Reid “been there…done that ” in Europa

reidchelseaWinston Reid will know exactly what to expect if the Irons start out on a qualifying Europa Cup in July because he’s been there and done that!

The central defender was involved hen at Midtjylland in Denmark, and ran into Manchester City in the early stages.

Talking to London 24.com he said: “There are no easy games, it is tough. The club has to be ready, you can’t just go out there an put a willy-nilly team out there.

“When I was in Denmark, the season had already started in July, but the Premier League won’t have started and we might be coming up against teams who may have already started their season.”

He is pragmatic about qualifying through the Fair Play League saying: “Whatever way you get in, it doesn’t matter I guess.. “You are in the hat like everyone else and it is something the players should look forward to, especially the younger players, but also those who haven’t played in Europe before.”

He added:”It is obviously  one of those things that the club and the players would look forward to, but it is going to take a massive effort from the squad to all pull together.

“European games means more matches and also starting the season earlier, but I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.”


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5 comments on “Reid “been there…done that ” in Europa

  1. What some fans forget banging on about ‘Dont do it”We will be relegated’ is that maybe the players want to play in a european competition.Why wouldnt they,i would think most players would want an experience of playing in a european competition against some big name teams if we progress.We as fans are hardly the people to deny them that opportunity to have this experience.Just my opinion before some ******** comes on crying about relegation like some ****ing doom & gloom merchant.

  2. Anyone would think that being in the Europa League means you will be fighting relegation next season, Look at the stats, it hasn’t happened yet and see no way it will, usually means the start of the season , the team hits the ground running and does well, once again look at the stats from the past.
    Nuf said

  3. I think they don’t have passports old iron and chicken,
    They are like little kids don’t make me wear long trousers like the other kids,
    Does that mean if we were to win the cup or league they would want us to opt out of Europe
    They would settle for mid table no exciting football ( to risky )
    Don’t change the kit ( unlucky )
    Where the same pants to every game in case we don’t respect the point,

  4. I dont get it.What fan doesnt want to see their team in europe.I get a buzz from thinking if we progress we could see some big name clubs come to The Boleyn in its final season.I understand some people have doubts about it but stop being so logical & boring.Get a bit of passion in your hearts for the club & lets enjoy it if we qualify.Too many logical stats gurus about these days,all debating like politicians.Supporting you team isnt about that,it comes from your heart,logic goes out the window.But as a moronic rabid dog i am probably wrong as usually,lol 😉

  5. Just need a big squad! Swansea (my local team now) struggled with fixture congestion and injuries then got sucked into a battle in the league for a bit! Get a bigger, decent squad and I’m happy!

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