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Report: Hospital checks for Carroll

Andy CarrollWest Ham are clearly being ultra-cautious over the well being of record signing Andy Carroll after his prolonged injury history.

ClaretandHugh blogger – the very well respected ExWHUemployee – is reporting tonight that the striker was taken to the Spire Roding Hospital today.

‘Ex’ reports that the big fella was due to have an MRI scan  to check on his recovery from his injury and to ensure nothing occurred from Saturday’s match.

Carroll was seen to be hobbling at one stage during his appearance as a sub but finished the game and later ClaretandHugh was told by club insiders that all was well with the front man.

We contacted our sources after concern were raised by our followers on the CandH Facebook forum at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/?fref=nf.

We were told that as far as anyone was concerned there appeared to be no problem but Ex’s tweet tonight suggests that absolutely no chance will be taken concerning the the player’s well being.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Report: Hospital checks for Carroll

  1. I might be off thread but, this seems about the only place to leave a comment having searched this site for a ‘contact us’ page which you clearly do not have. Just wanted to say how so many up to date snippets all through the day are spoilt by the **** advertising that is getting more and more, worse and worse!
    It’s just to much! I might come back and check in six months to see if you can possibly read anything without all this bloody **** adverts being shoved done your throat!

    • Sorry fpr adding to an off topic discussion – there should be a place for this (there used to be but it seems like it is gone)

      There is something Jekyll and Hydish about this site alright. Mostly it is fantastic information that cannot be found elsewhere, in fact I wager that other sites now use C&H as a good source of information. But then there is the negative, some articles are obviously clickbait to get people here (hence get a return on the ads) and there could be a little more care with things like spelling, grammar and punctuation.

      The ads are necessary I guess, Hugh needs some return on the time he spends putting this together as well as to allow for some top quality posts and interviews with people like Leroy, John Moncur , Sean and ExWhu etc. So I have no issue with the adverts per se. Having said that recently some of the ads have been videos that start automatically and loop making it impossible to visit the site when at work or other places where people can be disturbed. I come here a lot less because of that alone. I know that from experience that running these sites takes a lot of time and work but I do think that with the increased traffic and adverts that Hugh and his technical people need to make a greater effort in terms of a website strategy, it is bigger now than just the amateurish, basic wordpress themed website that it looks like now. In other words, a little bit more regard for the reader. Appreciate the effort put in by all though.

  2. Just use adblock browser or similiar….No ads,simples 😉

  3. I don’t buy this for a minute. Something is worrying somewhere…

  4. Lets be honest the lad is an injury waiting to happen everytime he goes on the pitch.I feel sorry for him,just dont hold out much hope of him remaining injury free for long at anytime.Maybe we should bubble wrap him & keep him in an oxygen tent from one match to another.Cant believe i see people still believing he is going to come back & be a beast for us & score 15 or 20 goals.They are deluded imo 😀

  5. If this is the way he’s. Goo g to have to be coddled,then Lama is likely right

  6. I have got to the stage now where i just expect him to be injured at any moment.Its tough on the guy but it just seems the way it is.So many false dawns on his returns from injury that now it almost seems an inevitability to happen sooner rathe than later.Really hope i am wrong this time round but i wouldnt put my house on it.

  7. I think that Carroll would be a great player to play at home. Honestly think that Bilic got the tactics wrong against Norwich and we should’ve played a 4-4-2… When we play away from home we park the bus and go on the counter attack but I feel at home we needed somebody else up top with sakho as he was struggling slightly, even though in my eyes he was man of the match! He’s been playing out of his skin but sometimes he’s fed the ball and sometimes he will be running at the defence hoping to lay it off to someone in front of him (Valencia, jelavic, zarate, Carroll) but doesn’t have the support there. That’s the only place I’d see Carroll coming in to the scenario, at home playing a 4-4-2, but not away from home playing the counter attack as he doesn’t have the pace to break away. Let’s see what Slav does on saturday

  8. Only the most naïve will believe this. There is obviously an issue or at the very least concern that AC has managed to injure himself again. It is time to produce and execute a strategy to get him off the payroll. He is costing us a fortune and delivering a little less than nothing.

  9. Looks formidable to me. Most players do not need hospital checks from injuries.

  10. Just could not care any more,if I was looking at a report saying Sakho had a problem I would worry,
    With the cover we have now any Carroll related article is just light reading,
    I don’t get any adverts is that because I am in Spain ?
    But that’s the price you pay for visiting a good football site and being listened to and not ridiculed for not bowing and say yes sir to the normal users of other sites who then gang up on people to get them to leave,
    No problem for me I like being bullied just that those sites have had some sad posts lately

  11. Pretty much the same bubs,see a Carroll article & i have more or less lost interest.We have invested so much finance & time in him but it will all come to nothing in the end,just another injury imo.Ship him oit if we ever get an opportunity,trouble is we will get jack for him as it stands.
    Well the other sites got what they wanted bubs,no one who likes to have a laugh.Now just the serious guys in the main.’Intelligent debate’ they call it, 😀

  12. Bambi on Ice!! Enough said 😉

  13. They might as well incorporate that weekly hospital visit into his everyday routine.
    When the other players return to team training on Monday or Tuesday Carroll can go to either check on the extent of his latest injury or to confirm with scans and x-rays that he hasn’t actually suffered another injury setback.
    For some reason Carroll seems to have been blessed with an undeniable talent to be a footballer, but unfortunately hasn’t been given the body to deal with the wear and tear attached to actually playing football.

  14. Anyone seen unbreakable? Andy Carroll is our Mr Glass.

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