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Remember Brexti? ….remember Trump? ….remember the UK election? remember the anger the spite the malice, the rage, the obscene posts on social media – Β a place which doesn’t need a lot of help in that area ?

We all do, but nobody can maintain that level of intensity whatever the issue, and it all seems rather a long time ago now and one wonders why we became so wound up.

In my humble view it was about frustration and being unable to affect the situations very much – social media gives everybody a voice when passion is aroused…and no passion is greater to people here than West Ham United.

The last few days have been a perfect example of how an issue – or issues – can become entirely out of control. There are no limits on the extremities in football…it goes way beyond normality.

Sean Whetstone wrote a couple of days back, that a perfect storm of epic proportions has developed at our club – three defeats, Arnautovic’s sending off, the failure to sign Carvalho, three horrible results and performances whilst sitting at the bottom of the table.

Actually Sean, I’d call that an imperfect storm!

The reaction has been even more intense as it was to those of us who lived through the disgusting Bond Scheme proposals way back in Peter Storey’s time.

But the hatred, frustration and screams for the board to quit have been even more intense simply because of THREE poor games and a failed signing!

Last year it was over whether we should be allowed to stand in the stadium – that seems to have gone away too!

I don’t care too much whose fault this start to the season is – nor do we at ClaretandHugh feel inclined to bash anybody to death.

Why? Because it’s pointless and a total contradiction of WHY we are here – which is to support and unite behind the club we love.

I personally have always lived by a motto – and it now belongs to my family: “Don’t worry about what you can’t change – only the things you can!”

How can we help change things at West Ham United? Β – support, support, support, unit, unite, unite.

That’s what the word supporter means so if people choose not to do it how can they apply the word to themselves.

What’s gone wrong is a mixture of board, Bilic, players and some of those fans who scream vile abuse ( in one case telling David Gold to euthanase himself).Β  Let’s just get on with playing our role which is to do nothing more than support our club. It’s why we’re here.

Keep calm and blow bubbles!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • markro says:

    I understand your sentiments entirely, though it seems odd to add “us” to the list when you have just said the supporters can’t do anything about the issues.

    A couple of wins in the next three games will see a little more optimism show its elusive face.

  • jimbo says:

    Hugh – Who can effect change at our beloved club if not the fans, who are the shareholders ultimately? Your assumption we cannot is a little disengenious. Of course we all love WHU and want the best for it, but sometimes the path of least resistance isn’t always the right one to deliver lasting change. What you advocate here is what the board want and frankly what they are confident will happen. Whatever we do, this lot will continue to put their hands in their pockets and blindly follow. And they are right. What change will this bring? I’m not in favour of dishing out the sort of stick Bilic has been subject to, or in not supporting the players on the pitch, even though I have major concerns with the manager tactically. But surely there is nothing wrong in voicing concerns around how the club is being run, the direction it is being taken in, the untruths told and the treatment of the fans?

  • Northern Hammer says:

    Agree with the sentiment also, bad, bad start (I am sure I remember worse)… Bilic needs to pull somehting out of the hat in the next four games (like players int he right position and maybe some tactics), then all will be as usual.

    I never usually comment, I always try to remain positive, but I have to say the Newcastle away performance, management of a brilliant young lad and not finishing off a League 2 side properly has tested my patience. Sakho… I see him as a brat and we need to get something out of him till new year then replace him with something better, more committed and well advised, Martinez anyone?

    Onwards and upwards, Benitez in if we fail over the next month then we can only aim for mid table, which over the 43 years I have followed WHU is probably better than average.

  • GW says:

    Agree Hugh but unite behind what? It’s time they gave a little bit back to those that go week in week out home and away and spend a bleeding fortune doing it. Always been behind the team always will be and really don’t give a monkeys about the owners but after witnessing the way some of our players folded at Newcastle, the Sacko farce and the constant bull**** that gets peddled out time and time again in a transfer window it’s a bit difficult to just think everything’s rosy and keep the motivation and justify the cost πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • Thing is GW I share much of that frustration but on transfers we were all well pleased with the four but when we missed out on another the world went crazy. Maybe a tad over reactive?

