Report: Carroll out until March!

carcelebratesAndy Carroll looks more likely to be out for six weeks minimum than the fortnight originally thought likely.

The Telegraph – which has a habit of getting Irons news correct – is reporting tonight that scans on his latest knee injury have revealed he will be sidelined until the end of March at the earliest.

His appearance as a substitute marked his first appearance since January 31 but he is now facing further frustration after a scan on Thursday.

Sam Allardyce, the West Ham manager, is expecting to be without Carroll for between six to eight weeks.

He said after the game: “It’s the same knee, he got kicked in the back of the knee and felt something wrong.

“He stayed up and was a nuisance. I just hope that staying on hasn’t done any more damage.

“He got fit in two and a half weeks after Liverpool but clearly it’s going to take longer this time because it’s the same injury.”


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15 comments on “Report: Carroll out until March!

  1. What a shock,Carroll is injured & sidelined.I have nothing against the guy but how long do you continue with this season in season out.Sams must have transfer really isnt giving us much value for 15+m & 90k a week.It sad for the lad to have all these injuries but its no good for us as a club to be shelling out so much in wages for a guy who plays less than half the matches each season.

    • I suspect it would be hard to find a suitor for Carroll whilst the current manager is here.I believe he shouldn’t have been played yesterday given his susceptibility to injuries.I suppose everyone will say it’s easy in hindsight but wasn’t Carroll played out wide as well?

  2. Sam should have given Elliot lee a run last night instead of carroll. Always take more caution than needed.

  3. This is a big loss because I for one wanted to see carroll in a four three three with Valencia and sakho either side of him against a lesser team than southampton.

  4. The medical staff or the idiot of a manager, one or both messed up badly last night.I suspect both.But what sort of fool picks all five of the clubs strikers and plays four in the same match?

  5. I’m not so sad about this news. I’ve never loved Carroll, he is the prototype of BFS striker. It could be the right moment to see Valencia and Sakho together again, but I’m afraid BFS has different plans. Yesterday Cole played and so…

  6. It should be a given matte for Sakho and Valencia to take over now but Sam will never admit he was wrong about Carroll and as those two will do it for him if allowed to play regularly, you are likely right and he will find any way to avoid it.
    God knows what he was thinking risking his ‘boy’ that way.
    My conclusion is that it is his determination not to admit he was wrong about Carroll.
    After all, it was a no-brainer just to play those two upfront with Cole on the bench and the problem would never have arisen.

  7. Umm – here we go again, we’ve been here before haven’t we!

    I think it’s all down to Carroll’s ‘headless chicken’ style – charging about like an maniac, incredibly brave but reckless and asking for trouble and surprise, surprise another injury and he’s out for God knows how long!

    It seems that Carroll is becoming more and more a peripheral figure and we have to plan for a future without him – which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing!

  8. Like the player and he can be very effective on his day, but the cost and the time he is on the field is poor.
    Should look to let him go if we can find a buyer . . . but that is also a interesting question in itself who would on his wages . . .

  9. The problem we have is now BFS will have to play Valencia and Shako and we all know how good the two of them are up front together, we will get a run of results and push on for Europe and BFS will take all the praise for something that he would never have done unless forced upon him by the injury to Carroll, and then the inevitable will happen and the two Dave’s will give the buffoon another contract, Don’t get me wrong I would love to push on and see the most exciting pairing in the prem up front just not BFS taking the credit but then again there is always Cole and Sams ego

  10. Carroll: paid 15 mil.
    West Ham: 2013 –> now
    apps: 27
    goal: 7
    When he plays: boring football (personal opinion)

    Sakho: paid 3.5 mil.
    West Ham: 2014 –> now
    apps: 15
    goal: 8
    When he plays: exciting football (personal opinion)

    Something to add?

  11. Assists,general team play,link up play,passing,i thought Sam was supposedly the statics guru,oh and Sakhos stats look good dont they so Sam cant be ruining his game as you said in a previous post,added a few bits eh. C.O.Y.I.

  12. Baddohammer we have very different view of football: so you can say all you that you want. Probably you don’t understand that when Carroll plays, in my opinion (but I think no to be the only one), West Ham style play changes a lot losing appeal. So all statistics are useless. If you want to argue with me I’m here. And if you have some problem because I’m Italian, it’s just your probelm, clear?

  13. Calm that fiery latin temperament Matte.Dont want you to get injured in a cyber fight.You might be out till March as well 🙂 I think it would make bigger headlines when someone reports that Carroll is fit.Injury updates are just something we have come to expect.Yet again Sullivan will be cursing the 15+m that Sam talked him into weighing out for his BFS Marque signing.Feel sorry for AC with so many injuries but we cant depend on him at all.We play half of most seasons a striker light.

  14. ahahah… ok Rads, I’ll try to follow your advice…;-)

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