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Report: Moyes may be changing Benrahma’s game

David Moyes well be trying to make changes to Said Benrahma’s game.

The player is still without a goal following his move to the Hammers and the manager may be becoming frustrated with the problem,

And according to some reports , a change of approach may be underway.

Since Benrahma has joined the Hammers in what was originally a loan deal but is now permanent at close to £30m. He has gone on to make 17 Premier League appearances for us – a far cry from the 17 he managed for Brentford last season.

Speaking on a recent episode of the U Irons podcast, The Athletic’s Roshane Thomas revealed a possible change of ways being introduced to the Algeria international’s game.

He said: “I’m not saying Benrahma is like Cristiano Ronaldo, but I remember when Ronaldo was first at Manchester United and he would do all these stepovers and all these tricks, and I reached a point where I thought, ‘Less is more – you’re talented, but less is more’.

“I feel like that’s what Moyes is trying to coach into Benrahma – you can do all the tricks but do it at the right time. Obviously, he’s made great progress, but I feel, in time, he will come good.”

ClaretandHugh says: Thomas has got it right in our view. Benrahma is clearly very talented and tricky but may well be required to find a more direct approach. There could easily be a surge of confidence when he scores that first goal but in the meantime he is in very good hands as the boss starts to get to grips with his game,

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11 comments on “Report: Moyes may be changing Benrahma’s game

  1. He is a decent player but there was a bigger priority last summer for an out and out forward given the issues with Haller and Antonio.

    • I wrote a few weeks ago about. how I have followed David Moyes since those Preston days, and I have the most respect for David particularly when it comes to improving players.
      Benrahma will get better under Moyes, give it time and just watch how he improves, it’s one of Moyes strengths.

  2. Benrhama has contributed with passes and assists.
    Fabianski’s job is to prevent goals, and a clean sheet is celebrated.
    As long as WHU scores when Benrhama is on the pitch, he has done his job.

  3. Think your view is correct, Josh. Direct spontaneity is one of the keys to our success on the pitch. Hanging about, waiting and watching whilst someone is dithering with the ball is not conducive to winning football. Brings all play to a standstill. Opposition have time to cover. We have lost all advantage of position and momentum. Play it early Benny.

  4. My favourite player actually and I hope Brentford go up too this time. So talented and if you have spent as much as me following hammers home and abroad over the years then your know what makes many of us from family’s living around the east end love our world Cup winning team enjoy most with technically brilliant players like benrahma. His goals will come and although for me moyes is not the lyall or greenwood mold of past times his done way better than I thought with only small budget given him from this board. Even Cresswell who needs to be replaced still is much improved now although his fault again for spuds goal scored. Looking at a possible point from city easily the best team once again and COYI.

  5. Is favor player

  6. Benrahma is being wrongly judged on the lack of goals. He has been picking the ball up deep, beating a man and finding good passes. He been playing on the edge of the box and creating.

    If he had scored a goal in any of his last few games people would be raving about him.

  7. When Benrahma got his first few starts for us, he was manic and I felt that he was trying too hard to show all of his tricks and flicks at every opportunity. We didn’t buy the finished article and Benrahma is a work in progress just as much as Bowen is.
    But I guess the whole team are better players since working with the assembled coaching team.

  8. Benrahma is fun to watch until he turns over the ball.. but then I think that criticism could be levelled at all of our hammers during big matches. Our ball retention has to be the single biggest focus for improvement from the team. (Followed by finishing)

    Thankfully our defence, counter attacking and set pieces are brilliant, and the grit and high work rate of the team is exceptional!

    I just can’t help but think that some our wins would have been much more comfortable if we stopped coughing up possession. Fighting to win it back is tiring and that shows in the last 10-15 mins.

    • Totally agree. We do tend to give the ball away too quick. Sometimes it feels like the players treat the ball like a hot potato. There is a neèd for someone to be able to put their foot on the ball for a second or two and assess the situation before the next move. I’m not criticising as I am after all enjoying the way we are playing and getting the results to go with it. It’s just that sometimes we are knocking the ball around too quick like as in training where players are only allowed a one or two touch. I’m sure they don’t talk to each other enough as there are many times when balls are knocked back first time instead of someone holding it and told to turn. Anyway despite all that the team look happy and the players enjoying themselves and we are enjoying the outcome.

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