      • GW says:

        Think my frustration is still seeing the China Doll picking up a 100k a week and costing around 35m in total Hugh πŸ˜† And then hearing how we’re cash strapped and can’t get another deal through the door 😑

      • Radai Lama says:

        Should have done a Spuds,sign no one in the summer then bring in Hart,Arnie,Zab & Little Pea all on the last day.All the baldricks with pencils up their noses wouldnt have been going so loonie tune then 😁
        Dont excuse this farce with Carvalho though whoevers too blame or whoevers telling porkies.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Rage,spite & malice?
    I used all mine up on Hippo Head.I was young & impressionable & bubs,matte & the others led me astray πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • GW says:

      You mean the hippo era when it was law to defend him to the hilt and accuse others of not being fans if they spoke out against it πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      • Radai Lama says:

        Lol GW,what goes around comes around.Remember when we were savages because we didnt back the board according to the wise monkeys elsewhere 😁
        Different rules apply now apparently πŸ˜‚

        • GW says:

          Mate I remember being called a lot of things back in the day by a lot of so called supporters because I didnt bang the I love Sammy drum πŸ˜† The same ones who rip Slav to bits now are the same ones that still think it’s ok to defend the honour of their beloved Poppodom not realising he’s probably the reason why the owners can’t get another forward in while he’s laid on his back or out on the **** and costing 35m in wages and transfer cost πŸ˜† Bunch of bleeding hypocrites if you ask me Rads…

  • Hammer64 says:

    It has been a frustrating start, when many ( even me) were reasonably optimistic about the season. I said on another topic I had seen Arnie playing for Austria & that gave me a bit of hope. I still think the manager needs to be changed & the organisation of the recruitment transformed. There seemed to be some agreement back in the last ‘crisis’ a few months ago that things would have to change on & off the field. I guess some fans feel that if we go quiet those at the top just breathe a sigh of relief & say ‘Yeah proper fans will make a fuss but they will stick by the club in the end- just carry on as before’. That adds to the frustration. But it is a new week in a new month & time to look for the positives- there are some!

  • Pessimist says:

    I have supported West Ham since the days,when what would have been seen as the multi million pound talent of Hurst, Moore and Peters were allowed to kick about on the concrete at the front of Upton Park so the kids could see their heroes.
    However, there is something that other clubs do so much better than us, they tell their supporters what the hell they are up to, a lot more than West Ham does, we tend to get either no information or half information, so we get angry. The Board has to realise we have had years and years of crap .
    “We need to buy a Keegan like player” we were told and we bought someone else and we bought rubbish. Southampton got the real thing. We buy Ferguson instead of Banks because Ron Greenwood made a promise. We want class. When the side is picked we want fit players who can hack it in the Premier League, not old men and drinkers. This is what I think supporters ask and in return the club gets undying love. There are no better supporters than the Hammers, so treat them right, they are not mushrooms don’t keep them in the dark, if you have financial problems say so and the fans will rally round. But give us committed quality football and we will give you our all.

  • Mattwhite76 says:

    This must come straight from Sullivan, I am shocked by this site’s translucency. Let’s just forget how we’ve been lied to and deceived. That’s not what supporting west ham means, we must join as one against these owners. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. Its us that makes this club what it is.

    • jimbo says:

      Top man Matts. Hugh has completely missed the point. It’s not that we missed out on Carvilho, it’s HOW, and the untruths that have followed, including hanging out Bilic. We have owners who claim every good signing is theirs, every poor one was Bilic’s, and who seemingly have no comprehension of unity. The art of deflection is alive and well and I too share your surprise at Hugh’s overly simplistic view of the issues here. Corporate box for Hugh!

      • Mattwhite76 says:

        Thanks jumbo, my posts tend to get deleted even though I’m careful not to be derogatory in any way, I am simply saying enough is enough here. I’m not up for vitriol and venomous spite, just the fans pulling together on this and protesting sensibly at Huddersfield. We need to voice our unhappiness and then we can see the true face of our owners. We just want the truth.

