Report: Jenks agrees to Irons return

carl-jenkinson-562633Carl Jenkinson – having agreed a new five-year deal at Arsenal – has and rejoined West Ham United on loan according to The Telegraph..

The Gunners have tied up  a long-term contract after rejecting a £8million bid from Southampton in June insisting he has a big Arsenal future.

Jenkinson, 23, was also a target for Sunderland and Aston Villa but has returned from holiday to sign a long-term deal at the Emirates Stadium.

And despite there being no official announcement The Telegraph boldly declares “he will spend the next campaign at West Ham under new manager Slaven Bilic, with the deal expected to be confirmed in the next 24 hours.”

Jenkinson made 36 appearances last season and Bilic is a big admirer of the player who was also hunted by Sunderland.


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33 comments on “Report: Jenks agrees to Irons return

  1. Need a new RB, then.

  2. Oh no, really hope he does not sign, 2m loan and wages on top just makes no sense. Where is there any return on this investment – money down the drain. And there is absolutely of signing him long term so as well as being not a top RB, it is a complete waste of money. Get that Peru RB in for 4m or just use Henry and Oxford in the RB position – much better players..

  3. Well im pleased,next summer will be a new dawn.More tv revenue,the move round the corner to provide even more finance.A few million is chicken feed in this day and age.If Slav & the board want him then im pleased.Im sure Slav knowns far more about defenders along with Dicksy than any of use delusional experts on forums(i include myself i must add,lol) 😀

  4. This really needs to be resolved for until it is, no move can be made to concludeand strengthen that position

  5. I know it’s imminent but I just don’t like the business side of it,I know it’s cheaper for a year than buying but you own after the year when you buy so false economy IMO plus I hate the woolwich lot.
    Having said that when he turns out for us I’ll cheer him on I thought he had a decent season just wish he had a backbone lol

  6. Not too impressed that not only will we have to pay £2m loan fee but with his new contract he will have been given a better deal so wages will be higher. Arsenal are in a win win situation. Can’t blame them but seems alot of outlay for us.

  7. He doesnt need a backbone Quick,he only needed one if he actually wanted to leave Arsenal,which he didnt.Btw,dont worry about the regulars leaving here.As many snipers as they want can be sent here,they wont walk away with any targets hit,lol 😀

  8. We have paid out a helluva alot more than this for one season failures over the years.At least we know what we are getting here.Aint a Savio Nsereko for sure 😀

  9. Well when you work out the millions & millions we have paid out in the last two seasons to Carroll & Nolan on wages for one being injured & another a snail on steroids then what we are paying out here for a guy who played 36 times for us last season is feck all.

  10. Quite a lot of our loans in the past few years have been expensive bench warmers. We know we are getting a player that not only knows the PL but also the club. Could be worse…. the past 2 months could have all been a dream & we are still in a nightmare… 😀

    • Haha,think you forgot what site you were on Essex,lol,your ment to have those thoughts on wetpants,haha 😀

  11. This only makes sense as a stop gap on the basis that we’ve spent our transfer pot for now, bit will then seek our own signing at right back at the end of this season. The guy’s a Gunner-he just signed a five year contract with them!

  12. Rough estimate is over £5M for the season but I agree about other wasters permanent or loan players that have cost us more. When it comes to them I have rose tinted glasses trouble is they’re covered in manure. He maybe a gooner but I think he should look at the pecking order and have left,I think they’re abusing his loyalty. But like I said I thinks he’s decent and will cheer him on for the season.
    Glad to hear you won’t be driven off here the best thing to do when a sniper is located is to call in a Spoonie drone strike lol

    • I have built my own bs meter, when that is full with w*****s just wanting an argument I’ll shut up shop & leave them to it.

