Report: Lingard decision

Jesse Lingard is likely to turn down a move to West Ham this summer, according to a new report from KUMB.

The attacking midfielder is a free agent after leaving Manchester United at the end of his contract.

He has offers from a number of clubs, and there have been reports suggesting that the Hammers have made him an offer.

It would be the third time that boss David Moyes has tried to sign Lingard, after having him on loan two seasons ago.

KUMB now reports, though, that the England international wants to stay up north, opening the door to a potential switch to either Newcastle or Everton, who are both said to have entered the race to secure his signature.

It would be a significant blow to the Hammers if Lingard said no again, as the club have so far yet to strengthen their forward line. Nayef Aguerd and Alphonse Areola have both come in permanently thus far.

Lingard has said no twice before; it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he said no again.

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12 comments on “Report: Lingard decision

  1. thats it then, the mercanary has said no, good, fed up listening to this crap, now wake up moyes, and move on, great player available named danjuma, better than longard.

  2. Why is Moyes continually wasting his time on Lingard.As I’ve said before, the man is a mercenary and he will sign for the club who offers him the most money and West Ham will not be that club. It would be Hartlepool if they had the money.

  3. Must admit I’m sick and tired of hearing about Lingard, he clearly will only sign for us if all other preferred options are exhausted. Do we really want a player like that in our ranks? He’s rumoured to have a few attitude problems and couldn’t get a sniff under 2 different Managers at club level. Surely there are better options, let’s stop wasting time and energy on this bloke.

  4. Good, I hope Moyes finally moves on now. He was great with us but he’s approaching 30 and wants serious money, I’m not too upset he wants to stay up north.

  5. Yes. Finally. Hopefully the penny drops and Moyes stops chasing him. He’s demanding a Kings ransom which he is in no position to considering he couldn’t get a look in at manure. Let Newcastle pay his £200k per week he only be good for 10 games anyway.

  6. Won’t surprise me if he says no , therefore Moyes needs to move on and make other signings that will improve us !

  7. That’s fine – I think we’ve spent enough time and energy on this one for seemingly no result, and so we now need to move on; after all, we are quite well stocked when it comes to that sort of player – Bowen, Benrahma, even Fornals can all do broadly the same things, and we have more urgent priorities in terms of strengthening the team.

  8. Not clear how anyone at KUMB would know. Even less clear how anyone at KUMB would be aware of a transfer issue that Moyes/Newman were unaware of.

  9. How many times does he have to snub us before it sinks in? He did well for us when showcasing his talent, but that was to impress Man U foremost. He has never indicated any wish to join us.

  10. If true am sure Moyes already knows that and he wasn’t figuring in the equation, let’s be honest Newcastle if managed properly will be top four contenders within a couple of seasons and Eddie Howe plays good football, can’t see him going to Everton but who knows. He has a record of not making good decisions for football reasons.

  11. He won’t sign as he knows Rice will be off at the end of next season at the latest. On that basis it’s hard to see him signing for Everton, Saudi Magpies maybe…

  12. when will this obsession end, he is past his best, was average at the end of loan spell

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