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Relegation fears: The reality

By Joshie Southon

If anyone still holds the vain belief that we are not in serious trouble let’s remind ourselves of the very worrying facts.

Under Moyes this season we have played 19 games and scraped 15 points – 23 points behind top 10 clubs: Chelsea and Liverpool which was where we were told we were heading!

For us to get back into the top10 we’d have to win five consecutive¬† games consecutively which looks as likely as the temperature reaching 70 degrees over the next few days

Our next game is against Everton, which you might expect to be a win but on current sloppy form that can be in no way taken for granted.

The game after that we play Newcastle who are in incredible form sitting in fourth so lit looks like another zero points scenario from that one.

After that we play Chelsea, who are currently 10th in the league, at home  followed by Spurs away, Forest at home and bogey team Brighton away.

At very best I see no more than four points

Scary times!



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2 comments on “Relegation fears: The reality

  1. Joshie
    There’s exactly half a season to go and so much to play for. Leeds in 14th position, are two points ahead of 20th placed Southampton. West Ham have their best ever squad and it’s stronger than any in the bottom half of the table. You’re right, West Ham won’t get into the top ten by winning an unlikely five consecutive games, but they can do it by May with an average of two points a game, which is achievable.
    No-one will get anywhere in life with a negative outlook, young man.

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