know that the way they’re running the club is wrong? The Board could:

    (1) Put the club up for sale – you say there are no buyers yet there’s no evidence to suggest this, other than Newcastle failing to sell. I’d argue a club in London selling out 60k a week is in a better position.

    (2) Promise a yearly minimum invest level – accept to move this club forward a yearly minimum investment needs to be provided and communicate this with the fans, which needs to be at a level that is competing with other clubs of our size. Wolves did this when they were first sold to their now owners. If the owners can’t do this, then they cannot take us forward, as promised.

    (3) Put in place the ‘quick fixes’ – we’re hurtling towards relegation. The board need to act NOW to save this season and to show they care. We saved a fortune in wages and our net spend was low in the summer. There are players out there who would improve the squad immediately that they need to act on, without attempting to penny pinch, or else we’ll come to the end of the window and end up with Jordan Hugill mark 2. Go and get Etheridge, Sander Berge, Joe Allen, a RB and a Striker. Most of us reasonable fans know you can’t get a 20 goal a season striker in January, but go and get someone in the Championship who is (a) fit and (b) on form – e.g. Watkins from Brentford.

    (4) Get a director of football in place – Put one in place now so we can be prepared this summer. Sullivan should not be allowed anywhere near transfers, other than to open his cheque book.

    (5) The Stadium – only so much can be done, but they seriously have to start addressing re configuring the stadium so it feels like a football ground. This isn’t a short term fix, but in an age of cutting edge engineering, I refuse to believe that nothing can be done. It’s of course, also expensive, but if the Board were serious about taking this club forward, then most fans would be appeased if they knew that this was a (serious) aim of the Board.

  8. I certainly dont know the answer but i know the problem. Noble famously said ” this club is not run like a circus anymore ” but it has not been run properly either since we moved apart from a couple of decent signings it’s much of the same stop gap ,cheap, loan signings ,we are a loss from being bottom 3 our first choice keeper looking like could be out for a while and we trying to sign a keeper with the same injury!! Why because they probably still owe us money from the transfer and he will be CHEAP ,defend that ? They promised alot and delevered nothing ,2 relegation battles since we moved 3 managers and nothing will change until they spend big or go ,but neither will happen so basically we stuck with them and same old season after season

  9. Well AD provides an answer in there-there is no fix. No answer.

    The LS was a massive footballing/financial miscalculation. For many of us it was the turning point in our attitude to the owners. But whatever you think about it as a home, & however much you regret leaving the Boleyn, the fact is it hasn’t resulted in the massive revenue increase that can be used to strengthen the squad. I remember that disastrous TV interview before (I think) the Brighton game 2/3 years ago when DS gave his famous vote of confidence to Bilic ( we honour our contracts-before sacking him). He spoke then of the club becoming ‘basically self financing ‘because of the LS. Happy days!!! So the business plan hasn’t worked, but the owners won’t or can’t bail out. No fix.

    Perhaps there is a long term fix. New owners with bigger wallets have moved into other clubs – as Hugh rightly said this was when they were financial basket cases in the lower divisions. So maybe the sad truth is that things have to get worse before they can get better, with the owners selling up once we are adrift in the Championship.

    In the short term, I still believe the owners have enough wealth for us to struggle along as a mid table outfit. The snag is that requires a modern outlook and modern methods which I feel our owners lack. Which means we are probably back to ‘no fix’ – unless the owners are prepared to bring in people to with those skills to run the club. So ‘no fix’ then. We might stay up this year, & a pragmatic Moyes/Dyche/Pearson/Wilder might keep us up a bit longer, but it won’t be with star players aiming for the top six.

    I apologise Hugh if this seems like a moan and not an answer. It’s not intended as a moan, but it is a valid part of the discussion to point out that there isn’t an answer as things stand. Sadly modern football is all about money & until we get more of that we are …..(censored).