      • Stratford E20 says:

        ‘We have owners who claim every good signing is theirs, every poor one was Bilic’s’…. I missed that by the owners…. can you enlighten me please? Many thanks

    • GW says:

      Matt turn your anger towards the likes of Sacko and the porcelain princess who’ve mugged a living out the club and got paid a small fortune for doing nothing πŸ˜† Ogbonna or Fonte getting more money than we’ll ever see and not really giving a **** or maybe the captain who bleeds claret and blue ambling around the midfield and offering nothing! The owners might be full of crap but there still paying these princesses a handsome sum for offering nothing 😑😑

      • Mattwhite76 says:

        I agree, there is a lot that’s wrong here, but we need to focus as a whole and concentrate on one thing at a time, they want us to turn on everyone else. We are west ham united and I’ve seen a lot at this club as I’m sure you have, but right now im at my most disillusioned ever and that says something. But I’m not jacking it all in, not while my west ham family still stand

    • No it did not come straight from Sullivan and anymore suggestions that this site is in his pocket will be dealt with in no uncertain manner. Sick of it and the suggestion we don’t have a view of our own and that only attack dogs have, is what makes your argument paltry and dangerous. Express your view but attack me or Sean at a personal level and the site in general because we happen to approach things more peaceably and that becomes unacceptable. I made no excuses for the board and included them as being part of the problem. If you and your mate Jimbo continue your one eyed vendetta against me and the site your choice but we have views too and I will not spend my life giving explanations if you get me!
      Perhaps these stories came from Sullivan:
      West Ham mortgage training grounds and Stadium lease | Claretandhugh
      Sporting Lisbon challenges Sullivan to prove his claims | Claretandhugh

      If you don’t like us. P..s off

      • GW says:

        Hugh take no notice half of them were accusing the site of not being real fans 2 years ago when you dared question Sam! Think the same thing happened when you said it was time to bin the China Doll πŸ˜† A new breed of fan has been created since the move, a fan that expects success and countless trophies and sees 11th place finishes as a failure all down to the fact they chose to believe the bull**** in the 1st place πŸ˜†πŸ˜† We’ve been around for 100 years with minimal success so the fans that believed the Driscolls would suddenly make us world beaters are more in the pocket of them than this site because they believed it in the 1st place πŸ˜€

      • mammal88 says:

        Don’t see the issue hugh your telling us to swallow all the crap from the club and get behind them, yet because two people mention how the article Does look like a club sponsored peice (hardley personal if a spade looks like a spade I’m going to call it a spade, comment sections are for comments and debate not to just to give out pats on the back) you throw a wobbly hahaha! The fans have suffered with the owners lies slav sakho ECT ECT ECT yet in the very article you try to champion unity and discourage out rage personal attack and all that you get the hump about something minor you don’t like and respond with a pi $$ off if u don’t like us comment. Should you not be following your own philosophy? swallow the crap join hands with jimbo ECT and sing kumbaya, instead of trying to act like any one who questions you Sean or the site in general is making a personal attack this aint north korea questioning the motivation of an article isnt treason

        Ps trumps going to destroy the world so clearly more of an example how the world should rise up against him not a way to prove your point about everyone getting behind him to march into oblivion

        Also I feel the line about people being upset because of 3 losses and 1 failed signing were there to put things into perspective … And it really did, u have clearly lost touch with what is really frustrating and angering the fans carvalho was just another straw on the camels back.

      • Mattwhite76 says:

        I apologise for my early insinuations. I’m very upset about this situation is all. I’ve supported west ham for over 40 years and feel like my club has gone. I lay that entirely at the feet of our owners. I will not just sit back and take it, the post just p***** me off because it sounds like forget everything and move on. I’m not willing to do that. I’m not a pitchfork holder, nor have I lit torches, the people saying this must be the new breed of fan in my eyes. West ham to me is about our family fan base, it has been ripped apart by these owners, there is no coincidences. Sorry again Hugh.

    • mammal88 says:


  • Matt says:

    To be honest, I’m not even annoyed by the start. I think we can’t underestimate the 3 away game start. Arsenal for example have no points from their 2 away games and Spurs only have 1 point from 2 at home. One point better than us and we haven’t played at home!! I’ve supported worse West Ham teams than this one!
    My frustration is with the lies and spin coming from the owners. I hate the games they play and only ask for a bit more honesty.

  • Wembley1980 says:

    Can’t stand this idea that your not a real fan unless you watch with Claret n Blue glasses! It’s near on impossible for a crowd to do it’s part if the team don’t give you something to cheer about. People say 3 bad results when it performance that most are unhappy with..are we really suppose to sing Super Slaven Bilic to the rubbish we watch…Super Slaven Bilic after his Rice substitution are we really to cheer every sideways or backward pass?! Entertain me 1st and il cheer show some commitment and il cheer but don’t tell me to travel for 3 hours there and back at an average cost of Β£70 per game inc tic and cheer regardless of the effort made by West Ham Utd.

