Reid: “Not a whisper he’s signed elsewhere”

winston-reid-west-ham-united_3009997West Ham haven’t heard the remotest whisper that Winston Reid has agreed a pre-contract deal with another club despite talks at Upton Park having seemingly stalled.

The Irons believe that had a deal been done elsewhere it’s certain news would have leaked back to them but not a single agent or outside source anywhere has been in touch with them.

A well placed Irons insider Β told ClaretandHugh: “It’s impossible to keep those things a secret. Something always spills out if a deal has been done but there’s been nothing – not a word.

“There has been an absolute silence which suggests the lad is still making up his mind and playing a very cagey game indeed.

“Everybody is hopeful that he and his agents will come back to the negotiating table. After seeing Mark Noble and James Tomkins agree deals it would be great to make it a hat-trick



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

61 comments on “Reid: “Not a whisper he’s signed elsewhere”

  1. Maybe no one wants him.Might have to sign for us because he has no other ‘bigger’ teams than us interested in him.

    • Doubt that; Levy will sign him just to spite us. I can’t see him missing an opportunity like that. He gets a squad player for next to nothing and kicks West Ham in the teeth doing so. If Winston has already done the deed I don’t blame him for keeping it very quiet as it certainly would not go down very well at the Boleyn Ground and he might just get a bit of stick.

      • Could be spot on there pal,Levy would think nothing of doing that,hes a proper Anti Hammer always has been look what he done to Bilic,similar situation now with Reid. C.O.Y.I.

  2. Well at the end of the day if Levy wants to do that to play silly games let him.We are the ones with the OS he wanted.That makes us the bigger winners over anything he can do to spite us πŸ˜‰

  3. The world won’t come crashing down if reid leaves us. It will if big Sam leaves us. The owners should be proud to be british and have a top British manager. They would do well to remember what happened the last time they employed a big name foreign coach.

    • You are right imo about Reid.As for Allardyce he is marginally better than Avram Grant who could not be described as a big name Foreign coach.I would say that both would struggle to run a pub “chook” raffle. BFS has passed his use by date in today’s modern EPL. Good riddance to them both ( Allardyce & Grant ).Thanks for the memories.

    • Haha,oh the world is gping to come crashing down if Sam leaves us is it conkerpot.Love it,good to have you back with your wise words πŸ˜‰

    • Ive been told Arry Redknapp is in the frame,thats why he really left Q.P.R. .Not a foreigner but i too feel Sam can see us through to the O.S. C.O.Y.I.

  4. As for levy. Let’s remember adebayor.

  5. Welcome back Conker πŸ˜‰ and back with a bang … “the world will come crashing down if Sam leaves” an instant Conker classic

  6. Thank you dainon17. I always aim to please. Good to be back. I have been away on holiday … In Sicily.

  7. Roman I’m afraid I beg to differ. Avram grant was a big name foreign manager who had been successful domestically in Israel, had international experience as manager of Israel He also was well experienced in premier league with chelsea and Portsmouth. He took chelsea to a Champions League final, the League Cup final and almost won the Premier League title but for the final day of the season.

  8. Hi Conker, how are you? What do you think about this delicate moment for our sophisticated manager?

  9. I dont think conker is up to date on this situation Matte,he was on holiday in Sicily apparently.Probably too busy partying with the head of his family πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi mattefumi69. Yes I have been away on holiday so am not really aware of the delicate moment of which you speak. If however you are referring to big Sams contract situation then I can tell you I have it on good authority from a source who heard it from another source who is quite close to another source, that the club are currently weighing up a new two year deal for Mr big Sam allardyce. Apparently they see him as just the man to keep us stable in our final year at the Boleyn before taking us into Europe and heralding the dawn of a new and bright future in our shiny new olympic home.

    • I must admit I am with you on this one Conker, West ham will probably offer Big Sam another 2-3 yr deal, keep us in the Prem and settle us in at our New Home and get us ready for Europe BUT and a BIG BUT, the West Ham world will not collapse with Sam gone! If we get a respectable manager who knows how to manage players and not just a team on the pitch we will be fine (and may even start to play the West Ham Way :-)).
      Other clubs that have collapsed after he left all picked a bad choice of managers after Sam and were on the brink of collapse while he was there anyway. West Ham are on the up and going in a different direction than Blackburn and Bolton.
      With or without Sam our future is bright!

      • “west ham will not collapse with sam gone” that’s sure.

        “with or without sam our future is bright”. Sorry, I think our future will be bright only without him.

  11. Which is your source? Scotland Yard or Kevin Nolan?

  12. Yes ssaunders. You know it makes sense. The new deal for big Sam I mean.
    Mattefumi69 you know I can’t reveal my sources. Let’s just say I have it on good authority.