    Every thread seems to be hijacked regarding the same redundant topic’s the Board, the Board….. I’m Bored!
    If Any of these supporters have a Filthy Rich relative with Billions sloshing around and are willing to put this club up there with the likes of Man City, Man Utd or Chelski, I’d be the FIRST to shake your hand, pat you on the back and buy you a pint.
    Until then, we are where we are and the owners are who they are…. and they are NOT Billionaires but sensible businessmen and supporters. When they brought this club it was between them or Fernandes (the only two interested parties). There were supporters screaming that they wanted Fernandes to buy the club instead as he had all of these Grand Plans for the club…. None of which he was prepared to reveal. The sensible David’s won and Fernandes went on to put his Grand Plans in place at QPR………. Remember them??? Be Very careful what you wish for.
    I find it hard to believe that grown men who struggle with home finances are all of a sudden financial wizards and believe the money to exact all of these grand plans is available somewhere?……….. Where???
    Protests, I also can’t figure out and have No idea what a protest will achieve. We have ALL made promises……Every Single one of us and we have ALL come up short on some counts…….. But our promises are smaller and affect Less people……… Understanding is something that comes with age and we ALL need to breathe and focus our attentions on becoming the 12th man for OUR club in this relegation battle. This club needs to be grown over an extended period with stability being the key to rising to the heights we want to climb as a club.
    This window is a notoriously difficult and expensive window………Who? amongst us look to pay OVER the odds for anything? We are where we are and we are NOT the biggest draw in London……Period. Which means that agents are going to use us to whip up interest in their players……….which Doesn’t mean they are on the way to OUR club or ANY chance of US getting them to come to this club.
    As supporters we are in danger of becoming TOXIC, Unstable and Deluded when what we really need at this point in time is True Perspective.

    • The cat ,but the promises were made to convince us that leaving Upton park was the only way we would become a side challenging for the top 4 and trophies and none of this has happened so we may have well stayed at our home at least then that would eliminate what 75% of the support moan about everytime we struggle by blaming the stadium move ,they have lied or are in no position to make good on the promise they made

      • No promises – go back and read it. None at all. Over hyped but no promises

        • I’m sorry but addressing a 10 point plan to supporters but not specifically including the word ‘promise’ doesn’t mean it’s not a promise – we’re not stupid – the 10 point plan was aimed at appeasing supporters so we’d happily move to the LS. Label it what you want, but it’s as close to a promise as you can get

          • Since when has a promise been close to a promise. Stupidity

          • It was delivered as an over hyped reason for the move which I didn’t want. So what you wanna do – moan on here or elsewhere. Goes nowhere

          • Hugh, please don’t accuse me of stupidity because I disagree with you. I’m also not moaning about the move, I’m ‘moaning’ about the fact that the owners manipulated the fans by coming out with a 10 point plan/pledge/aim list or whatever you want to call it, in order to try and convince people to move – just because they didn’t say ‘we promise to..’ doesn’t mean we can’t rely on what they said!

          • I do agree with JB15 on the ‘promise’ point, Hugh. You don’t say the word ‘promise’ when you get married but you still treat your words as promises. The word promise doesn’t need to be used to form a bond or an agreement.

          • You need to read it. Words used in three places are hopes, effort and bottom line

        • Together, we have built a magnificent new home. A home that rightly stands alongside the very best in world football … Be in no doubt, we are part of the most successful stadium migration in history.

        • Hugh,

          With respect. A quote from the original article.

          “Leaving the Boleyn Ground will be a wrench but the Olympic Stadium is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a financial and football sense. Our potential partnership with Newham Council promises to take this club to a new level, while protecting our history and traditions. To move forward, we have to move but always with an eye on the past.”

          The word promise is very clear. Sean tried to spin this as over hyped marketing. Also incorrect, it clearly says “our” partnership. Not the fans, not marketing, their !

          Are protests the right answer ? As every other avenue has been shut down (fan engagement, etc) , it’s the last one left, I’m afraid.

          As for being accused of being pro-board. All the time quoting “senior sources” does not make you a day to day fan. You have the inside line and as a good reporter should only report what you are told. Which i believe you do. However, surely you don’t agree with everything, but neglect to comment on that, in case your communication line is cut off. Therefore naturally introducing bias ?