  13. It is a means to end this season,we are paying for a tried & trusted player for this coming season.More money beans will have grown by next summerAnyway how do we know we havnt got first refusal on him if the Gooners dont want him & the loan fee could be written off against the full fee.When some can disprove it it is my theory.Signing a five year contract means nothing,it just safeguards Arsenals position,doesnt mean a deal cant be done next year 😉

    • Hmm do I sense a new ITK messiah? Lol Only joking Radai sounds a good theory these contracts are very strange these days so makes sense to protect them,it’s what the Daves have started doing too.

      • Haha,trust me i dont know my own ass from my elbow,definately dont qualify as a Mystic Man 😀

      • Haha that’s easy if you’ve got an itchy elbow scratch it then check your finger if it smells you’re still getting them mixed up. Glad you’re not a Mystic there’s enough false idols around lol

  14. This doesn’t sit true with me, yes Jenks had a good season and is undoubtably a good full back but to have no opportunity of buying after the loan agreement puts us back to square one. I can understand the maths but with the investment into Ogbonna and the other experienced centre half’s on the books why not give the youngsters an opportunity to gain the experience and invest elsewhere… I’m not against Jenkinson at all far from it but to develop a player for the benefit of Arsenal with no buy options seems arse over tit

    • I’m pretty much with you,we’ll just have to wait and see about the buy option

  15. Maybe we could use Jenks early doors & hopefully we will be flying, maybe slot one of the youngters in the cup & have a measured introduction to the PL team. By the end of the season whoever would be ready to step up & make the place his. Could then save us £m next summer… maybe

  16. Bloody fans worry too much,always think they know better than Chairmen,Managers,Head of Recruitment.Gold & Sullivan are shrewd businessmen.They aint millionaires because they chuck money around with no return.They know what they are doing.They are not going to throw away 4.5m for the hell of it.Do any of you know the exact details of the deal? Give the board & manager some credit for having some nouse.They aint fools.And no i am not a sniper,just think you should show two clever businessmen a little more credit than thinking they are throwing bad money after more bad money.

    • Fair comment Bill,although not in favour of the deal I’ve said we don’t know the full options after the loan so we’ll wait and see if there’s a buy clause. I’m also as I’ve stated numerous times a big fan of the Daves.

  17. Lol,its what fans do isnt it,think they know better than the manager & owners,me included,lol.But i admit i am with you.Lot more to this than meets the eye in my opinion.We will find out next summer,maybe people will have stoped p*ssing their pants by then 😉

  18. We are allowed to have our own opinions though. Of course we don’t know all the details of the deal. Could you let us know what they are pls? Isn’t a forum the very place for fans to discuss these issues?

  19. I think in this thread Essex that differing views have been expressed and compared to other threads has remained tolerant and civilised. I can’t say on this one I’ve seen disagreement for the sake of it as in others.

    • Sorry 🙁 it wasn’t aimed at the whole thread, meant to be a reply to Bill.

    • No need to apologise,you were only saying as you see it which is what we should all be able to do. I think the last few days there’ve been a couple of stirring raiders and it’s made it all a bit less fun so I hope we can all voice our opinions and get back to enjoying this great site and lol-ing it a bit more

  20. Bill I’m not questioning the chairmans judgement not by a long shot and I’m not privy to any inside knowledge unlike Mystic Brads, all I’m saying if it’s true that he’s signed a 5 year contract I can’t see Wenger letting him go for peanuts in the future

  21. So what is the point of C and H if we are not allowed to comment ?
    Who said we know more than tha 2 Daves ?
    The whole point of coming on here is to say what you genuinely believe and share your views with other Fans,
    Or for some come on here and make argumentative comments just to cause unrest,
    But I could go on Wetpants make an intelligent comment but not be part of the elect 12
    And be ridiculed for have the afront to speak your mind and not having pages of stats gathered from Google to back it up before you give them your recipe for muffins
    Back to bunker

  22. Bloody hell lads you are getting too sensitive,lol,Bill hardly ripped us all a second a*sehole did he,just made some points he thought were valid.No big deal 😀

  23. Nope,i defo still only got one Chicken,lol,its the snipers in the bushes,they have got everyone on red alert,lol 😀

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