  13. is reid waiting to see if they get rid of fatso

  14. Praps we’ll name the returned conker (SIGH) Farage

    • Nice one Hugh,yes now we have Faragepot,the brand new updated more controversial version of the original conker πŸ˜‰

  15. I agree with you dad,everything you say always makes so much sense πŸ™‚

  16. Like rads the modern man. New updated version of rads45 the old dinosaur?

  17. Haha,nah i have never been a dinosaur like Samasaurus.Im still a young guy compared to your boss πŸ˜‰

  18. hugh, tell me. Are all the posters on here actually you? Apart from myself I mean. Come on let’s face it. One from Italy, one from Spain, one from Scotland, one from Australia ,,, Perhaps you are a man of many guises eh? The way the names keep changing … I’m close to the truth here aren’t i?

  19. I may have to leave again now. I’m not sure if my experiment with social media has been a great success.

    • Hi Conker,nice to see your back on the nationality theme again.Yes im Scottish but have been a season ticket holder for more than 30yrs.Im west ham through & through.My country of birth is immaterial isnt it?

  20. Im from London & English conker.We can argue all we want but it is the board who is looking into getting a new manager & not renewing Sams contract.So you are saying that they are going to make the world of west ham coming crashing down if he goes.That they are clueless?.If he is doing such a fantastic job why do they not want him anymore? πŸ˜‰

  21. Great I can stop looking now Rads like the new name is that because of the Gel,TysonM will be pleased to have Conkerpot back,
    The nice thing why you were away your mate BFS tried some entertains modern football for 75 mins and we were winning 2-0 then he went back to the way your like to watch your football but your cousin Kevin had to sit with DaD he looked a bit off colour but you proberly know,only letting you know in case on your hols there were no papers or TV
    Nice to have you back mind you there have been a new bunch with your views in site in the last thew days ( did you go on a group holiday BFS TOURS)?

  22. Conkerpot I might have lived in Spain lately but I am eastend through and through although after last week I don’t know if that qualifies as you have to be Romanian and traveling around alot so the spuds say,
    Cookers you haven’t been home on holiday to Romania ?
    Tyson your are only pretend Scotish,
    And we don’t bring up Italy cookers nod wink,

    • I might have lived in London since i was a nipper but i aint going to tell my old man i aint Scottish.I have a london accent,i dont wear kilts & have never tried haggis,gross,but im still scottish as far as he is concerned,lol.

  23. Bet Wenger had spent the money on him on Thursday ?
    I hope he changes his mind and stops because the market looks pretty thin for good central defenders,
    But if not we do have Boothe and Oxford.

  24. My lack of faith in Allardyce’s fantastic work enlightened me: “I have to read the Bible, so maybe I will understand where I’m wrong”.

    And in fact I found the answer, there is a verse that says:

    “In the beginning, when God created the Boelyn Ground, the Boelyn was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss, while a mighty wind swept over the waters.
    Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
    God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness.
    God called the light “Allardyce” and the darkness he called “BFS Brigade”.

    The rest is recent history… the light is still here and enlightens us with his divine football.

    Now I am a believer… thanks Allardyce.

  25. Haha,you crazy man Matte.You have been on the vino i think πŸ˜€

  26. Matte are you saying Conkerpot is the second coming,
    You weren’t on holiday with 2 other wise men looking for a new manager and following a star Conkerpot ?
    Did Avram Grant come from Bethelem ?
    Is Kevin Nolan a carpenter ?
    Now you got me thinking Matte.

  27. Conkers gone again probably Caravan sick needs some shut eye.
    Never mind back to making pegs.

  28. Wow you BFS boys better tone it down a bit. A sensitive person like myself could be highly offended by some of this material you’re coming up with! Ethnicity, religion, politics, It’s all in there in the above post. Great work.

  29. I have to be careful what I say personally as I am only allowed on here if I am on my best behaviour.

  30. Oh dont be bitter & twisted Conker.Aint our fault you got a slap off of Hugh for being a naughty boy.If you need lessons in diplomacy we will give you some,lol.

  31. Conkerpot I thought you said we were all HUGH anyway he,s not going to slap himself,if only you knew how much we missed you and the above subjects were brought up by Spurs fan and other unimpressive people like football pundits,
    We are only ignorant lowlife who just want to watch entertaining football for our money,
    I apologise now to the friends above if you are not and you want to just see us win at any expence,
    That’s called the BFS way minus the win of corse you can’t have everything.