          As for your colleague, he practically revels in this elevated status, and despite being called out week after week, just brushes over it. And the fact that he cannot check simple facts, is quite irritating for a so called “super fan”, and another “MrWestHam”

          • 1/ I started supporting this club when I was 18 in 1962 so I think we can forget the fourth par. Im probably more of a day to day fan than most given I work on bringing fans news and views from 9-9 most days.

            I’m not worried about communication lines and as a new commentator here you will be unaware of the critical pieces I have written. I have many contacts regardless of what many like to imagine.

            Sean is one of the nicest and politest people in the world. I’m not. He has resigned all his positions and is the least conceited person I’ve ever met. Just loves WHUFC.

            First par is an implied promise perhaps and a statement of intent but not factually a promise.

            I suggest you read what the protesters want which is board engagement presumably as another supporters group because they don’t like the OSB. How many othe groups will there be demanding this that and the other.

            Protests may be the only way forward for some but it would help if the reasons and aims were clarified by the pwople holding them

          • It’s not up for debate whether you or Sean are nice people. I have never met you to make that assertion (to my knowledge) . And I’m very aware of your body of work. I’ve been around WHU since 75 myself. And I do not doubt you both want the club to do well..
            I’m only a recent contributor (long time reader) as the frustration of this situation gets exacerbated by an unwillingness to see the wood for the trees.

            It’s a promise, plain and simple. I have heard the word promise isn’t there. It is. I have heard it’s marketing, not so. Now it’s over hyped. No, its a promise that they have been unable to keep, but will not admit it. That’s all that’s required at board level, be honest to us and stop the lies.

            You have hit one thing on the head though, we cannot have multiple groups asking for different things. A coherent strategy with one exec taking on the mantle would work, but not in the model of the OSB, which obviously didn’t work, as demonstrated by people resigning due to not being listened to and being soft soaped. The difficulty is however, and was demonstrated last time , is that no one can agree on the one team approach from the fans side. Therefore we have a dozen fan groups trying to communicate different messages with one board, and it’s doomed to fail from the outset.

          • It’s up for debate simply because there were some derogatory remarks directed towards Sean and as his business colleague and friend I responded to them. Until the word is ‘promise’ is used it’s not a promise. I think I understand words well enough to get that. However, as I have expressed on various occasions the expectations were hyped beyond reasonable limits. Thanks for your very reasoned comment. Grateful

  11. Transparency is what most supporters want not “pie in the sky promises “if we are going for a transfer target make it one, most supporters over the years know we need? Not Billy wiz kid wingers who quite evidently we can’t afford as shown with this reported Fernandes saga? why go for that sort of player when we have players like that ,or have player’s out on loan already in that position? Better still say or report nothing till a deal is done make no promises till it’s done . The owners need to backtrack and be honest in saying the next level was a PIPEDREAM by THEM, and shown this by bringing Moyes back ,there was no harm in being honest with that was there ?as well and to say in today’s world we can’t really afford certain players with today’s financial world and market forces that’s the transparency and the honesty the fans are asking for? Not certain board members posting newspaper columns that are annoying to some quite evidently, and other leaks to the media ‘we are after this player or that player ‘ promises promises that is I.M.H.O the downfall of most supporters grievances with the way the club is being run

  12. Good post Cat a spot of realism brought to the table
    so much hate on hear from so many people i wonder if a third party may be organising it
    when you tell people the same thing all the time a lot start to believe it
    Any thoughts or idea’s Hugh ?

    • Hatred is a cancer which destroys the person handing it out in the end. They have no answers, just bitterness and moans. I’ve had my say and wherever I see hatred from now on it will be deleted. Makes me sick. I ain’t living my life that way. That’s for morons

      • Totally agree 100%………. I come here for news, positivity and progress. As do so many other supporters who don’t want to be subjected to the same talk again and again.
        1. The Boleyn is GONE.
        2. We are NOW at the London Stadium.
        3. Sullivan and Gold ARE the current owners of the club.
        4. David Moyes is the Manager
        5. We currently SIT 16th in the Premiership table.
        These ARE facts, it’s now time to move on….end of.

