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Rate the West Ham players

This evening we officially launch our partnership with Zebra metrics to rate the players after each match.
CandH has have been chosen by developers Zebrametrics as their exclusive West Ham partner.

The plug in below will allow you to have your say, rating players, the manager and the ref after each and every Premier League game.

Over the course of a season, these ratings will at long last give you, the people who matter, a voice in the public debate over who is playing well or not. After all, why should we allow a handful of pundits on TV, press and radio tell us, the hard core fans, what to think of the players.

All you will have to do after ever Premier League game is to log on to ClaretandHugh expand the new plug-in below and select the players you wish to rate. You will have 5 hours from the final whistle to submit your player ratings and compare them with your fellow fans! So get registered and have your say!

An app is coming soon that will allow you to earn points by predicting lineup and rating players. These points can be redeemed for goodies!


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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

16 comments on “Rate the West Ham players

  1. Adrian 7, Antonio 6, Collins 7, Reid 7, Arthur 6, Nordsvelt 4, Kouyate 8, Noble 5, Valencia 5, Ayew 4, Carroll 4. Tore 5, Payet 6, Byran 7. None of the new players impressed me, Ayew was very poor even before he got injured. A lot of poor decisions made by management tonite. I don’t know when Bilic is going to realise we cannot play AC as a lone striker. Sick of looking at him up top. Davids cheque book out we need a top RB and a top striker.

  2. Cant wait to get Lanzini and Sakho back in team, the sooner the better and young Oxford in at CB or holding mid. Nordsvelt was shocking in my opinion.

  3. Very disappointing performance. Ratings – Adrian 6 Antonio 3 (but played out of position) Nortveit 2 (might as well not have been there) Reid 5 Collins 7 Musuaku 6 ( very promising) Noble 4 (was he in the side ?) kouyate 3 Valencia 5 Carroll 5 Ayew 4 Byram 5 (an improvement on Antonio – but then, he is a right back!) Tore 5 Payet 6.
    Overall ; must do very much better !

  4. Adrian 7, Antonio 4, Collins 6, Reid 6, Arthur 6, Nordsvelt 5, Kouyate 7, Noble 5, Valencia 2, Ayew 4 Carroll 6, Tore 4, Payet 6, Byram 7.
    Early days but not impressed, at least Byram looked comfortable & should get the right back spot.

  5. Why keep banging on about a RB. Byram was great when he came on.Didn’t put a foot wrong. Should have played from the start with Antonio out wide instead of the non existent Valencia. Ref only gave us anything if it was in our own half. Costa was very lucky to still be on to score the winner. Bad team selection from the start. For feck sake Slav play a right back at right back and stop being so fu*king stubborn. Much as i love Noble, he was also very lacking. The Ant must feel like he’s been punished for not being too good in a position that he don’t want to be in. Slav is going to kill his confidence at this rate. So bloody disappointed. COYI X

  6. Johnham1, you reckon we need a RB yet you give Byram joint top mark. Unbelievable mate. What has he done so wrong?

  7. Can’t get on that site so posting here,
    Very angry from the moment Slav picked Antonio at right back,stop flogging a dead horse admit you are wrong and put him back where he should be,
    Sell Valencia he never passed once to his own team spent all night running up his rear end,
    Noble looks slow and made some terrible mistakes,
    Novedt looks better and quicker
    Adrien 6
    Antonio 4
    Collins 6
    Reid 5
    Man whatever 7 looks good but no Cressie
    Kouyate 6
    Noble 5
    Norveld 7
    Ayew 6
    Tore 5
    Carroll 8 by miles our best player
    Valencia 3
    Byram 7
    Payet 5
    Frustrating day as a fan from the minute you saw the side,
    We never deserved a point and never got one,
    If this season is going to get better Slav must stop playing Antonio at RB and think hard about Noble and weather he deserves his starting place now we have better

  8. Shocking performance. Not sure what slaven thinking with his tactics and subs.Antonio must be seething when he sees valencia and Tore poncing about in front of him.
    Adrian 5 average
    Antonio 5 fault for penalty.but if played in right position would be a threat
    Masuaku 6 steady performance
    Reid 4 no composure on ball
    Collins 8 if every player had his heart we’d be top of league.
    Nordvelt 3 too slow on ball
    Noble 5 needs to go forward with ball not backwards constantly.
    Kouyate 6 lots of effort but to no avail
    Valencia 3 runs down blind alleys too often
    Ayew 3 sluggish
    Carroll 5 lots of effort but first touch is poor.
    Tore 3 fat and unfit
    Byram 6 played well and should start against Bournemouth
    Payet 6 not enough time to show his class