  • Dynamite says:

    Anyone read the other day about ex whu employee getting accused of thewesthamway being run by the board.
    Its amusing how any site that doesnt raise the pitchforks,fire up the lanterns and march over the horizon like hillibillies gets accused of being the clubs site by the Neanderthals.
    I mean why talk coherently when all you need to do is say **** off owners.

    • Mattwhite76 says:

      There are a lot of people who want to do this the right way too. To show such blindness is a sign of the other extreme. Do not be fooled by the lynch mob, there are more sensible protestors out here ready to do this the right way.

  • Snap Crackle & Pop says:

    The trouble with Twitter,Facebook and websites is that the social media thuggery comes out on them.Birds of a feather flock to together and they then think they are expressing the view of every Hammers fan which just isnt the truth no matter how much some of them want to believe their own rabblerousing.
    I respect your view and there are ways of doing things but every loud mouth on social media shouldnt believe EVERY Hammers supporter shares their view and are board/owner lovers because they dont shout and holler like headless chickens.

  • Snap Crackle & Pop says:

    You cant say a thing on here or express an alternative view without lazurus abusing you or calling you a boardette.Its pathetic.

    • I’ve had a lot of time to think over this window. This place was developed to give fans news and views.. It should be fun . Some make sure it’s not so there will be changes. Had enough – had time off to think it over and it will start today. All admin informed

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Let’s get this right mate , use a word like say half wits , delusional ,or the like , are personal attacks , never do I or have ever used a word in a post as above , I only ever respond in kind either to protect t me or others , clearly people like you’re self cannot comprehend being challenged as such , most of my posts are jokingly put with black humour maybe sometimes but never do I abuse anybody unless provoked ! Clearly you have an issue because you didn’t like the responce you got the other day and its been nagging at you which probably shows you as not a person to receive criticism but can dish it , two minutes on the site and you try to make trouble for me through the back door , what a lovely person you appear to be ,
      Best not use a word like Boardette or noblettes ever again because if I do maybe you would like me , and a few of the lads on hers to be tippexed permanent ly , carefull lads the critical post policeman are going to the top to try and enforce change , if I say I fart in you’re
      general direction please get a sense of humour , most regulars on here share a sense of humour and banter regularly , new posters like youre self will be clueless as to our humour as its been developed over time ! I resent this guys comments Hugh and never gone out of my way to call people mugs w@nkers , half wits or the like ever ! Look back and you can see that , the board is a different ball game , I pay for that privelage and have done from time immoral , move on pop this site ain’t for the serious bods like you I’m afraid , πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

  • JMan43 says:

    High, I think most of us were indeed happy with the business we did early in the window in general but also that we were still light in 3 positions, Striker, DCM and CB. That we so publicly went after Carvahlo and was a player Bilic wanted and yet, apparently, for the difference of Β£5milluon didn’t get, combined with the performances we have witnessed to date I do not see any over reaction. I see a supporter base who are sick and tired of the half truths and continuing way Sullivan acts in the transfer market. They talk but the walk is more Zimmer frame than it is with any purpose and direction. Why give Bilic 4 more games if you then weren’t going to get the one player he asked for other than you are buying time for the replacement. Very poor and we are still weak in our spine!!

    • Totally aceptable point of view but I'm not gonna put up with attacks against me Sean or the site at a prsonal level. Those days are now over.

      • JMan43 says:

        Totally on-board with that Hugh, there is no place for it.

      • firefigterx says:

        Totally agree Hugh.. there is no exscuse for you or that matter anyone who posts being verbally abused because they disagree with whats been said! By all means put your point .. I have to admit I have noticed this abuse getting worse. I thought your post was pretty well stated. I don’t always agree with whats been said !! BUT i like this site and will defend yours and others rights to state them..APPROPRIATELY..