        • Fair enough but thats what the underlying problems they want to talk about are hugh

          You need to tread more than the letter

          • I have and they don#t make it clear – please tell me cos I’ve spent a day on this and am no closer to fonding out, truth is they want a meeting with the board becos they think they are better and more representative the the OSB and can presumably tell the board to **** off. Ah well carry on with that

        • The Pooh t is we are not moving on

          There has been no progress in the ten years they have been here

        • I go back 56 years as a atending fan have missed few games in that time
          many fans in that time have hated the pratts the cearns the browns the icelandicts
          now gold and sulley says it all really

        • Hear hear!
          All the moaning in the world will not change where we are now.
          If we can buy stadium in the future when hopefully athletics moves to Birmingham post commonwealth games then new finance maybe attracted. We could then do much more to make it more football centric plus maximise commercial opportunities. Until then make sure the club stays in top league.

  13. Here’s an answer for you Hugh.

    Pressure them, and keep pressuring them to sell the club for a realistic price to vetted potential buyers. Ones who look like they can do a better job of it. Lets me fair that part shouldn’t be too hard.

    You like to point out that there are no potential buyers but I tell you there are ALWAYS buyers for the right price.

    So price it to sell, and let someone else have a go.

    • So where have the buyers been for the last ten years. I can’t remember fan pressure ever having achieved such a purpose when there’s millions involved but thanks for the attempt. They will sell when they are ready if at all. I would have thought that was obvious. Nor is it a case of ‘liking’ to. Just an unpaltable fact for some

      • I haven’t put my home on the market – doesn’t mean there are no buyers for it?! there may well be buyers out there if, and when, the club gets put up for sale. Why do you constantly peddle the need for an ‘answer’, the answer is there doesn’t need to be one – protesting is a simple way for normal fans to get their voices heard. We’re not claiming to have all the answers but you cannot keep calling other fans out for not giving you a blueprint of a perfectly successful club – whether you like it or not, the club is not being run to its potential

        • We all need answers to the fact that they ain’t gonna sell. I would have thought that was clear. The idea that the fans don’t need to provide an answer is interesting however. Disagree with you? I hold no other view than that they aren’t gonna sell and that protests won’t make them. NOthing more than that

  14. Where has the realistic selling price been the last ten years? Apart from the one they paid of course.

    yes we know they will sell when ready or not at all, as things stand. That is the whole point.

    Which is why protesting, boycotting matches, really make it know we don’t want them running the club any longer, might encourage them to change their minds.

    You asked for an answer, I gave you one, you might not think fan pressure can achieve anything, I would rather be positive about it and believe it could.

    • No answer atall because al you do is answer your own questions. If there’s a buyer they come in – have you ever tried to buy a car or house? It’s what happens. Sadly as ever unrealistic. If u think fan pressure is the equal to hundreds of millions of pounds which are at stake then u r in some sort of fantasy land. Newcastle fans thought the same. Can’t u see this isn’t going to happen and never has in the history of whufc. Still itgives some a purpose in life.

      • This is my favourite article of yours I’ve ever read, my issue is as you say without an actual plan you get rid of Pellegrini at all costs and get Moyes and then act surprised and i can see the board leave and then we go back to asset stripping theif Terrance Brown,

        I’m actually for the first time thinking the board should sell but as you say, who to? Let’s be careful, i know blinded by anger West Ham fans don’t agree but compared to most teams we should be happy, not most teams in the premier league no, but most teams in general as we actually are in the premier league and have the 9th most games in the premier league ever so compared to all the hundreds and thousands of clubs that wish they could be in our position, grow up,

        We were sold a dream, you’re adults, why were you gullible, it’s not like anyone ever trusted the 3 in charge is it? So you were sold a dream because you wanted to be sold it,

        We need to move on because West Ham fans used to have a great sense of humour and now i just see bitterness,


      • I think when you feel powerless you resort to the one thing you., in a free society, have the right to do, ie protest against that which has disenfranchised you. I do not know what the answer is unless someone with oodles of money made them an offer they couldn’t refuse but I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon. But to say its pointless to protest if you feel strongly enough about something I think is going too far. It is about registering your discontent, otherwise how else will things change. I hasten to add I am not one of those protesting but I do understand the reasons why they are. The net investment in the club is nowhere need what is required to keep the club treading water, let alone move forward, even at a snails pace; yet we are the 17th richest club on the world.

