Redknapp: ‘Sam wrong boss for owners and fans’


allardyce-redknapp1 (1)Harry Redknapp reckons Sam Allardyce was always the wrong fit as West Ham manager.

Speaking to KICCA the former Irons boss said: “Sam Allardyce was always the wrong kind of manager for the owners and the fans at West Ham.

“I just think that Sam didn’t sit with the owners. He’s not how they see their manager. Sam’s a big, rough northerner.

“He’s done a great job wherever he goes but I don’t think there’s any love lost there between the manager and the Chairman in all honesty deep down.

“For the club and the fans, you get the impression it was a personality issue.

“Sam’s done a great job don’t get me wrong, I just get the feeling that behind the scenes Sam was not their man.

“I just get the feeling that David Sullivan, who I get on very well with, feels they want to go in a different direction.

“The fans were not in love with Sam, for whatever reason. Don’t ask me why.  A lot of them like him but a lot of them quickly turn on him when things don’t go well.

“They talk about the Academy but that was a long, long, long, long time ago that West Ham played this wonderful football that everyone talks about.

“We’re talking about Ron Greenwood’s days probably and in those days he had three players who played in a World Cup Final so it wasn’t difficult to play fantastic football. But also where did they finish in them years… bottom half of the league even with three World Cup players.

“So you can’t have it all ways, Sam produces results.”

Redknapp added: “They’re in that middle league, that’s where you see West Ham. At the start of the year I’d have said yeah they’ll stay up, they’ll be out of that bottom six or seven who are scrapping to stay up but they won’t be in the top six or seven who are looking to get into Europe.

“They’re below that Tottenham upwards level this year. So they are about where you would expect them to be, or where you’d hope they would be.

“It’s been a good season for them, middle of the table would be a good season like it will be for Stoke and one or two other teams around there.”

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  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahah…”The fans were not in love with Sam, for whatever reason. Don’t ask me why”… Ehi Harry I tell you why… Because he’s a stubborn idiot and his football is rubbish… Understood? 😉

  • Quickdraw de Boer says:

    He seems to agree and disagree with all sides,he could end up with some of TC’s splinters if he’s not careful. Hope he’s not throwing his hat in the ring,he’d be better off keeping an eye on his dog’s bank account

  • IronsEssex says:

    “The fans were not in love with Sam, for whatever reason. Don’t ask me why.”
    Here’s a quick 5:
    1.) He respected the point far to much
    2.) He played Kevin Nolan and Matt Jarvis over Nene and Amalfitano
    3.) He cupped his ear to the only people that should matter to him
    4.) He played boring long ball football
    5.) Because he’s a ****

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Haha,wise words from Harry,not.Covering his ass in all directions,keeping himself sweet with Sullivan,Hippo & the fans all at the same time.I guess it is fine to write anything you want about him.He told the court he can barely read.Ok fair enough.Your a w*nker Redknapp!!

  • darkhorse99 says:

    Sam was the right manager to save the team from relegation. However he is not the man to carry the team forward because his policy is to keep a clean sheet and hopefully score on the break. He knew his time was up and it became quite apparent he was reluctant to play the foreign players and constantly played Nolan and Cole.. Cole in particular contributed nothing game after game yet Allardyce still selected him.
    It was a disgrace that he never picked the best team and had no regards for the fans. So it came as no surprise the team was demoralised. He should be ashamed for letting the club down. All I can say is good riddance.

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Yep,good riddance.Even though he has gone i still get angry about the way he took the mickey out of us.His favourite picking & not giving game time to others.He knew he wasnt putting the best team on the pitch on many occassions & for that i still get really ****ed off.I hope no other fans at another club have to suffer that egotistical *******!.I would love it if he retired so everyone was rid of him & his pathetic idea of how to play football.

  • essexclarets says:

    I think we could safely call the fat one a one trick pony. We all know what happens to a knackered old pony…. 😀

  • bubs says:

    And another one where were they all in Jan,telling us what a great job he had done so far,
    Not the right fit is an understatement,and going back to Greenwoods days is half the story,
    He has forgotten about his time in charge with the videos we have been watching,
    One trick cart horse

  • Tony gore says:

    Don’t even think of harry!!!!.

  • whambam says:

    Speaking as someone who is glad to him gone, you have to admit Harry, that had Sam been at QPR when they were in trouble he would of A/ probably kept them up and B/ wouldn’t have cried off with a sore leg

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