  • Boogabenson says:

    Firstly if we are playing crap ,you kinda know it will happen as over many years we have. Although going down feels crap I’ve enjoyed the lower div in the past. But i do believe you have missed the MAIN point…….
    We are sick to death of the lies. I’ve looked at paperwork sent by the club during the period of The Boleyn ground to O.P constant lies. for example statue moving, seats covered as to not get soaked, moved to similar seating in new stadium. i went from chicken run to west stand in OP. i could bang on about pre move. But also the badge change where we all had a say WHO? talk is cheap where the board is concerned. No respect shown fans with muppet stewards talking to people like s h i t e . Move over and let someone else in. Also if we ever did reach a final do people realise even if you hold a season ticket HALF the fans wouldn’t get in wembley due to small allocations. This isnt their fault but make people aware. Openess honesty true are my key words

    • Radai Lama says:

      The pubs are open lads,just saying 🍺😁

      • GW says:

        Mine ain’t Rads it’s got a water leak apparently πŸ˜† Slav’s fault obviously πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

        • Radai Lama says:

          The Poison Dart Frog has me tied to the settee today after i got steamed up yesterday 😁

          • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

            She’s been talking to the critical post police rads , they’re ringing directly to home mate , pictures the lot ! See everything lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
            You’re in the enfante ‘ terrible’ corner mate , chin up , work tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  • oldiron says:


  • Hammer64 says:

    Just trying to make us jealous now Radai! πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  • neilalex says:

    Losing the first 3 games obviously doesn’t help. However, the rage and malice as you put it, are rooted in the growing realization that we’ve been lied to and conned.

    We were told we had to move in order to progress onto the ‘next level’. That was how it was sold to us. Yet the investment in the team has been woefully below what’s required to do this. We were told we would move into an ‘iconic’ venue with world class transport links; yet we find ourselves in a crappy, unfit for purpose, scaffolded athletics bowl; not to mention the slog to and from the ground.

    Thus far, can anyone tell me what we’ve gained from moving? And I speak as someone who was all for the move and agreed with the line we were fed.

    The anger is at being lied to and taken for mugs. Bilic hasn’t taken us for mugs. He may be a poor manager and we may need a change. But the real culprits are a Board who clearly set out to misinform and mislead the supporters of the club, purely in their own self interest. I’m not surprised at Brady ( who has no interest in football as such) or Sullivan who is a Cardiff fan, but it surprises me that Gold has done this, or gone along with it.

  • markro says:

    My, oh, my!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. I agree with some of the earlier comments – it is not losing that galls, it is how we are losing. The irony is that there has been more fight amongst the fans than there has been on the pitch.

    What is beyond question, is that every contributor is passionate about the club.

    Transfer windows are littered with expectations and disappointments, that’s their nature.

  • neilalex says:

    I really don’t think it’s even that necessarily, although the impact of a Β£13m net spend or whatever it was perhaps illustrates the deception better than anything else. I actually think the window has been relatively ok; but we weren’t sold on ‘relatively ok’ we were sold on ‘next level’. That was implicitly the bargain; we’ll leave a ground we loved and grew up with, because we’re starved of success and want to progress as a club.

    Many more people (me included) are simply waking up to the fact that we’ve been played for fools, and that G&S will do whatever necessary to maximise their own personal gain until such point as they sell up.

    The reaction of these slimy people to the growing criticism will be ( as we’ve already seen) to shift attention and blame as much as possible onto Bilic, who, let’s not forget, was about 5th choice for manager, mirroring the process we’ve seen all to often with supposed transfer targets. Happily, as with Sporting Lisbon, their own bull**** will occasionally catch up with them.

    There’s a prediction of all this somewhere on the internet from a Birmingham fan; it is quite astonishingly accurate in its description of just what they’d do.

  • Stratford E20 says:

    ‘…and one wonders why we became so wound up.’

    Its all about results. If we had the start that Bilic had in his first season then all would be well in the world. The appalling results and performances have led to people having their say in every type of social media and its been whipped up into a frenzy. It doesn’t take much to make the West Ham fans moan, myself included, we have hated every board, almost every manager, loads of players especially ex-players, the new stadium, the peanut man and the Monty with that friggin bugle. We are our own worst enemy and always have been.

