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Report: Alleged breakdown between player and medics

A new report has emerged this morning declaring that Jack Wilshere will resist any attempt to move him off the West Ham squad this month.

The report comes from The Athletic who claim that  their understanding is there has been a breakdown in relations with members of the West Ham medical and fitness set-up and that he had earlier hired a private physiotherapist to work with him outside the club.

However, they add that whilst he has only played eight times this season, there is confidence around the London Stadium that he will play a more prominent role in the months ahead.

The report adds: ‘The latest problem in a career plagued by physical issues relates to his pelvic area, but it is not thought to be a major concern and he should return to full training in the next fortnight.”

Wilshere has yet to join the main group for a session with Moyes and, when he does, it will be a vital opportunity to impress both West Ham and potential suitors, with 18 months left on a three-year contract. It is understood he would resist any attempts to be sold this month.

ClaretandHugh says: It’s becoming a tad embarrassing reporting on the latest scenarios  surrounding Jack Wilshere – can there ever have been such an error of judgement as when we signed the midfielder to a  three year deal. This latest report apparently details his latest problem areas with injury but makes no mention of other absences caused by sickness bugs and viruses. Despite all this the player is apparently claiming that he will resist all attempts to sell him this winter. Well, given the circumstances, lack of match fitness and all else that shouldn’t be too difficult. Even were he fit to play there have to be serious doubts of his ability to maintain the pace required and it is truly becoming difficult to see where this particular career goes from here. The club insist they will honour his contract and avoid negotiations aimed at an early pay off. Seems no real answer under a manager who demands 100per cent plus commitment.




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Report: Alleged breakdown between player and medics

  1. As annoying as it is, I make him right. West Ham knew what they were getting into but obviously thought that we could fix him, seeing as we have such a good injury record over the years 😂. He’s getting paid £100k to not play hes got it made.

  2. This issue seems a little bigger than Jack Wilshere, as our medical and fitness record with players has been questionable which has been the case over many years.
    I recently read that Andy Carrol also felt that his prognosis, care and rehabilitation was also out of step at West Ham and he now has a better level of fitness. Who knows if Dean Ashton’s injury had been dealt with better, it could have seen him go down in West Ham history for the right reasons?
    Jack probably is probably accustomed to a better standard of professionalism and care to go with it.

  3. That said…… I also admit that it hard to see exactly where we can go with him because there are major issues of incorporating someone like Jack into your team plans, who can’t be relied upon to have 3 games in a row without picking up an injury….. as much as I think he’s a fantastic player if fit.

  4. you are correct.

    “When will we ever learn” a heavily used statement at the time, and most of us have unfortunately been proved right. Quite what those in the club were thinking, one cannot fathom.

    Can only hope he is available some time this season and can help us stay up if called upon.

  5. Why why why was he given a 3 year’s contract. .it’s more than mesmerising to me and a few thousand more why why why ..we are stuck.with the fella now..the same as AC (enough said ) let’s all hope and pray he comes good and is the savior of our season..pigs flighing comes to mind..

  6. “Even were he fit to play there have to be serious doubts of his ability to maintain the pace required……”

    Er! Pace required by whom?
    Cannot be West Ham.
    Since when has pace been a prerequisite to being signed or played by us.
    In fact, if you claim to be a West Ham fan, you’re nodded straight through anyway.
    Rather like being an owner………
    Perhaps Pellegrini thought it would take 2 of the 3 years for JW to realise his potential………

  7. Joke club …. same old same old

  8. Freddie Lungbjerg, Kieron Dyer, Danny Gabbidon, Andy Carrol, Shirley Bellamy and so many more. Sign on – play a bit – then sick forever despite the expert help from the backroom medical and fitness staff. Jack Wilshire is just another in a long list of highly paid employees taking the mickey and having to find other ways to occupy their time – playing pranks on team mates instead of getting fit to play football. Then, on actually playing on comeback, ‘nursing’ their way through the game, hoping to be carried by others. Or worse, stretching a bit too much and having an excuse to do nothing for another six months.
    When will we ever learn?

    • I agree that Jack Wiltshire has been a total disaster so far, but I feel that you are a bit unfair to some of the other players in your list – in particular Danny Gabbidon had a wonderful first season (wasn’t he HOTY?)

      Many have slated Kieron Dyer – but he was the victim of a terrible tackle in a League Cup game just after joining us

      While AC became a bit of a joke in his later seasons he did put in some spectacular performances in crucial games – vs Swansea in BFS second season in the Premier League and vs WBA under Moyes – which both contributed to us staying up

      So who knows – maybe Wiltshire will dazzle us before the end of the season

  9. It would tickle me to death to see Jack make a comeback and embarrass you all . I believe that under Moyes his fitness will return . Just as maybe Carrols would have .
    It’s a great shame that two players of undoubted ability have been thrown onto the rubbish pile at West Ham when all it needed and needs is a better way of controlling Thier recovery .
    West Ham United should have been terrorizing the Premiership years ago , but good fortune has never been our best friend .
    Time to stop selling to Manchester United ffs . The names on the list is a long one and I don’t feel the need to remind us all . That is of course if the younger fans don’t remember .
    I could easily ; as could any fan of my age give you a list . But that’s cheap . It’s time to stop selling our assets and or letting them out on loan .
    Please recall Diangana to at least give us an option .
    I don’t give a fig for West Brom ,,, why should I ?

  10. I have asked this before, Hugh, but perhaps in a less obvious way:
    Prior to, and since, the Husillos period, who exactly is identifying the players we need?
    When I read that David Sullivan is in charge of recruitment, I go cold. But if we can assume he doesn’t make decisions off his own bat, who exactly is he listening to?
    When it has been so blindingly obvious for at least two years now that we require legs in midfield to balance the contrasting abilities of Nobes and Declan, it is the huge question that we fans deserve an answer to.

  11. I have no confidence in our medical staff. How come Carroll has played 4 consecutive times for Newcastle and he could barely do 10 minutes for us. That said, Wilshere was a dreadful risk and the board were conned by Pellegrini and Husillos. Worst decision? I don’t know. There have been so many over the years. Luis Boa Morte comes to mind

  12. Problem in the pelvic area? Could that be a lack of balls, crying off with every sniffle Perez.

  13. Personally I think a lot of west hams injury problems are caused by previous managers not having intensity in training and then sending players out into premiership football matches. No wonder we end up with so many muscular injuries.

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