  15. Hatred and delusion is running through the fan base like a disease.
    Transfer window – anyone moaning about the lack of money being spent etc etc needs to visit SSN done deals. To date there are approx 3 transfer where money has been spent, the highest of which is Liverpool at 7mil. The rest are loans and free transfers.
    So the opinion/moan – the club havent or arent signing anyone and are looking for cheapskate loans
    The fact – thats the exact same approach as the other 11 premier league clubs at present
    Gedson Fernandes – a news story created by super agents to drum intersest and reported for 2 weeks almost by SSN. They would have nothing to report otherwise. The same goes with Boeteng for Arsenal, Maddison for UTD and so on.
    Moving away from the Boleyn and the failed promises – the Fact – replace promise with ambition. How can you blame the owners for reaching what they wanted. Is it not a moving goal post where the clubs at the top are getting richer and the gap is growing between them and everyone else?
    This is an issue with billionaire owners with no reason to look at what they are spending. Its ruining football and FFP doesnt for one second stop it from happening. Im not ****ed off at the board for that il ****ed off that a club like City can go from an average yo-yo side to world beaters because of a sheikh. Would I like to be a City fan? No cos thats fake and plastic and their success is purely built on that. I also hate that their team lacks a real spine of home grown talent.
    We are not unique in our struggles and the board cannot promise to deliver anything. They can only try.
    Can anyone actually give an example of a club without billionaire owners that have successfully transitioned from relegation fodder or mid table mediocrity to top six?
    The answer is there is probably only really one and I hate to admit it – Spurs.
    Leicester had a freak season, won the PL and put themselves in the window by being in the CL.
    They still are not immune to mid table and sacked their PL winning manager.
    Im not a board lover or a hater. I salute their ambition to try and take us to the next level. I dont expect it to happen because that is out of all of our control, including theirs.
    If they continue to break the transfer record each year and do so investing in youth like they have and also combine that with the increasing success of the academy, I hope they will achieve a pure transition from mid table to top six the right way. Much like Man Utd did. Whatever you think of them they built success from the ground up.
    Unfortunately society nowadays is I want and I want now and there are sections of our fan base that fit right into that. In reality no one is in a position to demand that of anyone.
    Please at least try and face facts at least. We have an improving academy with some genuine talent on the cusp but that is a decade of hard work which is still a few years from really paying off. So when your slagging of the facilities the evidence shows that they is ill informed.
    In Rice we have one of the best youngsters in the country, grown through our academy. Diangana looks a talent as does Holland, Powell, Coventry, Trott and even Cullen. All home grown and that is the proper West Ham Way. The academy has been non existent until recently and under previous ownership was ignored.
    We have then signed some of Europes youngest talent in Diop, Fornals, Anderson and Haller to make a few. Antonio is young, hungry and homegrown.
    Do I think the club is making progress? Yeah I probably do in the grand scheme of themes. Financial stable, age of first team squad falling each year and the academy starting to produce some real talents that I hope transition into genuine stars. Unfortunately no one knows if they will because it cannot be guaranteed.
    I personally think it will take another decade before consistent progress is made. That is going to be from growing from within and investing youth supported by some real experienced professionals to guide them along.
    Were not having a great season and its hard to accept and as fans we dont enjoy it. But I think the above demonstrates that its not board that are tearing the club apart from within, its the fan base. Some of the facts of the progress of the club are evidence of their long term goal.
    Support your club. We are not on the brink of financial crisis or total meltdown. We do not have a playing squad of aged jouney man that we saw under BFS.
    If you as fans do not buck your owns ideas up then you will destroy the club. No manager will come, no players will come and the best young talent we have seen in a decade at West Ham will leave and play for a club with truly loyal fans who shout and scream for them no matter what.
    The infighting, hatred, abuse and the resulting toxic atmosphere will tear the club down and we will be a sinking ship.