  • Dynamite says:

    This Carvalho bluster is nothing new with Sullivan.I remembered Simon Jordan having a go at him years back and found the quote on the internet.does it sound familiar…
    Third – their business ethic. I’ve had enough dealings with them to fill the paper, but here’s the most recent. Before our game against Birmingham last season, Sullivan came over to me and said: ‘Simon my boy, Simon – we know what you lot are like with bad decisions, we don’t want any bad decisions’ – referring to Andy Johnson’s spurious ‘diving’ image. So 12 months later, imagine my surprise when Sullivan told the press I’d rejected his Β£6.5m bid for Johnson. There was no bid, no approach, no inquiry, nothing. Sullivan misled the press and his public in an attempt to unsettle my player, and to make himself and Birmingham look ambitious.

    • Stratford E20 says:

      That story was also in the book ‘Blues Insider’. It continued….. ‘Davis Sullivan….. was a character who, in my experience, never told a lie. He would always answer honestly and on some occasions he was too honest and I had to tell him that we couldn’t actually use some of the things that he gave his opinions on. he never fudged an issue whether it was to do with players or their wages.’ Colin tattum, Birmingham Mail.

      Two sides, who knows what to believe?

  • norfolkhammer says:

    as Malcolm McClaren would say it’s a SWINDLE

  • UnRuffelledHammer says:

    I respect Hugh’s call to unite, unite behind ‘the team’. I respect alternative perspectives voiced here, especially those asking ‘unite behind what?’. This question has posed huge problems for me. My Mum played piano at her cousin’s wedding party when she married Jimmy Barrett Jnr. The late James ‘Jimmy’ Ruffell was a relative (a maternal first cousin three times removed). Martin Britt was a team mate in five a dude football at Southend a Tech after the cruel ending of his career as we studied A-levels, and my son, Eddie, played on the sacred turf of the Boleyn several times for Swindon Town reserves against Jimmy Quinn, Leroy, Rio and Steve Jones. All this s to make a simple point: Iron flows in the blood. And Hugh’s well intended reminder to his reader’s is on point, and timely.

    From my first game with my cousin Paul Martin in the 59/60 season against Villa, a cold and misty afternoon in the Chicken Run, there has never been any question of ‘who I support’. The Iron’s are part of my identity every bit as much as East Ham Memorial hospital, the sickly sweet waft from the Trebor factory, Queen’s road Market on a Saturday morning and my Uncle’s who stood, game in and out, on the South terrace at UP after a week of sweeping streets or working in a Romford factory. The Hammers are part of my heritage, part of my identity fashioned out of a childhood in East London, before the lure of SE Essex did its work on the family. My guess it’s the same for many of us. We don’t tend to be ‘tourist fans’ like ManU. We have family, heritage, lived experiences that bind us to our ‘team’. Team is synonymous with ‘home’ for me, and how would anyone feel if there home is ripped away from them?

    The point here is this: Hugh’s piece, well intended as it is – big respect – fails to make a crucial differentiation or distinction between ‘team’ ( identity, heritage, deep positive emotions) and ‘club’ ( ownership, leadership, and the latest allegation of Sullivan lying).

    I am loyal to the ‘team’ by definition; I am ambivalent, and as the days pass, more and more distrustful of the quality of the club’s ownership.

    I love the ‘team’ with all of the player’s shortcomings and qualities. I would rather distance myself from the sketchy leadership of the ‘club’ though. Somehow, what needs to happen, is that team and club are sutured before this ‘gap’ gets wider. I think that’s Hugh’s point, though I’m not his apologist.

    I hope I’ve explained my view of the distinction between ‘team’ ( the ‘unsullied’, and yes, sometimes I do wonder about their tackle!) and the Sullied ( who I do not think provide a culture of serious, professional leadership). But that is merely an opinion. Not a fact I could prove. It is all that can be drawn from what little is shared with fans. By contrast, look at the way Levy at Spurs, a shrewd capitalist indeed, has retained discipline, professionalism and a ‘home’ for his club AND team.

    What we are seeing here is a rift between the beloved Irons on the one hand – the notion of that ‘team’ which flows through identity – and the current ownership, leadership and ‘branding’ of ‘the club’ ( the business entity).

    The team us not the club, and never will be. The team is ‘ours’, we are the moral, physical stakeholders. My identification with the team is bottom-up, despite the mega-money the players earn (and I don’t). The ‘club’ is a top down notion that separates us from what matters in terms of our identity with the Irons.


  • Travis says:

    Well youre keeping the grannies on WHTID entertained anyways Hugh.Bunch of gossiping tarts.Always the same faces with nothing better to do wth their lives..

