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Reaction to meeting

As Sean has mentioned below a number of us met with Karren Brady last night to discuss a number of issues and to assist in the transition to the new stadium.

We’ll produce a more detailed video analysis over the next couple of days but here is our initial reaction.

I’d just like to say how impressed I was that so many of the good people from the West Ham blogging world turned up with so many suggestions to help the fans. The room was full of people both from the club and the social media sites who clearly wanted to do everything they could to make things better.

I’ll leave the detailed writing to Sean who I’m sure has much to report but I’m extremely confident that all the members of the various sites represented the fans very well.

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38 comments on “Reaction to meeting

  1. So what time does SEan get up? I’ve been sat here since 1am!!

  2. I am up but need to fact check a few things with the club first to make sure my notes are correct

  3. Good Mann Sean. Will you tell us why the WHUISA man never turned up despite being invited? KUMB mention something about westfields? Rumours are

    1 – they called in at a bar beforehand and blew all the subs on beer and
    2 – they sent their committee member Nigel Kahn but Brady told him the meeting was in the Westfields management offices. Where he is still held.

    Either is good.

    • NK was probably too busy hatching his next plan to convince his congregation that the Payet situation is all the chairmens fault lol

    • I have been told they were invited to the wrong Tuesday meeting by mistake. WHUISA have been invited to the SAB next Tuesday and yesterday’s meeting also a Tuesday was limited to website, youtubers and a fanzine. Space was very limited in the meeting room last night and there were no seats remaining. I don’t think it was an conspiracy. WHUISA will get there say next Tuesday as one of 20 voices at the SAB

  4. Did the WHTID spokesperson take a list of formations, transfer targets, numbers of ST holders that won’t renew and video messages from those that have never attended the ground from abroad? 🙂

  5. Lmao. My money is on Iain Dale not attending so who did represent John, Ron and Bobby’s site?

    • The way they’ve been talking I’m surprised there spokesman didn’t turn up with a burning effergy of Brady and a 1000 name petition for a immediate move back to UP and a immediate removal of all popcorn related products 🙂

  6. Dont crash the site with weight of comments again chaps.
    I mean we only have a Hardcore of 5 users according to some pillock on there.
    Where as they have a Retardcore of not many more.They just never belt up from dawn to dusk!

    • Always notice it’s the same one or two that like to stir the pot but then again it’s the same ones that are now saying poor old Dimi this and poor old Dimi that so ain’t really worth giving a **** about anyway 🙂

      • Most ironic thing about it..if it wasnt for the same 10 or so blokes on there flapping their gums all day the tumble weed would be blowing through the place.

  7. “Get In The Hole” called them the same “12 old men” churning out the same old crap. I’d have added “lonely” I mean how do you post on a site repeating yourself day in day out for 16 hours? You need to fit a life in there somewhere right?

    • Saw they reacted with the “He’s a troll” statement straight away as well? I mean how dare he go on there and post the truth 🙂

  8. I’m so glad you mentioned the queuing at halftime for a beer.. it’s bloody soul destroying standing there while those Muppets fanny about pouring the drinks to order. Cheers Gonzo 🙂

  9. It might have helped harmonise the club in our new home if certain media internet presences had decided to stop stirring up the fan base by slagging off ms Brady and the stadium she was so proud of.

    • Which ones S-A-L…do you mean the ones who slag off everything about the club until their blind followers start repeating what they say or the sites where people are so scared to not slag the club they actually apoligise for putting their points across if they are not anti Sullivan Brady or Gold.
      Jesus christ why should someone feel the need to apoligise for going on a blog only because they want to write something that isnt ripping the club to bits..

  10. Story on KUMB that Paul Christmas was invited on behalf of WHUISA but at the last moment he couldn’t attend so another committee member was due to attend (NIgel Kahn?) and so West Ham withdrew the invite. Is this how the WHUISA are going to conduct itself? Brady and the board would not want NK within an a 100 miles of one of these meetings given his often stated agenda to drive the owners out, demolish the LS and return to UP. He’s entitled to his much repeated views but they are not going to push the club in the right direction and the owners will have no interest in meeting the committee while he is on it. The WHUISA will blow a good opportunity if they’re not careful imo.