  9. I was the only one that thought Novedt had a good game
    Must check my glasses,
    Can’t see what Carroll could have done more with the balls he was given,he worked so hard and the only player that caused the trouble
    If Tore is this great player Slav wanted I can’t see it,but maybe he is a RB,
    With Valencia and Noble on the pitch it was like playing with 9 men
    The problem with playing Noble and Novedt Kouayte was playing a different role then normal and we lost his best game
    Byram should play RB no more playing about he is good enough

  10. Adrian 6 Reid 3 Collins 5 Arthur 6 noble 2 nordveit 2 ayew 0 tore 1 Antonio 4 keitch 4 Valencia 1 payet 6 carol 5 . Byrum 6.
    Bilic 2.
    Ref 0 , we got form with this clown , he should be demoted to McDonalds U7′”s
    Robbed again at the bridge ? Ref bottled it with Costa !!! Disgracefull , utter clown , this is how its going to be all season , same as last season , robbed and nobody can do nothing about it , didn’t even take the yellow out for the diving in the box and all over the park .
    Why take Antonio off and leave Valencia and tore on ???? Arrogance gets you nowhere !
    Noble for england ?? You’re having a laugh !!! Dream on lad !!!!!
    We actually made Chelsea look good lol.

  11. I haven’t seen us pass the ball that badly for a long time. In fact, we didn’t really pass it at all..
    Either trying to take on players in our own half or hoofing it long.
    Felt sorry for Kouyate and Carroll, who at least put a shift in.
    Actually, I also felt sorry for Antonio, he clearly hates playing RB.
    Agree that the new players were generally poor – Nordveit way off the pace, Ayew did nothing before going off and Tore did nothing when he came on.
    Matsuaka and Byram did OK, and we almost gt out of jail.
    Really disappointing night all-round though.

  12. Spot on Bubs. I honestly can’t understand why Byram isn’t our no 1 RB. If Ant plays bad on the wing then sub him not not when he is so obviously played out of position. Why was he not pushed forward and replace the ineffective Valencia? Reid looks out of his depth and totally bemused at times. Might be Burkes time. However it’s not all gloom and doom and i’m sure it will improve. COYI X

  13. Please get the zebrametrics off my computer! It invades my Claret + Hugh page, and I cannot seem to close / remove it. It seems to use a lot of memory/power, and doesn’t work anyway. It also thinks that George McCartney is still playing for us!

  14. As regards the game, we improved when Payet came on. We took off the player who could have hurt them most, namely Antonio. I was delighted to see Byram come on as RB, but not happy that Antonio was taken off. Tore was nothing like as good as Antonio. Bad day at the office, but bad tactics too…which was not good…
    Oh well. Move on…Hoepfully, learn from this….

  15. Adrian made some good saves 7
    Antonio oh dear 4
    Masuaku a promising 6
    Reid some good some bad 6
    Collins our best player tonight 7
    Notdveidt shaky display 5
    Noble below par 5
    Kouyate never got going 6
    Ayew ouch 5
    Carroll worked hard 6
    Valencia not convincing 5

    Byram should start as RB 6
    Tore looked out of his depth 5
    Payet so glad we have him 6

  16. The quicker payet and lanzini get back the better , its blatantly obvious we never strengthened our back four with Reid a complete unreliable centre back , Collins a slow warhorse but will keep getting exposed as Reid will , I’ve banged on a while now about a c/h and a right back , it came to the fore tonight !! Expect much the same until these positions are resolved , oxford couldn’t do no worse than Reid or Collins , why no ogbonna ???
    Nordtveidt got a welcome to the prem ? Noble needs benching !! Simply not good enough , his pace is shocking , need a replacement asap. And on top of that a 20 mill sick note who did zilch as did tore !!!! What the feck has gone on here tonight , give Valencia to WBA for free , get rid . Enough is enough Ffs !!!!!
    Bilic needs a reality check !! He knew he made a mistake with selection tonight it was written all over his mush ? Lol. Roll on Thursday then ??
    Probably should have waited until tomorrow before commenting !!
    I actually thought we were back with the hippo tonight ? Hoof ball ????????
    We only livened up when payet came on , pi££ed off is an understatement !

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