  • neilalex says:

    ‘The point here is this: Hugh’s piece, well intended as it is – big respect – fails to make a crucial differentiation or distinction between β€˜team’ ( identity, heritage, deep positive emotions) and β€˜club’ ( ownership, leadership, and the latest allegation of Sullivan lying).’

    Yes of course, owners come and go, the generations of fans remain. My kids are WHU fans purely because of me.And it is of course true that you can support the team whilst despising the club’s hierarchy. The problem is when protesting about that leadership is automatically characterised as somehow being disloyal to the team.

    What I witnessed at the beginning of last season appeared to be a concerted and conscious attempt by ‘the club’ to change the identity and heritage of WHU; to sanitise and emasculate it. In the light of what has happened subsequently, and the dawning realisation of their complete self interest, I can only look back at that and conclude that it was a deliberate strategy designed to produce a more docile and easily sellable ‘product’. If they achieve that, then the heritage and identity referred to has actually gone, it no longer exists.

    We’re stuck with these vile people until at least the point at which they can sell without incurring any clawback. Nothing we can do about it. But let’s not for Christ’s sake give them an easy ride or allow them to think that we are the tame sheep they appear to think WHU fans are. Let’s stick up for ourselves and the ‘team’. Telling them what we think of them in the bowl itself would be a good start, hence I completely understand the banner protests etc. that people are beginning to talk about. Make them and the wider public completely aware of just how we feel about the lying sh*tbags.

  • Travis it really doesn’t matter. We know we’re the best. The others are just talking shops – at least we bring news. Taking the **** is the pastime of the stupid.

    • Radai Lama says:

      Lol to be fair did you expect anything different lads.You know some of them sit there on their thrones looking down on other sites so why let it bother any of us 😁
      You know some of them are the equivalent of Peggy Mitchell & Pat Butcher when it comes to being old gossips πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • This is a news site. I told you earlier not to be personal. Talking ******** Bye

  • Gary says:

    Whether any of us agree or disagree with Hugh he is a West Ham supporter.Not an effing Spud, Not an effing Millwall supporter so your abuse towards him his pitiful.
    He supports the same effing club as us and is allowed a point of view on his own site,he is allowed to pen a piece you dont agree with but the insults towards one of our own are **** from you.
    The same with fans from other sites who want to laugh.They should grow a pair come on here with the same name and say what they think to Hugh.Not witter away like pathetic gossips on a street corner.
    You say the owners make you sick but some of you make me sicker.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Still banged up rads !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Travis says:

    Hugh has been busy deleting.A good move,wouldnt want to give them sad no lives elsewhere air time anyway.They can gossip by email instead,no marks.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Hi Hugh you do a great job on the site mate alongside Sean in bringing news even though I might say from time to time about the odd milking of a story, speaking from a personal view I appreciate what you do in bringing us the news and some exclusive’s, now I will find a bucket to throw up into after my nauseous praise, back on topic, I won’t be at the Huddersfield game as I will be watching it in Turkey hopefully but I am sure the fans at the game will be supportive as we always are, most of the negativity is from a small minority but in regards to the Carvalho situation something doesn’t ring true from Sullivan and i agree with those that feel we are being mugged off by him, the net spend on transfers, the way we are borrowing money and the cash flow in general makes it look as though some clever accounting might be taking place, which would be acceptable if we saw it being invested in players but we are not so some transparency is required to explain why when earning around Β£150 million the net spend on players is Β£19.2, wages are Β£83 million where is the rest of the money going

  • Wes says:

    Keep up the good work folks.You will always have detractors as well as fans who appreciate the news you bring.Its not about always agreeing with everything in an article,its about discussing it like adults not abusing the author or sites owners.
    Surely we are all adult enough to do that.
    And why should it bother users of this site what fans on another site think.If they are talking about this site then their site must be boring them right?? Or they are boring eachother??

  • jimbo says:

    Hugh – My beef is with how the board treat us fans as complete mugs, and not with you. I apologise if my comments were perceived as OTT and personal, but I do honestly believe that enough is enough (where the board is concerned) and the time is right for change. Neilalex has conveyed this message far better than I could in his post above. So let’s unite behind the team, but not let the board off, cos otherwise they will just carry on mugging us all off.

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