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Report: Premier League powerless in mouth covering row

The Premier League’s vice-like grip on the activities of managers and players has been halted in the growing “mouth covering” row which many believe is blighting their viewing experience.

They have no way of stopping the likes of Unai Emery and other bosses from putting their hands over their mouths when talking during matches. The Arsenal boss was among the first to start the trend.

It has seriously angered fans and broadcasters responsible for pouring millions into the game but it seems they and us will simply have to swallow it!

According to Mail Sport one Sky source said: ‘It’s infuriating. I would imagine conversations about it will take place soon because it’s angering more and more people. We pay around £13 million a match and want to give the viewers the full experience.

‘It’s blatant and it should stop. This is entertainment – imagine paying to go to the theatre and the actors start covering their mouths up.’

The Mail report adds: ‘The Premier League declined to comment but privately they believe there is little they can do to stop the trend. Within the rules of the game there is no law to stop players from covering their mouths. Insiders say the fact that the trend has now spread to managers makes intervention impossible.

‘It’s a situation in which we are pretty much powerless,’ a league source said.

‘Realistically there is nothing we can do – and now we have managers doing it, it makes it even harder.’ It has been claimed that the reason for covering up is to stop tactical plans being seen by the opponents, but opposition players doing so while talking to each other at the end of games has become a common sight.”

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8 comments on “Report: Premier League powerless in mouth covering row

  1. Fuss about nothing, we are.watching a sport not a play.

  2. Aren’t these private conversations? We have no right to be hearing them.

  3. It’s none of our business “This is entertainment” Really! If TV could they’d have TV’s and interviews in the dressing rooms and toilets if they could get away with it. Pay an extra fiver to watch Lionel Messi having a S**t in high HD. Well Gary, Lionel seems to be struggling a bit there, you were a manager in La Liga what are your thoughts?

  4. Would anyone like their private chat picked apart by pundits.The F.A have even been known to hire lip readers. How long before Sky do the same for all matches? Why do Sky wish to be so intrusive? Aren’t they satisfied with the interviews and comments they all ready get? They pay for football TV rights. They don’t own the players and have no divine right to be privvy to their private conversations.

  5. When I see a ball going in from someones tongue or tonsils… perhaps Ishould rephrase that… anyway as Mooro says other teams, the FA etc hire spies to lip read what players are saying, anything for a minor advantage, it doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the game, when they have referees and officials they refuse to mic up or go to the press to explain decisions it seems a little hypocritical that they want to know what the players are saying doesn’t it ?

  6. Totally agree with WHFN32 (and everyone else that has commented). If players and managers weren’t hounded by a ravenous press looking for any angle to throw them under the bus, they might not feel it necessary. The media wants to look at itself before criticising others for not making their lives easier. Idiots.

  7. I’ve obviously been asleep for six months and woken up on 1st April. Didn’t realise Hugh had a sense of humour. Still not sure.

  8. The press really are up themselves. Public interest? Entertainment as king? Private conversations and discussion/instructions about tactics that no one else should hear.

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