Reece lets Sam have his cake and eat it!



Sam Allardyce presumably kept a straight face as he discussed the emergence of Reece Burke on the official website today.

Last week he was telling us how tough it was for him to play the youngsters but what a difference today after the 18 year performed so well against Queens Park Rangers.

Here’s a reminder of what Allardyce told London 24.com before the game: “If you put a youngster in and lose, you get criticised, the youngster might get criticised, so it is difficult.

“Or play all your youngsters in the FA Cup and get slaughtered for it. You say ‘we don’t give youngsters a chance’ but you give them a chance, lose, and get slaughtered for it.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

Today, however, that is exactly what he appears to be trying to do as he declares: “When everyone says no one plays a young player any more the bottom line is if you are safe and you say ‘We are going to play a lot of the young players now and we are going to play a lot of players who are on the fringe and whose contracts are up’.

“We want to put them into games at this level and see if they can stand up and get experience.

“It is really encouraging to see young players coming through. We want to put them into games at this level and see if they can stand up and get experience.”

“Burke has come through because of injuries to Winston Reid and James Tomkins and to be fair he would have been more involved if he had not been injured earlier in the season.” REALLY – that doesn’t quite compute Sam!

Back to last week and some more thoughts from the manager as he moaned: “It is always difficult for me. If we were in a better position with our results it would have been a good thing to look at the odd player.

“But the pressure with us at the moment to get results means it would be difficult for me to do.”

Difficult? Maybe! WRONG? Most definitely!

In the meantime giv e me some more of that cake and let me eat it.





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11 comments on “Reece lets Sam have his cake and eat it!

  1. My opinion about him is and it will always be the same: BFS is just a poor idiot.
    He thinks people are stupid, but he’s the only stupid.
    Thanks Sam.

  2. I was going to say ‘ unbelievable’. But why should we be that surprised?

    He’s done so much arse covering he can’t keep track of what he’s said in the past.

  3. Wow,this guy really is losing the plot isnt he? I mean seriously,how can you say one thing friday more or less the opposite monday & not realize you are totally contradicting yourself in the space of a few days.Friday he didnt want to play youngsters because it could damage them.Today he needs to play youngsters to see if they can hack it,i give up.I think he needs a long,long holiday.America is calling you apparently Samuel,get on the plane pls!!!

  4. I do genuinely think the guy is losing the plot.
    I make no secret of the fact that I am not a Sam fan but this is odd even for him.
    We had been playing with almost a full side and losing so why not blood the kids and if we lose we have at least benefited by giving them the experience, now when he has no choice and does it, it is all of a sudden part of his great plan. The man is an egotistical imbecile who thinks all that goes right is because of him and all that goes wrong is everyone else’s fault. Well Sam guess what? We can all (well mostly all) see through your analysis and drivel, this is not because of you that Burke has come through and looks the real deal it is despite you. Everything that has been good about this year has been despite you, if we had of had AC and Nolan available at the start of the year we would have all been saying Sakho who and preparing for life in the championship.

  5. Maybe we’ve finally discovered the truth,the Allerdyce twins! Firstly there’s the more often seen Sham who vehemently sticks to the Neanderthal long ball tactics regardless of who the striker is,who picks his old favourites no matter what form they’re in,who will only pick youngsters to prove a point that the squad is too small whilst sitting on his fat arris chewing the cud doing nothing but “earn” a fortune.
    Then there’s the lesser spotted Sam the bold tactical genius,who bloods youngsters and awaits the long overdue call from Madrid or Barca.
    No? Me neither,the truth is this man is so deluded in his arrogance that he feels he can say or do whatever he wants.
    All I want is for him to shut his piehole and leave our beloved club as soon as possible.

  6. sack that fat **** i cant take his bull**** anymore!!!

  7. He is totally shot away,the brain cells are rebelling inside his hippohead.He never ceases to amaze me.Does he really think that fans are so dense that they dont remember what he says from friday till monday.What a jerk,if he wanted to look at fringe players then put Nene on,put Poyet on,give Amalifitano a go,even though he should be far more than a fringe player imho.He only used one sub out of three on saturday.Were we playing so well we didnt need to put on a couple of these so called fringe players.No,instead we got Cole.This guy is a grade1 muppet.Go talk a load of crap somewhere else,were all sick of your rubbish!

  8. Great a article where we really can come out say what we think about BFS and his stupid mouth,
    Nope nothing else to say
    Think you have it all covered
    Can’t wait ain’t to see the line up next week
    Burke alongside Oxford,Potts and Henry,
    Alfitano in midfield Nene up top,
    I don’t think so

  9. would be nice if Burke keeps hes place against Burnley also plays Amalfitano & Nene as Burnley aint gonna roll over as there be hurting after result on saturday but as we all know Friday a few days away yet lets see wot tripe the fat one comes out with in hes pre match interview. he will still prob put the donkeys out on the park ie Nolan & Cole grr plz season end soon so they can put the fat one back in the asylum

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