    • Good comment.



    • Very well said. If the true supporters cannot see that what you’re saying is the truth, then the fan base has changed beyond ALL recognition and commonsense is no longer a given.

      • TBH I am entirely confused. The protest group say on their website they are protesting cos they want engagement with the board presumably because they don’t trust the Official Supporters club. So what do they plan to tell the board at this meeting – to **** off or what? Or do they just plan coffee and sarnies. At the same time as wanting a meeting they are planning a protest. Yeah that works eh. I’m pretty certain the board will say “fine we’re off then.” Seems to me all the supporters groups are fighting among themselves whilst those of us who belong to none of em – which is the majority – just wanna be left alone to get on with our West Ham lives and support the team

        • Thanks, Hugh, I am left just as confused as most supporters about what this protest is about and what it will achieve (NOTHING).
          Unfortunately, we all feel hijacked by this nonsensical action of supporters who don’t even have a logical answer about what they hope to achieve.
          Don’t they care about this club? Because if they do, they wouldn’t be doing this……. and why now?

  16. Wow so negative Hugh. Quite ironic really. I have sold many cars and even more houses yes. If I ever priced any of them at way above what they were worth, I can assure you NO ONE would come in

    So where have the buyers been for the last ten years.

    If you’d prefer me to rephrase :
    There haven’t been any because they haven’t priced to SELL.

    Again. There are ALWAYS buyers for the right price.

    Encourage the board to sell at a realistic price by protesting IS an answer. You choose to believe its pointless. I choose to believe it isn’t. Bigger things than West Ham have changed because people were not resigned to the status quo in the same way you appear to be.

    • Negativity is a perception. There have been no bids and I don’t recall an official price being put on the club – just media chat. They haven’t priced to sell cos they AIN’T GONNA SELL. When will u understand the reality rather than your hopes WHICH FRANKLY, GIVEN WHAT WE KNOW. ARE ENTIRELY NEGATIVE. Why do you think they are training up Jack Sullivan? Because he will eventually take over. I may not agree with what they are doing but I’m a realist. I have protested over multitudinous political issues so I need no help understanding what you say Che. They are not selling and you are free to protest which is either negative or positive dependent on which side of the dispatch box your feet are resting. You call it positive. I disagree because it will change nothing despite the the panacea in some minds

  17. First time posting on here, though I always read with interest. My background – a fan living in Hampshire who used to have season tickets from around ’91 to ’98 and, from then on, matches as and when I could due to work and family stuff. My last match was v Palace in the last season at Upton Park and I just cannot bring myself to go to the new stadium. Palace felt like a line was drawn under West Ham for me and everything that has happened since just makes me so sad. Sad for missing out on days out and games with mates (who still go) and sad because I used to go with my dad when I was a kid and have been to Upton Park with my son.
    Nothing will ever beat that feeling. So, I write from a perspective of regret and sadness at it all. The club which I love has gone, it is as simple as that. If we are honest with ourselves it is never “our club” and is has never been. However, West Ham meant a lot to me.
    There are a lot of questions regarding what should happen. We cannot control any of it – the only control we, as fans, ever have is to simply walk away. Don’t attend matches, don’y buy the **** merchandise, don’t waste your money. But, I know, its not as simple as that. I’ve made my decision – I’m not returning. Do I miss it? yes, of course. But I miss Upton Park and days with my mates. I could not give a **** about the OS.
    As long as Gold and Sullivan are in charge the club will go nowhere (other than relegation) – they are incompetent. Look at the transfers – useless. Haller, Yarmolenko, Anderson, they are so lightweight We’ve needed central midfielders and full backs for YEARS. It never happens – we can see it, so why can’t the owners see it and address it? Because they are cheap and want to do everything on the cheap. You just know we are going to be left with Joe Allen after all this ‘pie in the sky’ about young, dynamic midfielders. And why? Because the owners are cheap. My advice? Walk away.

