Report: Carroll out until mid-October

CarrollAndy Carroll is tonight being reported as likely to be out of the Irons frame until the middle of October.

The Telegraph – who have a track record of getting the Hammers news spot on – report that the club want him to undergo his own ‘pre-season’ training schedule to guard against further problems.

Carroll suffered a serious knee medial ligament injury  against Southampton, when he was forced to stay on the pitch as the team were down to 10 men and had used all three substitutes.

Carroll has worked with the first-team squad but is unlikely to be selected despite West Ham’s need to improve their striking options under Slaven Bilic.

The new manager has told Carroll assurances  he will be an important part of his plans but the Irons will avoid any risk of him breaking down again.

The Telegraph adds that even when Carroll is fit “West Ham remain in the market to bring in another striker to add to the options available.”


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35 comments on “Report: Carroll out until mid-October

  1. Blimey Hugh the date seems to go back a month a day,at this rate he’ll be expected back at the end of his contract by the end of the month. Time to treat him as not part of the squad (which he isn’t I suppose) and buy a replacement

  2. Its a bloody long running joke.So fed up with it now.Total waste of cash im afraid.

    • Well a non running joke with no lol

    • Lol, nice Quick. I feel for him though, such high expectations going from the Newkems to the ‘Pool as a British record signing then to us for less than half of that, now, not being able to play…need some broad shoulders for that…or huge paycheck. HAHAHAHAHAH!

    • Hahaha Nav I loved your deep felt sincerity followed by the stinging cynicism,excellent stuff lol

  3. Ffs,lol,i dont even think of him anymore as playing for us.He is the invisable man.Like this ghost we pay 80/90k a week for walking out of the treatment room back to his tacky mansion.In Spoonies words ‘what a total ******* waste of ******** money’ 😀

  4. Has to be treated as a bonus as and when he plays which is why I’m surprised after everything that happened over the years a striker was not a priority yet again. Déjà vu lol over again, it will be Christmas as again.

  5. Mid October return injured by start of January and that’s if he’s lucky.
    I really lost all interest in the bloke. New striker needed 100% ASAP you know the worst part is even if he’s benched he’ll be earning silly money, can’t wait to see the back of him and his bezzy pal Nolan

  6. Is deja vu.Is mean on the kid but i am past the point of caring about when he will be back.You just know that within a month of his return something else will breakdown & he will be back in the garage again.

  7. If this news is true it could give the board the kick up the arse they need to get another quality striker instead of living in hope that hop-a-long will be back soon so we dont need one.Fecking nightmare signing!

  8. And what guarantees are there that we won’t get ‘another quality striker’ for big money only for him to replace Carroll on the medical table.
    Too many have forgotten ‘quality striker’ was the same words everyone was using to hail this coup we pulled off when we signed Carroll.
    Maybe Bilic is smarter than us and is working through all the strikers he has on the books, because he is more aware of the difficulty of landing a top quality, injury free striker, even if you do splash the cash?
    Virtually every poster on here wrote Maiga off a year ago, yet Bilic is giving him plenty of playing time, so you have to conclude he sees something we don’t or did?

    • You could be right canchaz he is playing him a lot but what if Maiga gets injured,whether Slav can get something out of him or not we still need another striker who yes could get injured but so can everyone else

  9. Thats a crazy arguememt,to say we may buy another striker who could replace Carroll on the treatment table.It could happen to any new signing.Does it mean you dont go out & buy replacements for players because they could get injured as well.With that principle every team would end up with 9 or 10 players at the end of every season because they dont want to buy someone in case they get injured.Maiga is playing at the moment because two of the main strikers are not available.Valenica doesnt start training till monday & Carroll is obviously out injured.Maiga is needed for europe,bilic is using these matches to get him sharper for next thursday i suspect.You are the king of over analysis Canchaz,always thinking you see something nobody else has,lol

  10. Ok,Carrols out for another 3 months.No big news.The big news will be when he is actually fit for 3 or 4 months in a row.Now that would be news worthy.As for Maiga,HAHAHAHA 😉

