Pushed to breaking point


Pushed to breaking point?

What with the new season nearly upon us, it is perhaps time to reflect on things.

We all deserved a break from football. The new normal made the scheduling of the sport absurdly abnormal, so much so that we’ve just had the first pronounced break in play since March 2020 !

Of course, we miss the beautiful game when it is gone, but is that not part of the beauty? After all, hope springs eternal during those long summer weeks.

Despite suffering no consequences because it is simply too big to fail, the Premier League was and is damaged. Greed and gluttony continue to infiltrate our hobby as much as they do our governance, and the daily grind of the past three seasons has provided only a fraction of the escapism we expect from football.

Both fans and footballers are being pushed to breaking point, but sport always has its own saviour — the allure of competition.

Time to stop and take stock only builds the urge for the return of competition, and it is the competitive look of the upcoming campaign that has me more excited/hopeful/worried for football now than at any point in the last three years.

Let us hope that our beloved Irons , despite seemingly not learning any lessons from our last domestic campaign make a decent start to the season.

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  • polo247 says:

    From your articles figures revealed from New hammers number 19….. Millions and millions and millions how can the average football fan even comprehend these sorts of figures. The average fan is on hundreds a week, then to ask that average fan who wishes to take his son or daughter to watch again costs him his weekly wage. On top of that it’s a David Moyes formation and tactics. Naa I’m priced out 😞

  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    I’ve just noticed the Cherries have signed both Alex Scott and Max Aarons. There’s 2 players that would have been great for us. But we have 2 pensioners coming in that could of brought the ones I’ve mentioned 4 times over.

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