  32. Here’s my thoughts on your position as anti – Sam campaigners. Firstly you are not in a very good position. if he goes it means we have had a disasterous end to the season. So you won’t really be happy will you? If he stays it’s because we’ve had a good end to what has been a great season – and you won’t like that either. An alternative scenario is this. We have a good season and despite that big Sam is still sacked. What happens then? It means your new man is now under a lot of pressure isn’t he? Quite simply he has to do better than big Sam from the outset. And if he doesn’t? Say the new man turns out to be another avram grant. Who is going to get the flack? The owners are thats who. People will say oh they got rid of a good manager that was giving us stability and progress and replaced him with that clown. I Don’t want to see that happen to our owners. They deserve better for everything they’ve done so far for our great club.

    • You are a joke conkerpot.You must be some other teams henchman who comes here to write crap to stir the masses up.Your assumption that things will come crashing down if Sam goes is laughable.But you shouldnt laugh too much.If he loses his job he will have alot more time for his garden.You will be out of a job as his gardener,odd job man & general butt licker.

  33. Conkerfarage I hope you didn’t stray into one of those awful foreign places for your holiday. You njever know what you might catch or what stereotype you may develop. Yes I’m everywhere and watching you. I have 20,000 registered people here and they are called Hugh – even the women

  34. That’s excellent Hugh thank you. πŸ™‚ This really isn’t like big brother at all is it? It might be less disturbing if I try and think of you as a god father rather than as a big brother.

  35. I think you should actually be called Spudpot coz im sure you are a Spud fan doing his best to keep Allardyce in a job to scupper our attempts to improve on & off the pitch πŸ˜‰

  36. Are you hinting HUGH that this is like google box because if so I put some cloths on,
    It’s hot out hear conker even in me caravan,
    I don’t care conker about just winning,there for the last time I have said it,last week it was not that we gave up a 2 goal lead,it was because your mate on 70 mins could not leave the team alone and sit back and watch us carry on entertaining the paying public,you think he did it to keep the 3 points,no he did it because he would have been proved wrong about his tactics,the same as when we were going well up to Nov ( remember conker when you said sit back be happy we are 4th ) .
    He had to try and prove he was right drop Valencia or Sakho for AC, or try Nolan in any place just to fit him in and you brought it convinced Nolan had become a hard working mobile hard tackling defencive midfielder ,
    Give it a break mate we are now 8th looking for a win and he is that desperate to keep his job he is starting with hie strongest side,bt I expect on Sat he will revert to his old self and Nolan will start because he will see Palace as easy meat and you will be clapping your little hands off when your idol BFS comes out of the tunnel,
    I will be crossing off another game when I hope to watch a entertaining game hope we win

  37. You are a hard man to please blubs. I have seen some fantastically entertaining football this season. Here’s my opinion of the subs on 70 minutes against tottenham. Mark noble had just escaped a sending of by the skin of his teeth. It was in his own interests and ours to be substituted. We had been down to ten men in two previous games remember. The two tottenham goals were not down to the substitutions. Goal one a freaky bouncing bomb of a goal. Could Adrian have done better? Perhaps. Goal two a dive but ultimately an individual error by song who should have known better than to lay hands on a player going away from goal in the penalty area just waiting for an opportunity to take a dive.

  38. Still can’t quite get the name right conker,never mind,back to facts you kept up well with last weeks game were did you go on holiday Sussex plenty of caravan sites down there,but do Spurs fans have caravans ?
    And you covered all your old mans excuses, a dive a goal keeping mistake don’t think BFS came up with odd shape ball ?
    You did not blame Song, but you did thnk Noble did not have the brains to keep out of trouble got 20 mins unlike Kevin last year,
    Any other ones fault but BFS you are a lost cause Tyson must have it correct .

  39. Conkerpot, you know that recently I had a divine illumination and now I’m a believer. Now I’m conscious that the prophet Samuel Ezequiel Allardyce will lead us to the promise land, but I try to interpret the words of that miscreant called Bubs. When he writes ” we want to watch entertaining football” probably he thinks that prophet Allardyce is not so good at it and that probably, with the actual squad, we don’t need a genius to ensure that we’ll stay in Premier also next year. Probaly he wants something more, that is almost as important as a victory: he wants to have fun watching the game. I know, this is a big mystery, but I’m sure that Bubs will follow the prophet’s word too, It’s only a matter of time.

  40. I am believer matte,but is a miscreant a good thing or a bad thing ?
    It’s not in my Spanish Dictionary the nearest thing is fruit like a apple,
    It’s all right matte my wife has googled it,I am a unbeliever were BFS is involved.
    But never been a person who yells at small puppies or depraved,
    From a Fench word miscreant possible HUGH will know he is From many places ?
    Conker there are caravan sites in France,
    Toilets a bit rank.

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