  11. I went to the game today,Payet looked class.Maiga looked the best i have seen for a long time,but dont fool yourselves anyone who believes he is going to be an answer to our premiership prays,he has played againt some Maltese minnows & a league one team.It aint like he has been hammering them in either.I really wouldnt read too much into Bilic playing him atm,unless ofc you get turned on by analyzing & over evaluating things.I guess it could be a fetish for someone somewhere on the planet,lol

  12. Hugh you don’t need to mention him or Hippo again this season unless we sell him,
    The good news for any incoming player is he won’t have. To worry about being benched for Carroll,
    Is it me or does it take Carroll twice as long to get fit than any other player who has similar ops

  13. Wish it was only twice as long bubs,apparently the latest setback came after he cut his toenails,sigh

  14. Perhaps we should sound out floppy chops and see if QPR would swap adams for carroll.

  15. Mid-October? Which year?

    • Haha but true.I don’t care if AC ever gets fit because as history has shown it doesn’t last.I agree with Irons that we can’t wait to see the back of Carroll and Nolan.The stories in previous weeks of Newcastle coming for Carroll have died a natural death as well.What a financial relief to get the pair off the books?I suppose it’s hard to correct the ship after monumental disastrous signings sanctioned by Allerdici.As for Mr Miagi he will never cut the mustard.The board were hoodwinked again by the former manager.

  16. It’s actually the ACL that’s torn – the “Andy Carroll Ligament” – happens when donkey’s try and do ballet.

  17. Nice & peaceful on here without Gobyac.Seems he has returned to wetpant to write his idiotic comments 😉

  18. Let’s look at the facts the 100k a week has helped AC buy a big old mansion, meet and marry his Essex queen, buy 2 expensive dogs, put coy carp in the pond and allow him to buy a wide range of top end shampoos and hair nutrients to maintain his flowing locks. This will go down as one of the biggest waste of money spent on a player in years, the squad was bought previously to suit his playing style, forwards like Bony turned us down because he and others were told they would play second fiddle to him come what may…. Lumbered with him, can’t play him, can’t sell him ,still got to pay him it’s ****ing ridiculous ..

  19. ahaha… at this point there are only three solutions…

    – a pilgrimage to Lourdes
    – an exorcism
    – a black patch over his right eye, a chatty parrot, a naughty monkey, a little crew (Fat Sam and Slow Kev), an old ship… and here’s The Pirate Andy with a wooden leg.


  20. Hahaha,you have started drinking the italian wine early this morning havnt you Matte.It has made your mind very active,hahaha 😉

    • ahhaha… It’s an old Italian tradition Chicken … biscuits and red wine for breakfast… breakfast of champions… 😀

      • Haha,i must try it,sounds better than my breakfast of a coffee & cigarette,lol,mind you i needed both after going to wetpants for a morning update,lol 😀

        • ahaha… It’s either that or electroshock every six hours… 😀

          • Haha,is a good piece on there by Hamburg actually.Just a shame the comments are underneath it.The experts in full flow,lol

  21. It is a good piece by HH well worth a read and believe it or not a few of the comments make sense, no doubt all will be destroyed when JoHamner finishes his coco puffs and Floppysac makes his appearance spouting what HH said on the 13th October last year… But a good read HH maybe post on here instead might get a good few comments not simply that you once played for Southend….

  22. Hahahaha,lastnight was the ultimate nightmare.A typical sh*t stir comment by Gobyac still on about the NZ tour last year,replied to by the god of knowledge Joehammer,lmao,it cant get worse than that 😀

    • Yeah another throwaway comment from Floppysac, probably snuggled up in his hippo onesie staring at his KN screensaver thinking of what useless crap to write, Joehammer playing FM2015 to figure out where we’re going to finish next year, Rolfe knocking back a couple of shots of Sanatogen thinking of the glory days… Saturday night in paradise WHTID style

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