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Questions for Moyes as players leave and want out

The Hammers again were far from their Silkeborg – a team marginally better than Viborg given their relative league positions in the Danish League.

And one ClaretandHugh forum follower – EUG – has some pertinent questions to ask on that and the number of players wanting or being allowed to leave West Ham.

Three goals in six games after allowed to leave for ‘peanuts’

Is Moyes is losing the dressing room?

Too many players want away especially the younger academy prospects.

Harrison Ashby will be third, if the ClaretandHugh report is correct that he will eventually join Newcastle.

Something doesn’t seem right. Usually youngsters are grateful of the chances, but with ours, there always seems unrest and at the end, resentment.

To lose three young academy players is too much of a coincidence.

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Diop wanted out and refused to play. Dawson wants out and was rumoured to not want to play. Pearce has left the coaching staff.

You can say each have their individual circumstances, but I truly believe something is up. Moyes treatment of Benrahma, is what can only be described as somewhat off.

Haller wanted out. Moyes off loaded Vlasic for peanuts after splashing nearly £30m. He has now scored three goals in six appearance and is currently ranked fifth in Europe in a position where Moyes never played him. He couldn’t wait to get out the door. You can say what you will, but something is NOT right.

As far as the game in Denmark was concerned specifically where was Downes? Surely after his MOTM performance last week he should have played to keep momentum going and increase his confidence.

I can understand if this was a Premier League match but against Silkeborg? I am really questioning Moyes decision making and tactics. He seems all over the place.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

10 comments on “Questions for Moyes as players leave and want out

  1. OK here’s my thoughts on this:
    Vlasic – he had quite a few chances, didn’t take them and wanted time before WC to make sure he goes
    Diop – Told was 5th choice and could go, then club does a U-turn when Dawson injured
    Dawson – Family is still up north and tired of the commute and only wants to leave to play (given his age and all the CB we signed)
    Downes didnt play as he didnt play any of the non experienced players – I agree maybe deserved a chance after last performance – But I believe he wanted to only play one holding player too with more support for Scamacca and try the 3-4-3 formation hence Lanzini ahead of him
    So then it’s just Ashby – and from what I hear, same as Perkins – That’s more the club not wanting to give bumper contract to “kids” rather than Moyes. Perkins and his agent had their head turned – looks like maybe the same for Ashby

  2. It seems from the outside that Moyes has his favourites and players that he trust (and they know they trust him too) and “the rest”. There are too many undroppable players in my opinion. The whole squad in having a strong squad is that, when players don’t perform, they are replaced. This doesn’t happen with Moyes. Benrahma is clearly a confidence player and he knows that he is not part of the “trusted clique” and it affects him mentally. It is no coincdence either that he performs better away from the LS. The younger players seem to know that there is no path to the first team under Moyes., Coufal has been poor for half a season now but still starts. When BJ is fit, Ashby (for example) knows that he still won’t get a chance apart from perhaps the domestic cups and any dead rubbers in Europe. They all saw Diangana bombed out and N’Gakia & Perkins refusing a new contract. Something is wrong at our club and I suspect Moyes’s poor man management and public chastising of players is at the heart of the problem

  3. Oh and Benrahma – He’s so frustratingly inconsistent and wasteful – Even the fans flip flop between loving and hating him – Moyes just doesn’t know what Benny will turn up. He likes players he can rely on

  4. I agree with a lot of the points made! I’ve had this discussion with some of my friends, I don’t think that Moyes has good man management skills coupled with an obsession with playing square pegs in round holes.There’s also what can only be wilful blindness over matters of form, as for Vlasic, why spend all that money then play him out of position! When we had the opportunity last season to play the youngsters he chose to bring on Masuaku who we all knew would be gone as soon as we could organise it. Lanzini hasn’t achieved much for some time now but he gets the nod, Bowen is a shadow of the player he was (and will be again), but at present he needs some time on the bench. The Diop saga is agood example, Dave knows he’s short of fit central defenders, instead of making certain that Issa would remain with us he allowed him to be poached by Fulham. I said before this season began that no improvement must lead to the reality that possibly Moyes can take us no further (you must remember, he though Hugill would be a good striker) !

  5. I think Eug has covered it here and is bang on. For some time I have been fretting about the treatment of the young players and from Perkins onwards they have given their answer. For two seasons the U23’s got no sub-on experience, whilst Masuaku was ever present. Players out of position, favoured players always picked regardless of form, No arm round the shoulder just public criticism, Moyes’ man management is rank. Small squad and flog ’em to death approach just awful. Yet so many of us love the Irons and are ready to praise at every opportunity. Even now he is faffing with the defence, CDM and strikers. Just sort it man!

  6. Looking at young players leaving in last two years none of them have set the world alight so perhaps seen as not good enough for long term high paying contracts.
    Diop seemed incapable of consistency and its well known that Dawson wants to return to North for family reasons. He is doing it the right way unlike Payet!
    Vlasic and,Haller doing well elsewhere so would be interesting to find out why not with us. I suspect with Haller not keen on hard work!

  7. Apart from Dawson and Ashby I don’t see the issue here at all.
    Given Daws’ family/commuting issues the only real concern would be Ashby. I’ve no idea whether that is salary issues, man management or belief he will get more chances elsewhere. Given he has had (what I feel is) a reasonable amount of game time so far and there isn’t a queue of true first team players wanting to leave (I’ve not seen any media stuff about Benny wanting to leave, it has seemingly all being us wanting to move him on) I would lean towards money being the driver.
    It’s not as if Sonny Perkins has jumped into Leeds first team. Nor have I seen any suggestion he was unhappy at how he was being managed.

    Mind you, given today’s moniker ‘snowflake generation’ who knows…..maybe someone being honest in a frank manner doesn’t work nowadays, despite it being a pretty fierce competitive environment the players have to operate in.

  8. I’ve been banging on about use of ate youngsters for a while. Moyes doesn’t give them a fair chance and like others have said he would rather play a dreadful Masuaku.
    Ashby God knows.
    Is he injured or just not being considered until we sell him.
    Hugh. Be honest what is going on ?
    Moyes has repeatedly done this . Time for him to go before it’s to late.
    Dmitri Halajko probably left as he could see a restricted path for many

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