Redknapp Cautions West Ham

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Harry Redknapp has injected a note of caution into the ongoing saga surrounding David Moyes‘ future at West Ham United.

Speaking on talkSPORT Breakfast, Redknapp recognised Moyes’ positive impact on the club. He expressed his disappointment about the apparent breakdown in the relationship between Moyes and co-owner David Sullivan.

Redknapp warned West Ham fans that clamoring for a change in management doesn’t guarantee a brighter future. He raised concerns about the club’s ability to secure a top-tier replacement for Moyes. “Careful what you wish for,” he remarked, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding a potential successor.

Kieran McKenna, manager of Ipswich Town, has emerged as a potential candidate for the West Ham job. Redknapp is a vocal supporter of McKenna, even calling him “Manager of the Year” for his achievements at Ipswich.

However, Redknapp also highlighted the competition for McKenna’s managerial expertise. Brighton & Hove Albion are reportedly interested in him as well. Although what with Ipswich’s financial limitations, and even with a potential promotion to the Premier League, could make West Ham’s offer less appealing.

Redknapp’s comments suggest that West Ham faces a complex situation. While a change in management is likely, finding a suitable successor for Moyes who can replicate his success is far from guaranteed. The upcoming summer transfer window and managerial search promise to be crucial periods for the club’s future.

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  • Deathblow says:

    Nobody gives a toss what this money-grabbing Arthur Daley thinks.
    All these free-loaders getting paid by Talksh*te to spout twaddle and be a Sulivan and Moyes mouthpiece is pathetic. But we have a circus of a tabloid club, so as long as the present regime is coining it at our expanse, we’re stuck with it.
    The amount of talking a-holes who run West Ham fans down is outrageous, but fueled by the owner. He loves our money but hates us
    You wait, when Lopategui fails miserably, he’ll blame us, just like he did for HIS failure of an appointment Pellegrini, not even 12 hours after we’d won the Cup.

    We all know Pellegrini wanted out because of the way the club was run and the impossible task of instilling a winning mentality in anybody, especially the hierachy.

    He was a vanity appointment by Sullivan, we had no say. He let Moyes go, not us. We appreciated the job he did keeping us up, but Sullivan didn’t.

    Be careful what YOU Sullivan wish for. The fans won’t put up with paying a fortune to watch crap.

  • Tezzard says:

    Bagpuss names Kieran McKenna as manager of the year and at the same time says ‘be careful what you wish for’


    Just another ex pro media pal paid to repeat the same tired message , ironically if redknapp of old was in charge of the current West Ham , I’m quite sure we would play better football , sign exciting players when offered, and give the youth some game time.

  • Ricky says:

    Jose for manager, win a trophy with us unlike them useless spuds

  • De says:

    Always would’ve loved moyes to continue but things like getting Phillips when we were screaming out for a striker and did not need another dm, like that comedy sketch little britsin when the wife sends husband to shop to get something important she asks “did you get what we needed? He replies: “even better than that. And lists all the useless crsp he just bought.. Moyes has been wonderful but also unbelievably frustrating. He showed glimpses of attack minded but having countless games ending with just 20% possession is crazy esp with the players we have. West ham fans are not fickle by any stretch. Playing ultra defensive and losing to teams we should be beating is madness. I could go on.


    Hi if you look at a video of Arsenal or manches city who close down players right up to the 90 minute and look at our players in every game in the second harf of every mach they just kept falling back in there owen harf with no effort to run until the wihistle goes. NOT FIT ENOUGH. PUT THE SHIRT ON AND RUN TILL THE END.B.J.

    • John Simmonds says:

      Fork off Redknapp. Nothing with you.
      They’ve stuck your cheque in the post. Go and stick it on a nag

  • Mark says:

    What a great day at Stamford bridge our starting 11 consisted of 1 English man !! Let’s use our youth before there sold of to clubs that reconsise there talants

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