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Real Fans Group deserves a thank you

I wrote in a recent blog that I had no issues with the March 10 march which has been called off by one group of supporters and appears to be taken up by another.

I still don’t but I feel the point may well and truly made anyway by the Real West Ham Fans Action Group.

One issue above all others towers above the march and the feelings of the fans about the board or otherwise and that is Isla’s fight for life.

As a result of the March 10 business being put to bed by the RWHFAG, they have ensured that a little three year old who knows nothing about these things has a chance to live.

Around £40k from them and the club will now go into the fund which we hope will see her find her way to America for life-saving surgery.

It may not have been the original intention but looking at the outcome, I for one thank the group. In the end their protest was used for the good of one little girl and her family – life in all its forms and saving it wherever possible is the most important thing of all in my world.

So if there is to be a march it would be nice to think that the organisers – whoever they may be – will take some collection buckets with them and add to the fund for Isla.

As for the board, if anybody believes the point hasn’t been made and they misunderstand fan power then I would have to disagree.

They have had a mighty shot fired across their bows and if they don’t get it right from here on in then they will deserve nobody’s support.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “Real Fans Group deserves a thank you

  1. Where I agree it’s the right thing to do, i think its disgusting that the board have used this for it. People have been saying on twitter than the club should have donated more over the past few months.

    You look at Everton for example what they done for Bradley Lowery, they donated £200k after their game against Sunderland that’s the way to do it no need to bribe people.

    • THink it was the other way around mate. They were asked what they would add to the fund if the Real Fans Group called off the march

      • I bet sully is pithed of hearing its cost him 20 k and the march is going to take place sometime soon anyway lol! I mean that’s the carvhalo bid out the window 😂

  2. Raising 50K to help that poor little three year is remarkable and should be applauded .
    Any fundraising to help those in need is a sign of our Humanity and good will .
    At the moment we need to get behind the Team if we are to survive this season and emerge as a Premiership side for next season . Protesting is our God given right , of course . But not to the depriment of the Club . It’s hard to say the right thing at times because we can all be misunderstood and or misquoted . The threat of a March of protest has made things happen , or at least highlighted some issues . There will still be some protests of course , we are expecting it from some fans . The move from Upton Park ( Boleyn) was needed . Our stadium was too small for the Fan Base . Did we go to the right Stadium ? , I think yes and given time it will prove to be right . Success doesn’t happen overnight . Promises have been made , but money is a major stumbling block . If we stay in the Premiership money becomes less of an issue and some promises can be kept . If we fall into the Championship then no promises can be kept . Swansea 0 – 3 West Ham United .

  3. Exactly eastendex !
    Getting it right basil won’t be freebies out of contract players and cheap move the goalpost punts !! Invest in next level and the fans have nothing to complain about ! The move has happened and like it or not we have no choice but to suffer it ! But the team is a different ball game , get it right or it will not go away !
    Let’s hope the march gets a go so we can get some more cash for the beautiful little mite so she can hopefully get well !!
    20 k is pitifully inept for billionaires ! Everton put these tight bxxxxxxs to shame ? She’s waited long enough ! Bring you’re cash lads let’s shame them and our country’s politicians for the lack of compassion and funding in such circumstances !! Bring big buckets whuisa !!!

  4. I agree with Kevin we need to get behind the Team
    and cause no more distractions that could effect there preformance on the pitch.
    As for donations from the Board or Club to Charities,
    when I was Mayor of Skegness several years ago I wrote to the Club regarding my Mayoral Charity which was for a children’s hospice in Boston Lincolnshire and the club and Mr Sullivan agreed and we raised several thousands of £s for the hospice. I just wanted you to know that this club is a family club supporting good causes throughout the kingdom.

    • That’s a nice tale to share about your charity, Hammer56. I fully agree with you and Kevin.
      Problem is that it won’t sit right with some fans who get off on believing DS is a hoarding money-grabber who wants nothing more than to skin our club alive… Some people just won’t listen or change their mind.

    • Raised ? Not donated then ? Good for you 56 in what you achieved but Brady was one of the Tory’s who wanted to take away tax credits for the underprivileged in our society which got kicked into touch by parliament and rightly so !and bradyesk in the next breath is saying what west ham do for the underprivileged kids at grass roots football? Its a bit rich when people try to put them on a generous level ! False ! Through and through lol!!!
      Which is definitely not next level !

  5. Rubbish !! There’s not a player at the club that will be effected by the march ! Total rubbish ?
    The demo is outside the track not inside !
    Truth be known the likes of lanzini and Arnie would we’ll one some class in the team instead of knocking their tabs out and being let down continually by a few that just can’t cut it !
    Its amazing how some just can’t see what is trying to be achieved ! Instead of *****ing about it get up and do something about it !
    Youre words hold no weight whatsoever ! No one is listening ! Its still going ahead ! Get over it ffs .

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