  11. Im sure all become clear soon.
    I have little time for these rabble rousers in life who surround themselves with like minded people then say that 80% or 90% feel the same as them..Be it aganst the chairmen or pro the chairmen.

  12. Lol lads i thought when i saw the site was down yesterday some of The Pants must be having a field day 😁
    To be fair they were owed a free hit,we have taken the rise enough times when they have flooded Till I Die Towers & crashed it 🌊😂😂

    • For a such a highbrow site that never read the comments they don’t half go on about the same posters here! But that would be hypocritical wouldn’t it? I mean they never do anything like that 🙂

      • I dont take the banter seriously no more.The only thing that gets me are the ones who call the articles here click bait,lifted from other sites,blah bkah then when Sean does an article for them the same geezers are praising him like a returning hero.Now that is hypocritical boll**** 😬😁

  13. I quite Nigel K as he talks straight to the saps and tells them when they talk b******* but there is no way he represents me in terms of a ISA and there is no way the club will want him at any meeting. Who can blame them? Shame on PC Hammer for allowing it to get to this. Bad start imo.

    • I respect Nigel as he’s nailed his flag to the pole from day one unlike others who sway from left to right depending who says what to be part of the select circle, but lets be honest he ain’t the best person to be talking to the board is he 🙂

      • I nominate H on a Skype link from Hamburg lol 😁
        Im joking of course but i tell you what i bet he would do a good job.And i aint just blowing smoke up his German ass because he might read this 😂.The geezer has worked in the media i believe,has a good head on his shoulders & knows how to conduct himself in these meeting i reckon.You could do a lot worse im telling you.Though him living in a bunker in Germany makes it almost impossible for it to happen😉

        • He might have been good once now he is just NKs glove puppet Lol

          • No mate, I am far from being NK’s glove puppet, I have met him, I do like him as as person, but do certainly not share his opinion on everything.
            As for my bunker, well, it’s a second floor flat in the East End of Hamburg, but it’s slightly more comfy than your average bunker.
            I am a member of WHUISA indeed, but agree that my being in Hamburg makes it difficult to attend meetings at short notice, I will still try to give some input.
            As harshly as I tend to criticise the board these days, kudos for making an effort by meeting the blog and forum representatives.
            It is a promising sign and it can only be good if it helps towards increasing the matchday experience for us fans, no matter if we attend one, several or all home games during the season.

          • Well i was actually being sincere that i thought you would do a good job.But take it how you want H 😁
            I still remember Charlton Life & you left them having nightmares for months on end 😂😂

  14. Radia having a little Brokeback moment there. You’ll have his bromance partner after you mate! Besides the meeting was 3 hours long and 40 people attended he’d change his support 20 times the video link would blow.

    • H is off limits for me.No bromance just like the guy.He just has selective memory when he tells us off about speaking about the other place.He forgets he used to come here when Banjo was doing his head in & moan about him here 😂😂😂

      • Ah well, thanks for the morale support mate. I doubt they would let me into future meetings as I have also been quite critical towards them in the past.
        As for the sites it is good that there are West Ham blogs suited for everyone.
        And it is about individuals as well, I suppose most of us could get on quite well sharing a pint after a game, regardless which Blog we prefer.
        I have socialised with guys from Hammers Chat and also West Ham Fan TV.
        There are good and bad apples everywhere.
        Let me warn you though: Depending on their action in the next six months I may adjust my opinion on the board as well…:-))

        • You wont never change your mind again H.Nigel has you blackmailed on free Pie & Mash when you come over 😁😁

          • Nah, you don’t change my mind that easily, not even Nigel.
            Now, if you’d be offering a free curry dinner and a lager shandy I may have to reconsider… 😋

          • Yeah its ok H we all know the way to your opinion shifts is through your belly 🍴😂

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