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Report: Barcelona look to hijack Calleri deal

calleriReports in Spain suggest that Barcelona could hijack West Ham’s move for Jonathan Calleri. Calleri confirmed on Agentinian TV earlier this week that he was on the move to the Hammers on a season-long loan.  However, Mundo Deportivo are saying that Barcelona are requesting a meeting with his agent this week in a bid to convince him to play at Camp Nou instead of the London Stadium.

 The 23-year-old star was the top-scorer in the Copa Libertadores last season with nine goals for Sao Paolo. Meanwhile Slaven Bilic admitted to  a press conference earlier today that the Calleri deal was close. “It’s close, he’s a good player, but the same goes with the players we want to sign for left-back, we are in talks but we are not discussing the transfer.  We are trying to do them and then we’ll talk. Like any other manager, chairman or director, we would like to do the business as quick as possible. But very rarely can you get it done quickly.It’s a situation that we are all in. We have signed some really good players, we were very quick and active in the beginning or at the end of last season. Now with these couple of positions, it is not only us, it’s the whole of Europe, who can afford of course, that are trying to get those type of players.”

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18 comments on “Report: Barcelona look to hijack Calleri deal

  1. Its been 25 minutes ,?
    Not one comment ?

  2. What’s to comment about??? Some report from a Spanish newspaper which is probably the equivalent of The Sun.What am I ment to do,sh£t my pants because of a rumour & come on here to have a fit about it.Its a newspaper report,do you believe every rumour in British newspapers??

    • lol 😀

    • What the f##k you commenting for then ? You make it sound like its personal ? You ain’t on the run from st Clements are you jb ? .

      • You asked where the comments where.Why was there ment to be comments???
        No its nothing personal Johnboy but if you carry on swearing at me maybe it will be!!
        Can’t you reply to people without swearing,calling them muppets,nobbies or other offensive things!!!

        • You were a little bit rude yourself JB, text is the easiest way for a message to get lost in translation though….

  3. I’m really sorry Johnboy I was having my meal.I don’t come on here every five minutes.But if you want a comment then it’s the same as above.I gave up believing rumours when I fell for the London bus on the moon story.How did I fall for it eh??
    If Barcelona coming calling then a player ain’t going to turn them down,simple as that.

    • Haha me neither ? It was the face on mars that done it for me . Lol.
      I was punting for a bite , its all fun . Gnash gnash !! Its non stop so I’m letting off steam my way , not long now ? Only a month Ffs ?

  4. Who swore at you ? The Muppet the nobbies etc are the ones that get personal with me !
    Or hadn’t you noticed that ! Obviously not ?
    As I said before read before making a comment !!
    Where did I swear at you ?? Personally ??
    The comments question is really simple there were none and thought I’d ask why, cos you may not have noticed , but that’s what we do on here ? Comment ?? There’s a few now I see .lol.

  5. Why do we not just get his name on a contract ?
    Are we the only club that get players stolen from under our nose,s,
    Sign him if he can’t get a work permit send him to sit in the Argie Italian embassy until he gets his passport or loan him out to Barca
    Why can’t we just do something normal,
    It’s like buying a newspaper ,you go in sit down pay and walk away without trying to get the newsagents give you a free packet of crisp
    How would the 2 Daves feel if we all said we want our tickets now but we will pay for them next year but only if we win,
    Still think he will come to us eventually and I think Bacca will want to come on Friday if we win tomorrow

    • We couldn’t sign him before because he was still contracted to Sao Paulo while they were still in the copa libertadores.As soon as they got knocked out we could deal with him.Which we did.He has said he is coming to us.Thats good enough for me.

  6. i’m just glad the rumours have us battling with Barca. & PSG for players and not Sunderland & Stoke

  7. Is a step up Eddie, I agree. Doesn’t change anything but Still sounds better, especially at the moment when it seems we have the plague.

  8. No we dont have the plague,we are trying to sign players we have never been in the position to try to sign before.So in that respect the other devil Eddie has nailed it.But at the moment these players are seemingly just out of reach because they want CL football.When have we been in the position when we are bidding for players but the stumbling block has been CL football.Never is the answer.Why so negative,we are looking at players we wouldn’t have dreamed of even being in with a slim chance of getting before.Gradually we are.The negativity amongst our fans is disenchanting to say the least.

  9. Spot on Eddie. we have so many so called fans that can’t wait for the slightest mistake or set back to jump on the chairmen, the management, the players. I sometimes wonder if they are truly Hammers or not. Before our current hierachy took over we were in very great danger of going bankrupt and dis appearing for ever. Now we are trying to buy world class players on a regular basis. ok we haven’t suceeded with too many so far but we are trying. Ffs give them some leeway. Ijust don’t understand why there is so much negativity. We had the same last year from the same posters then all of a sudden we were the greatest The second we had a dodgy result, off they went again. gloom and doom.

  10. Agree boys.I still cringe when I think of some of the players we have had wear our shirt, even in the not too distance past.We are now starting to sign players who have pedigree & proven track records.I find it strange fans have such short memories.We have just had our most successful season in years but the way some of our fans talk you would believe we avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth last year & have only signed nobodies so far this summer.Maybe they are nobodies to them because they have never heard of them so dont realise the good business we have done.I read a fan say Feghouli must be crap because he was free.Sometimes you just have to shake your head & walk away 🙂

  11. It will be a huge surprise if this kid goes to Barca and is prepared to sit on a bench, I am sure he may be confident but he should get plenty of game time in our team, if he went to Barca he would have to displace Neymar, Suarez and Messi.. he already said it was a done deal and he is coming to us so lets just take him at his word not listen to journalists 😉

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