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Report: Mourinho in touch with Arnie’s agent

Marko Arnautovic’s links to Manchester United refuse to go away with claims tonight there have been texts swapped between Jose Mourinho to the Hammer of the Year’s brother and agent Danijel.

The speculation has been growing since the Manchester United boss arrived at the Austria v Russia friendly international which resulted in the Arnie claiming he was simply on holiday.

The Irons insist that Marko is not for sale but know that were United to move in this summer there would be little hope of the club being able to hold onto their star man.

And tonight, media outlet Osterriech (Austria) claims there has been contact between Mourinho and the player’s agent saying: “Marko’s brother and adviser Danijel chatted personally with Mourinho via SMS. United will need to dig deep at 57 million euros.”

The story is repeated in the Star here in the UK although Hammers insiders continue to claim there has been no inquiry or offer.

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However should a bid emerge the Hammers will up the price considerably from the much quoted £50 million with £75 million being closer to their valuation.


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16 comments on “Report: Mourinho in touch with Arnie’s agent

  1. My God if they sell Arnie there would be hell to pay and I certainly wouldn’t feel sorry for them ..even if he demanded to go and started doing a payet send him with the reserves but do not sel! For there own sake ..it dosnt bare thinking about..surely there not that stupid..

  2. If a players head is turned there’s not much the club can do these days. The board and manager will beg a plead him to stay and up his money but Manure are a big attraction for any player. Lets not forget that we are over the moon that we have £75m to spend this window, if we have the chance to double that for a player who wants to leave, (and given his temperament could make life hard), then we should sell before he becomes another bad egg. Imagine who Pellegrini could attract with £150m to spend!!

  3. Sorry I don’t accept there wouldn’t be much we could do. Man Utd are not the club they once were and I see no reason why we couldn’t rebuff all offers if he truly is not for sale. It is all well and good saying sell him at £75million but we would still need to find someone to replace him. If he is not for sale then need to tell the Mancs to do one. If Mourinho is talking to his agent then report him for trying to tap him up, that is illegal!!

    • Exactly my thoughts j man if it was Barcelona or real Madrid then fair enough but not manure ..run of the mill nowadays

  4. I really hope Arnie stays. He was very enjoyable to watch the second half the season.

    However if Man U – meet 75million, AND Arni wants the move, then we have no choice but to take it. I would be very sad, but not angry at the club because you have to be realistic that would be a good price. I would be angry however if they didn’t re-invest the money.

    I would say as part for the deal, we take a lesser payment but they have to give us Antony Marshell.

    Personally I don’t think the deal will happen, even if there is legs in the interest (which we don’t know is true) when man I here our asking price it won’t go though.

  5. There’s no doubt Arnoutavic will leave, it makes me laugh, though Utd offer an estimated £55 mill, yet your post says the hammers will ask for £75 mill. Isn’t that exactly what Lazio are doing with the so called Anderson deal. They want 40 mill, but Sully valuation is considerably less, he think he’s only worth 30 mill. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  6. Anyone heard that West Ham are in talks for Yaya Toure? Surely not? Is Carlton Cole available?LOL

  7. Does anyone know how much we’d have to pay Stoke if we sell him? That £75 million might be considerably less.

  8. There is no point messing about if United are serious. We saw that with Payet. Get it over & spend the money.

    But the PL has become a joke. At one time you could at least hold a star player for a couple of seasons. Now any bright young player, or in this case old player who has a good season, is snapped up just in case he can do something for a top six side. To be fair Arnie could have turned out to be a ‘one season wonder’. He is good but a Man U star. I doubt it. He did not exactly pull up trees at Stoke did he. I had some concerns anyway, for those reasons, about building the side around him. And if he did have another good season he would be gone mid season. Just don’t leave it until the start of the season.

  9. If there is anything to learn from the Payet situation is that player power is more important than contracts and the price quoted/offered changes in a matter of months, so like Payet, West ham should take top££ while on offer and re-invest in youth…..

  10. have to agree with most of you. if the offer comes for 50M+ then sell and reinvest, there will be no winners if we force a player to stay… no hard feelings if the board/manager do this.

  11. id be happy with 50M+ for a 29 year old

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