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Report: Swiss midfielder set for Irons medical

The Irons are today being reported as having agreed a £5.5million deal to sign FC Sion midfielder Edimilson Fernandes.

And according to The Guardian the Swiss midfielder, 20, is set to travel to London on Wednesday for a medical.

Fernandes made 26 appearances in the Swiss Super League last season, scoring one goal.

He also played against Liverpool twice in the Europa League last term.

Speculation is now set to start that the Hammers are ready to part with Pedro Obiang who has been unable to hold down a regular place in the team.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Report: Swiss midfielder set for Irons medical

  1. Just what we needed,can he be moved to RB or CF did we get a free gift with this one ?
    Just joking he looked alright fron a video I just watched but am I missing something,is Poyet and Obiang really leaving soon as they wont get in the side with Novedt covering Noble and Kouayte and Oxford can play there as well ?
    Are we making a late spurge in the market like last year,
    With Jaymmatt and CF also coming ?

  2. Janmaat done deal to Watford for reported 7.5 bubs. Nobody seems to want to join a club playing European football in the Olympic Stadium for some reason – maybe Sully and Gold not offering the wages ??

  3. Janmat has signed for Watford bubs.Not that I’m personally too bothered with that.

  4. Not too pushed about Janmmat…if fletcher is going on loan we need another striker in…..have a bad feeling about payet though…time will tell

  5. Ain’t too bothered about Jamaat myself.Geordie buddy of mine was not bothered in the slightest he has left.It seems to me that every player that becomes available we must sign & if we don’t then the board have been kicking their heels.Too much reading itks,,SSN & other media BS.If he is so good what the f@ck has he gone to Watford for,if it’s only money then why do we want a cock rot like that anyway!

  6. What ****es me off Rick is fans who shout off about the club for not signing players because they are their own personal preference.I have read fans today moaning that we let Janmaat slip through our hands.Well OK I will counter that by saying I am glad we didn’t sign him because i don’t rate him highly at all.He is abysmal defensively.Newcastle only started improving defensively when he was dropped.So the board didnt buy someones own personal so choice,boo hoo it aint a reason to start slagging them off because they didnt get your own choice.Next these fans will be sending in shopping lists to the club.

    • I like Janmaat, he plays the same way as Antonio as I had mentioned there is always space behind to exploit but he is actually good at carrying the ball out of defence and creating opening, he plays seemingly the way that Bilic wanted Antonio to play, as much as anything I wanted us to sign him to stop Antonio being played as a right back something that may now happen but with Janmaat there was never anything concrete from us as far I know from reading the various ITK’s you would have to think if Janmaat had the choice of West Ham or Watford he would have chosen us for any number of reasons, bigger crowds, European football a right back position that is up for grabs etc so I would assume that DS and SB were not interested in him, with this guy Edmilson Fernandes I am not sure why people are slagging him off, he is an attacking midfielder something we are short of in central positions, supposedly he has good vision and an eye for a pass, I would trust the scouts who have done well for us that they have seen something in him that can improve us either now or in the near future, COYI !!!

      • Fair enough No32,i respect your opinion,you seem to know your stuff in depth..I wasn’t having a go at you or anyone who showed a liking of Janmaat.My issue is with fans who moan about the board for not signing…oh you get it I have said it all already.I have burnt myself out now lol

        • Likewise Tone I was just conversing with you, my opinion is not important was just replying to your post 🙂

  7. What are you doing defending the club Tone.You are ment to run down everything it does if you use this site.
    Hang on a minute,sorry Tone I thought I was on West Ham Till I Die..damned app lol 😛

    • hehehe

    • Lol Bob.If the board pee me off I will say they have but I have no intention of sitting on a blog moaning about them for the shear hell of it all day.I read a cracker jack tonight.Some well Informed character who worries that Bilic will leave because of the boards CONSTANT interference.Does he have the whole club bugged.I would love to see his solid evidence that they CONSTANTLY interfere!

  8. That’s one of my problems gone no more primark,
    Just read some good news Biggins interests Villa,there money is as good as anyone’s,maybe a swap with Ayews brother could be done,cure 2 problems ?
    dicollio what’s your gut feeling about Payet,
    Not where is all this money coming from all of a sudden to buy new players after we were told no more signings and how we were spent out,just as Payet can’t play and get injured ?
    IE £60 million drops on our door mat as Payet leaves for a bigger club in Europe ?
    Nasty little rumours start with feelings, but somethings not right,£5.5 million for a not needed midfield player,
    Looking at expensive forwards,not any want to join us.

  9. Payet isn’t going anywhere.Christ even the papers have stopped trying to flog him for us.

  10. I didn’t think Obiang would be a good signing, but I’ve grown to massively respect him. Has always stepped in and done a good competent job. So I would be v sad to see him go. So far definitely prefer him over Nordveidt, but it’s early days.
    And we have to give it to the DS/SB, they have made incredibly astute signings. This new LB came out of nowhere, and is superb…. I’m wondering if all this noise about Bony etc, is a way to slip another goodn under the radar….
    Delighted we’ve dodged Janmaat, personally. But whilst I would be happy with Burke as reserve RB, I would like Slav to get a reserve RB, to keep him from being tempted to play Antonio there again…. after all, Slav continues to describe him as “versatile”….
    Even with the injuries, we can still hurt any of the opposition IMO

  11. A 100 websites, a thousand rumours and we wind up signing a player no one has heard of until today.
    Only thing this transfer window has told us so far is that Slav is following the same path as last year…accepting the fact his chances of grabbing a goal scoring machine are slim at best, he is picking up attacking midfielders in the hope, some of them will make up the deficiency

  12. So had a couple of days away what have I missed? Anyone spontaneously combusted from the #westhamfamily because we haven’t spent 50m on a forward?:)

  13. No mate,no one has blown up I don’t think.Gold,Sullivan & Brady are still the spawn of Satan.Our transfer business is sh*t & they hate everything to do with West Ham.So really just the same as the loyalist West ham fans on the planet always are lol 🙂

    • So no change then? Still awaiting the slug riding to the rescue on his 3 legged donkey to deliver us another 6ft 4 forward that when touched gently by a feather is out for months on end.

      • I love their site.Every morning I go to it without fail.I always see myself as a bit of a grumpy git but after reading their remarks for 10 minutes with my porridge I realise that I am actually a damn cheerful chap in comparison LOL

  14. Thank Christ my donkey has 4 legs,
    Starting to think our new forward might be are old RB,
    Could do worse he has played on the left and right so why not down the middle,he scored more goals with his head then AC did last year,
    Scored more goals at RB then Valencia,Emineke and Moses togeather,
    It could be worse he would be a right handful for any defence

  15. Four legs & a sombrero bubs.Do you ride it to the bar & back lol 🙂

  16. No carry it back Rads it has a drink problem,
    Hope you have a good night tomorrow Rad and we get into that draw because I have a good feeling about the cups this year,
    The City game will show us how far we have come as a side

  17. Could be a good and much needed signing, what with Lanzini and Ayew out and Payet seemingly wrapped up in every bit of bubble wrap the Dave’s had to get through when they bought our new (pretend) home.

    Doormat or whoever? Na thanks we’ve got Byram….we’ve got Byram.

    Still hoping for a decent striker but theyre just not out there. Zaza? Never heard of him until he started rotting on the bench of The Old Lady.

    Is Berahino not worth a punt? Can’t imagine the young lad is going to stay where is and surely he needs a move to get himself back on track?

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