  18. Have you tried reading the open letter to the club on the HU website explaining exactly what the protest is about?

    • Nope but I understand they want a meet. I have spent today on this cos I believe people deserve that. But that’s it. Not interested in protests tbh. People can do what they like. My reasons for not believing it will work have been well documented here. So no real point. If I’m correct seeking a meet at the same time as planning a protest seems a little odd to put it very midlly

  19. We know know there have been no bids. I explained why. In fact you just answered your own question, ‘They havent priced to sell cos they AINT GONNA SELL’. We know that is the current thinking.

    We know about Jack Sullivan and they don’t want to sell. I explained that was the point to try and take some action to change their mind.

    You can tell me they ain’t gonna sell till you are blue in the face, I believe given enough fan pressure they will.

    You asked for an answer and not more moaning and insults, so I did. It’s fine you disagree with it, call be a fantasist, but it STILL an answer.

  20. Any protest against the board is pointless. It just makes the whole club appear even more shambolic than it already is, and the opposition fans and media lap it up. The truth is we’ve always been badly-run poor relations to the big London clubs, but by the same token at least we aren’t Millwall, QPR, Charlton etc. All you can do as a West Ham supporter is put up with the bad times and enjoy the little victories along the way. You don’t have the power to do anything else.

  21. There’s suppliers of porn and users – wonder which is worse sometimes. There’s obviously a demand sometimes among those who criticise…and no that ain’t aimed at you! LOL

  22. There is no plan or structure to the club whatsoever, just an endless cycle of hopes raised and then smashed to coincide with a token bit of investment then the inevitable clawback,imo.
    To blame Pellegrini is the easy target that has been more than ready to be apportioned on here.
    It’s not really about how much money you spend ,it’s about who you spend it on – 瞿45m on a super duper striker and actually making a profit on our glaring weakness CM and the square root of nothing on a back up GK!
    After a promising first season 瞿25m was the total sum of investment and a massive saving off the wage bill resulted in us being weaker in an already weak CM and two strikers to replace four!!

    • George that has nothing to do with the board does it? Pellegrini was the manager and his recruitment man was Husillos. They scouted the players and they recommended them to the board to finance. Pellegrini decide who to buy and sell. He sold our central midfielders. Not the board. Make your mind up. People wanted the board to take a step back from recruitment so they did and people still slag them off. If you dont like them thats fine but at least try and make your points factual

  23. Having never met Sullivan and Gold I neither ‘love’ nor ‘hate’ them, but I believe they are simply trying to do their best. As most of us will get nowhere near their wealth they are obviously better businessmen than us. The move to the Olympic Stadium upset a lot of our supporters but the removal of rose tinted glasses would show that West Ham had outgrown the Boleyn, which was never the same after becoming all seater. A recent trip with the son to Chelsea shows how much better our stadium is, I can sit with my knees in front of me and have shoulder room, the view is better then from the top of Chelsea’s West Stand and instead of queuing in the rain at the Tube I can walk to the Westfield carpark and drive home.

  24. Also right through the club from on to off pitch id Like to see some semblance of A long term plan

    For the entire ten years they have been here we have lurched from crisis to quick fix and back to crisis

    • But that’s not what the protest is about read the Hammers United website

      • Fair enough but thats what the underlying problems they want to talk about are hugh

        You need to tread more than the letter

        • Craig, does a falling average age and investment in youth not count as a long term plan. The keys in the title mate.. its long term so doesnt happen overnight. Unfortunately these young players will do one before long cos theyll be sick of the crap caused by the fans in the terraces

