‘Dirty Harry’ fires relegation warning to Hammers

RedknappFormer Hammers manager Harry Redknapp has warned West Ham they face being the relegation zone if they don’t sort out their striker situation soon.

Writing is his regular column for the London Evening Standard, Redknapp warned: “West Ham can’t afford to wait for Andy Carroll and Enner Valencia because they could be in the relegation zone by then.”

Thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious Harry!


10 comments on “‘Dirty Harry’ fires relegation warning to Hammers

  1. It is bleeding obvious but do our owners see it like that and do they realize that “sorting it out” means buying quality and not other teams’ rejects.

  2. It may be obvious to everyone else but not our two snails.Oh no wait a minute,it is being sorted isnt it,with a Spud reject or an Italian so abject he cant even get in his loan teams.Ffs,pair of doughnuts.But no problem,Carroll is on his way back.Yeah sure,like he is going to last more than 5 or 10 games before he is shagged again.They are deluding themselves & selling the punters short massively.

  3. Hold on we need wingers with pace. You can have Suarez up there but if he aint getting the ball he wont score. FFS PLEASE BUY ONE OR TWO top wingers and PLEASE STOP focusing on a STRIKER. WAKE UP BILIC. That’s it I have finally gone for it..

    • You think Bilic doesnt know what the f*ck he wants.Yeah he does but he aint holding the purse strings is he.Dumb & Dumber are.

  4. The promise of mid week signings has passed and gone….

  5. It is ‘blleedin’ obvious’ – but it’s also true!

    West Ham have a really thin squad, particularly up front – waiting for Andy Carroll to get fit is not a sensible option – the games against Leicester and Bournemoth should have been a serious wake-up call – but nothing seems to be happening. A striker and wingers are urgently required!

  6. Wenger has already moaned about a lack of quality available in the current market – so it shouldn’t shock anyone that we are struggling to find anyone to bring in, let alone someone of the quality to excite. We’ll be battered by Liverpool and then there will be a couple of panic buys next week. This should have been sorted out weeks ago, and ok the injuries didn’t help, but everyone knows the underlying ground at Chadwell Heath is notorious for injuries, so it should be a starting expectation every season we’ll pick up more injuries than most.

  7. Ha ha – KUMB are saying West Ham are back after Jelavic – talk about Deja Vu!

  8. Jelavic will turn us down to when he is offere £50.00!per week and a 6 month contract,
    We must be the most gullible fans in the world and Harry we still won’t go down,
    Carroll will come good Valencia will be back Sakho has promised 20 goals,
    And Carlton is back in training

  9. Jelavic no thanks – I would rather Adebayor…

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