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‘Real Fans’ claim they are marching for a promise

The Real West Ham Fans Action Group (RWHFAG) have claimed they are not looking for billions to be pumped into West Ham or that the Hammers get into the market for near £100 million players.

According to a piece from Sam Inkersole in the football:london they are merely looking for what has been promised which one member claimed was the point of the March 10 march.

Sam spoke with Greg Smith – a member of the group and an Irons supporter for over 50 years – who claimed:  “It might surprise some people but we actually just want what the board have promised us – a successful football club.

For us as West Ham supporters it is about playing good football, feeling comfortable where we are and enjoying ourselves in a family atmosphere.

“No fears of relegations, maybe having a good cup run, doing a Leicester one year – pipe dream maybe – that’s what we want.””If we do nothing, then there won’t be any change and that’s our view. We believe marching is our only viable option,” Smith said.

“We have met with the club and to be honest it’s been interesting, making the right noises, have sympathy and want to help but for us, we are perhaps cynical by nature now considering what has happened so is this genuine?

“Rather than wait another season, we’ve been in Stratford a season and a half, I genuinely believe the club think they have delivered on the branding because there is a bit of claret and blue around.

“A few pictures too but it’s really not enough for us. Will we get the change we want? we don’t know but if we don’t try then we never will.”


“At the moment, every Saturday they decide to stick up some bunting to show we are a football club and then in the afternoon when the game is done and we have all gone off, they take it all down and put something else because there is a concert going on or something.

“For some, that stadium is fit for football, to some it’s not. We want people broadly in line with “this will do now” whether it is the retractable seating, turning the pitch around, squaring it off, whatever.

“We want it to look more like a permanent home – I know it is hired – but even if it’s the facade, literally and metaphorically our home, pictures of old players, big flags, things you expect and see at the Arsenal, even Watford away, so you have a sense of pride for the club.”


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “‘Real Fans’ claim they are marching for a promise

  1. More power to em. Weren’t we promised champions league, world class stadium and all the rest of the bollicks that was on the Daves 10 point plan. An apology from the shysters might be a good place to start.

  2. Wouldn’t mind an apology for overpromising and under delivering and a strategy to not be out front and in your face when it comes to transfer business, it is a strategy that has spectacularly failed so far as DS seems imho a very poor negotiator of deals. With someone less prominent brokering the deals we would probably get better value for money. Any deal comes down to personailities at the end it has always been the same, at the top of Football clubs it seems to be as demonstrated by the SL affair with Carvalho and the Payet affair with Marseilles that DS and the opposing chairmens ego’s were too big and that was the problem. It is why clubs don’t generally want to deal with Marseilles, Sporting Lisbon or us I guess, it is the same at many other clubs, Lyon springs to mind but there are clubs all over where the chairmen all think they are billy big b0ll0cks when they are not, they are too insecure & self obsessed to allow any deal to get done without an overt display of how strong they think they are… they pat themselves on the back during the good times but don’t look at themselves enough during the bad times. I still believe they can turn out to be good but they need to change gears and build for the long term rather than making ridiculous promises and selling lies.

  3. World class team for a world class stadium – Karren Brady
    Seats must not be further from pitch than the boley. – Davis gold

    Two promises made on camera

    Don’t recall Sullivan ever mentioning that all selling our home for would get us is 10m a year extra

    That is is story now Though

    The lies are coming home to roost deliver or leave

  4. They sold us this move as takingthe Club to the next leve

    The reality is nothing lol what they promised

    As I said if they cannot deliver, they can’y Take us back so they have to go

    Tripp smith came onto the board last year, his job? FInding buyers for big companies so don’t tell me there are no buyers out there when we ha e a in house expert in finding them

    • Well done Bear!
      I know a lot more than I theoretically should, but due to serendipity, I know that either Tripp/Schwartzman/ and many of the directors at Blackstone may provide the pathway for the big time philanthropic buyers, who really do exist out there (especially US & Canada).
      My ‘information file’ is only about 90% complete, but if we get ‘it right’, we may see a West Ham that has the financial means of taking us to the very top; As a doctor, I sometimes have to make guesses on the prognosis of particular illnesses; my feeling, based on reasonably accurate football-based evidence (lol??), is that within 2 years, we will have a very different looking West Ham.

  5. No 32 – On point regarding a transfer or player recruitment strategy. The Real Fans are being realistic and reasonable in what they are seeking, and how they are going about it. Power to them. Surely the delivery of a competently managed player recruitment strategy is not too much to expect.

  6. The ‘Real’ West Ham Fans Action Group…?? Lol
    Don’t you just love it when a group take it to call themselves The ‘Real’ fans..

    • How can you be happy with the current position of the club..because your comments suggest you are. Real West Ham fans are not..

  7. Yeah, obviously I’m not ‘real’ either. Realist, maybe.

    • Real, realist, or realistic?
      Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk
      (Max Willow-very distant relative of Curly an Moe Howard from the 3 stooges;mmm-toimites!!)

  8. Real as opposed to the people wearing other teams colours and those that blatently tell you they are Arsenal, Chelsea etc. Real as opposed to the football tourists that have no love for our club whatsoever. Find out the facts about this group before you unleash your smug, snide remarks. At least they are trying to do something about the appalling state our club is in not just being keyboard warriors.

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