  25. The list is not endless and the board are not hated by most fans at all. You cant use failed players to hit a club over the head with. Every clubs signs failed players because no one has a crystal ball as to how they are going to progress. They could look fantastic and get a move to PL club and think they have made it and stop working so hard. They may not be able to make the transition etc etc.
    Why dont you try and focus on Lanzini, Payet, Diop, Arnie, Anderson, Fornals, Antonio, Haller, Fabianski and Cresswell. All good buys under the current ownership.
    The whole argument for selling the club and spending money left right and centre is flawed. Open your eyes. It fails way more than it succeeds. Leeds, QPR, Fulham and now Villa are all great examples of that. City and Chelsea are the exceptions, not the rule.
    On how on Earth do u know anything about running a football club? The fact is you dont have a clue so who are you to comment and critique the way the club is run.
    Football is a business and if you dont balance the books you fail like any other.
    Go and protest for some foreign owners who really couldnt care less about West Ham and spend millions without a care in the world or a consideration of the longevity of that approach.
    You all have short memories… remember the Icelandics!
    We are a PL club and are currently on our second longest unbroken spell in the PL. We seem to be financially stable now and are moving slowly towards a younger squad with further excellent youth players and a productive academy.

  26. Our spending remains lower mid-table levels
    Our training ground lags miles behind even the lies of Southampton and Leicester
    Or recruitment and appointments still appear to be done in the dark with a scatter gun
    All promises the ground move have proven empty

    These are the underlying issues that. They want addressed

    The club refuses to even talk

    All know where that exact set of circumstances lead before

    • We have an OSB – how many other protest groups wanna have a chat with the board. Nonsense. Never belonged to a supporters club from childhood. I can support my team and club without all that crap

    • Again, how do you know any of this? Your just ****ing in the wind with off the wall regurgitated statements that have no facts to back them up. As soon as someone throws some actual facts back your ignore them and continue your flawless argument.

  27. Is it my imagination, or has the statement that you’d contacted Hammers United been removed from the main article?

    • Yes it was an error -my mistake apologies to all concerned

      • An error? I would suggest an error is putting your shoes on the wrong feet or perhaps nailing through a water pipe.
        Claiming you have actually written to HU and receiving a pithy response (as suggested by yourself) would appear to be more a case of sullying (see what I did there?) the good name of HU for those who visit this website and have no understanding of their reasoning for a peaceful protest.

        • I’ve apologised. I misread an e mail from another reporter We do have various people write for us. However, if you are a spokesman or involved perhaps you can give me a statement as reading the HU website doesn’t male it clear what you actually want. Anything else? No didn’t notice what I’d done – only what you managed to do which is pretty par for the course

          • No not a spokesperson Hugh, although I was aware that you hadnt in fact made contact with HU and did wonder why youd say you had.
            With regard to No didnt notice what Id done only what you managed to do which is pretty par for the course – eh????

  28. All I ask is that the Chairs do what they did at Birmingham when they were in Relegation trouble, they bought them out of it. I do ask miracles, just a player or three who will really give some commitment, whether old, young, or Championship.

  29. Always wondered why lots of people have said Hugh is a prat now I understand why.

  30. Hugh this is nonsense. The people organising the protests have given very clear reasons for the protest, in writing. They have supplied numerous written updates. You may conclude the protest will not achieve their goals or you may conclude you don’t think it’s a good thing to protest. But to suggest that the goals haven’t been stated is simply untrue.

    No-one is expecting a single protest in itself to achieve instant change. This forms one part of an ongoing plan to put pressure on the owners to act in the interests of the fans. This would mean holding them accountable for the promises and commitments they made a decade ago and seeking incremental change for the better as long as they are in charge – and hopefully getting to the point that they actively wish to sell.

    Until the point they are actively searching for a buyer you simply don’t know who may wish to buy the club. I don’t know if anyone would want to sell my house as it’s not on the market. Once I start publicising the fact that it’s on the market I may or may not get a buyer – but I can’t say “there are no buyers” because football clubs do change hands and you, Hugh, are not in a position to say that there would not be a better owner willing to stump up the money.

  31. Hats off fella. Brilliant post!
    I’m now awaiting the party line ‘no promises were made’ response.

  32. All well and good saying all hail the Board no point in moaning, no point in expecting any better, but we need at least the same standard of team as other sides in the Premier, is that
    much to ask ?

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