Reid soap opera: THE TRUTH


Reid scoresWinston Reid remains no closer to signing a new Hammers  contract despite constant national newspaper stories over the past few days that the owners want him to stay !

It seems extraordinary the media continues to pursue a story via Twitter which clearly stalled weeks ago.

National newspapers are repeating that David Gold wants Reid to stay and that Arsenal are apparently interested in the defender.

David Sullivan has already made it clear to ClaretandHugh in a question and answer session last week that the board are talking to Reid’s advisers.

However, the facts are these:

O Reid and his agent have attended a series of talks sought by the board bjt never instigated them;

O they have listened to the various proposals, walked away without seeking any further talks

O there have been no inquiries from Arsenal or any other club.

Upton Park sources believe the player preparing to let his contract run out and look at his free agent options in the summer.

And – as they say – STORY ENDS!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • WhuG says:

    Is it “the end” Hugh or will you continue to write the same things on the subject? You are no better than the press in writing these stories, this tells us no more than the last story you wrote on the subject. This story has been done to death until there is a significant change in the position of the player or the club. I expect that won’t happen until January 2015 when the club says sign or we sell you or Reid says he wants to leave/run his contract down or one of the clubs like Arsenal say they want him in the January window. At this point I hope WHU hold Reid and the likes of Arsenal to ransom and get £5m plus for him thus at least getting our money back.

    • It was written for those who aren’t as avid for CandH as you mate :-). The nationals are peddling a lot of nonsense so I thought I’d put the record straight AGAIN but I understand your response. To answer your question, I won’t be writing anything else until something happens

  • ssaunders says:

    I am fed up of reading about ” we are not getting rid of him, we want him to sign a new contract”.
    All this tells me is that Reid has been given many opportunities to sign a new contract and he has not, which means he does not want to stay, so WHU fans get ready to say bye bye to WInston.
    I am hoping that we get something for him in Jan (hopefully from Arsenal when we can get Jenkinson as part of the deal) or that he does nothing and no one comes in for him then we can keep him on 35,000 a week.
    COYI with or without Reid.

  • WhuG says:

    Haha fair enough Hugh! Let’s hope that articles title is;

    “C&H exclusive Winston signs 5 year deal saying “I wanted to join a top 4 club and then I looked at the table and thought wait a minute…..”

  • JB8 says:

    please,please just sell him. ive said it before,we have made him a great offer,better than he deserves and he really isn’t that good. get someone who really wants to play for us

  • mcbikeman says:

    players come players go if he wants to leave and chooses to run down his contract as is his right I hope that he realises that sam cannot play him in the first team after December as it would be unfair to say to a player in contract and wanting to play for the club he has to play second fiddle to someone who will leave on a free in the summer…..so tell reid if you don’t want to sign that’s ok but you will not be in the first team from then on….give someone else a chance

    • spidergk says:

      Hmmm I do think that we should flog him, but to not play a player who we are paying wages to, when he is the best player in his position is just plain stupid. If you are gonna flog him then get every last penny out of him, break him and then send him on his way with a clip round the ear. No upside in potentially giving away points, just so that we can blood an understudy, that’s what preseason is for………..

  • spidergk says:

    I am so over this story, it is bordering on torture! Just sell the moron and move on. It is obvious he doesn’t want to play for us anymore. We pluck him from absolute obscurity in the friggin Danish league, he drags us all the way to NZ for pre season, nearly killing half the squad and repays us by running down his contract so that the very people paying his wages will get absolutely nothing for him. How this muppet isn’t getting booed every week is beyond me. I hope he goes to Arsenal, Koscielny regains fitness and Reid is left warming the bench for the next two seasons, oh an we beat Arsenal to 4th place(well I can dream right). Sell sell sell, no one bigger than the club, even a totally over hyped Kiwi.

  • conkerpot says:

    Are you taking backhanders from reids agent? You seem determined to sell him for us with all these stories.

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